#40years of educational technology: Social media

Learning with 'e's

By 2006 several social networking sites were enjoying surges in popularity, including MySpace, Bebo and of course, Facebook. Social media lend themselves naturally to support learning through discussions, collaboration and sharing.

When Students Leverage Social Media to Plan Events

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The ISTE Standards for Students are goals that have been vetted through thousands of educators to set measurable outcomes that have been decided would best prepare today's k-12 student for the use of technology in their future lives.

Learning to Measure Media Literacy Outcomes

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To measure the impact of its media literacy programs and tools, our partner The LAMP developed an assessment rubric to analyze the work created by students and how that form of activism enables the role a student plays in a participatory digital culture.

Make your LMS a social learning platform

Ask a Tech Teacher

Vivek Singh, education professional and contributor to Ask a Tech Teacher, has some interesting ideas on using your native LMS as a social learning platform. Education, thus, has its roots in the earliest social interactions. What makes your LMS a social learning platform?

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Making Choices for Our Children

The Principal of Change

Everything happens for a reason, but every decision made, or not made, has an outcome. But at some point, I want to talk with her when she has a better understanding of social media and talk about what pictures she is comfortable with being shared, and which ones she is not.

Trying to Ban Facebook is Not the Answer.


I wondered what would make a school even venture this request in our social media saturated society. It is hard to cultivate the positive environment required for teaching and learning if social issues are causing continuous disruption.

Uniting to Make a Difference in African Education – MIE Fellows Worldwide

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Ovi created a blog in Sway , which presents our actions and outcomes: https://sway.com/U0hgvPYG8gW7RbB3. Using Microsoft technology, the fellows were able to create, collaborate, present, and share to make a difference in the Kakuma education.

In the Hands of the Students: The Classroom Computer

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Enhancing Presentations: Combined with a projector, a single computer becomes a powerful tool, especially when used by students. presentation tools available online which, when used by students, often results in a significant increase in student engagement and achievement.

Wahoo! The 2013 Global Education Conference - Still Time to Present + Plan to Attend!

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We''ve had 750 actual practitioner presentations since we started GlobalEdCon, all of which were recorded and are still available for free on the website to watch or listen to at any time. We also really hope that you will consider presenting. More information in presenting HERE.

6 Examples of classroom tech that improves education


Fifty-nine percent of students who use social media say they use it to discuss educational subjects with their peers. Schools that use more software related to assessment reported higher student outcomes than those that didn’t.

BETTing on the future

Learning with 'e's

Having already presented at the BETT Show in London's Excel earlier this year, I'm honoured to also be invited to keynote the BETT Middle East Show. How can student outcomes best be improved in the next decade? Abu Dhabi BETT Middle East education learning social media Technology

Why Connect?

A Principal's Reflections

I got on Twitter in 2009, which was an accomplishment in itself as I had previously convinced myself that I would never use social media as I didn’t have the time nor saw any value in it. I limit my use dramatically when I with my family so that I am present.

BETTing on the future

Learning with 'e's

Having already presented at the BETT Show in London's Excel earlier this year, I'm honoured to also be invited to keynote the BETT Middle East Show. How can student outcomes best be improved in the next decade? Abu Dhabi BETT Middle East education learning social media Technology

A Pedagogical Shift Needed for Digital Success

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In a previous post I discussed in detail strategies to help ensure the effective use of technology to improve learning outcomes. These are all outcomes that any educator would (or should) openly embrace.

Digital Leadership: Leading Change from Where You Are | #DigiLead

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Sure, there are some unique behaviors and characteristics, but for the most part, it is about identifying intended outcomes, applying an innovative lens, and arriving at them in better, more effective ways. My hope is that these add much greater context to the ideas and strategies presented.

The Journey to Becoming an Author

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This should never have happened either as I was convinced that any and all social media tools were a complete waste of my time and would not lead to any improvement in professional practice. Social media not only gave us the inspiration but also empowered us to take action.

12 Rules of effective Instructional Technology Coaching


Take it easy and slow, and focus on the enthusiasts among the staff complement, and work from there — perhaps by presenting your successes at staff meetings and other workshops to entice further interest.

