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OER Commons. OER Commons makes it easy for teachers to connect with other educators and find relevant materials. Those resources can then be saved within OER Commons or shared through Google Classroom or Schoology.

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From Silos to Sharing: Why Are Open Educational Resources Still So Hard to Find?


For over a decade, plenty of time and dollars have been poured into encouraging the use of open educational resources (OER). In 2007 the Hewlett Foundation’s funding helped create OER Commons. Department of Education spearheaded the #GoOpen movement, a collection of efforts to spur educators, publishers and technologists to make OER more available and easily accessible. From my experience, the answers usually are: OER resources are in silos.

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The Game-Changing Potential of Learning Management Systems

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So far I’ve written about one-to-one computer programs and Open Educational Resources (OER). Top-selling LMS vendors include Blackboard, Canvas and Schoology. The game-changer aspect I find in schools’ use of an LMS, especially those that also employ one-to-one computing and OER, is how it becomes the classroom’s digital hub. In recent blog posts, I’ve been focusing on educational technology initiatives that I consider game changers for K-12 schools.

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Hack Education Weekly News

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Mindwire Consulting’s Phil Hill on layoffs at the LMS Schoology. ” “Of OER and Platforms: Five Years Later” by Lumen Learning’s David Wiley.