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10 Tools for Increasing Engagement in Online Courses

Nik Peachey

In the initial rush to get learning online many organisations got themselves a Moodle platform and then attached a whole load of PDFs, added some forums and the odd video clip and called it an online course. can help you create online presentations from your PowerPoint slides.

Live Thursday, February 2nd - Panel on Personal Learning Profiles

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

She did it with My eCoach as early as 1999 — way before there were blogs, wikis, Twitter or Facebook. Now with multiple opportunities to network using social media and join various online communities, teachers and learners are confused.

UDL 54

This Week's Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Below are this week''s public, free, and interactive Webinars through , the social learning network for education that I work on for Elluminate. As part of the technoLanguages series, there will be a monthly ''Live'' session on the 2nd Monday with a prepared presentation etc, and then on the 4th Monday of the month, a ''Drop-In'' session where participants can ask more questions, tell their own stories and talk about what interests them.