Using news and entertainment media in the classroom


Media” is a funny word these days, it refers to both the medium of communication (digital media, print media etc.) as well as the content (news media etc.). Comparative media studies. Media can assist in a wide range of lessons and learning outcomes.

The Challenges Educators Face

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Technology, most specifically social media, has flattened the world. There is a considerable disparity at present in our school across all years. We live in amazing times.

Are You a Critical Consumer?

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The exponential evolution if the Internet and social media tools have allowed for the quick sharing of knowledge, ideas, images, videos, and opinions. It also extends well beyond social media to articles, books, keynotes, workshops, and presentations.

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3 Ways To Improve Student Success With Strong Course Design

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their own social media such as LinkedIn or digital portfolio sites such as GitHub) can make the outcome more tangible and practical as a career boost since now they have something they can easily share/show to future employers.

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Backchanneling: The Why, How, and What (Best Tool)

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So why and how should one incorporate backchanneling during workshops, presentations, faculty meetings, after hours, or in classrooms? Backchannels or back-channeling is common at conferences where attendees use tools like Twitter to discuss the various presentations in near real time.

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Saying Yes to Student Ideas and Creativity

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Within the footprint of the past and present, students in the region are determined to tell their own story and contribute their own inventions to the region’s history.

Higher Ed Needs to Bridge the ‘App Gap’ to Reach Students


They may sequentially visit a pertinent website, fill out forms, communicate with someone through email, or make a visit to an office, but to many young people, this is all very disconnected—and decidedly not social. Today’s youth culture lives in apps—not for the sake of the technology itself, but for the rich social, psychological identity-driven mash-up that define a person, group, interactions and opinions.

Feelings During FLOW-Related Learning

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Timeliness – thoroughly focused on present, don’t notice time passing. Further, engagement has also been associated with positive student outcomes, including higher grades and decreased dropouts (Connell, Spencer, & Aber, 1994).

Stories Link Us Together

A Principal's Reflections

With an array of social media tools at our disposal, every educator should aspire to be the storyteller-in-chief. The other day I delivered a morning presentation to a large group of K-12. This got the attention of media outlets in the New York City area and across the country.

College Credit Classes in Blended Learning

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social media. Explain how differentiating content and presentation engages a greater proportion of learners. Construct and implement measures that ensure the outcome of student learning demonstrates understanding.

Why Esports in Schools is a Good Thing

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When students can join a school esports team, it becomes a social experience. Without a school esports club, passionate gamers often feel left out of mainstream school social life. For one thing, strong social connections boost immune function. Social skills.

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Rise of the Edupreneur

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Test the waters on social media with thoughts, quotes, and content that match the topics you are advancing. Leverage social media or go with face-to face conversations. Entrepreneurs love what they do.

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Build a Door for Opportunity to Knock On

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Opportunity presents itself in many ways and is defined as a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. On the other hand, you can act to create a different and better culture defined by actual outcomes aligned with improvement.

Managing Smartphone Distractions in the Classroom


Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, and even cell phones are providing students with opportunities to access the internet for researching, communicating and social learning. About the Presenter. Technology has become an integral element in our students’ educational journey.

The Challenge of Change is Not You

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Additionally, you are more than likely to be using social media for your Personal LearningNetwork (PLN) to push your thinking like never before. This reality is brought up in virtually every workshop or presentation I facilitate.

Technology and Capstone Courses

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The capstone process culminates in a presentation to an authentic audience.” With various platforms for sharing information digitally (podcasts, websites, videos, presentations, and eBooks) students can now share not only their process but also their learning and product with the world.

Things to know before paying for online courses


Researchers concluded that there are no significant differences in learning outcomes when it comes to online learning courses compared to the classical ones. Online only means that you do not have to be physically present in a classroom. How good are you with making decisions?

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10 Notables Changing the Future of Learning and Teaching

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Where does that put education as a human endeavor and what other factors do we need to consider in order to take full advantage of the present knowledge revolution? Rich Baxter is an educator and advocate for social innovation, the arts, and entrepreneurial education in our public schools.