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In the spring of 2014, a team from the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation launched to first rendition of a Massive Open Online Course for Educators (MOOC-Ed), titled Coaching Digital Learning | Cultivating a Culture of Change (CDL). One of the development team’s priority goals in developing the MOOC-Ed was to connect and engage instructional coaches and teachers in learning experiences directly relevant to their role within their school and/or district.


Making Learning Meaningful with Badges and Missions

Teacher Reboot Camp

Today, we hosted the first Twitter chat of The Goal-Minded Teacher: Challenges to Transform Student Learning ( #EduGoalsMOOC ) free open online course with guest experts Dr. Will Deyamport ( @IamDrWill ) and Noah Geisel ( @SenorG ). Below is the archive of the Twitter chat with our participants and experts sharing tips and resources about student motivation with digital badges and missions. Take part in the Twitter chat easily on Participate ! Twitter Chat Archive.

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MOOCs for Professional Development - #TCEA15


Notes from MOOCs for Professional Development Presentation at TCEA 2015 Dr. Kay Abernathy, Lamar University [link] Lamar University sponsored the MOOC on Social Media Communication Tools for Educators which Dr. Abernathy facilitated. You can build up to five MOOCs for free on this platform. link] What is a MOOC? Why are we encouraging the use of MOOCs? MOOC professional development TCEA2015


Tips for Teacher Motivation, Goal-Setting, and PLNs!

Teacher Reboot Camp

Below is the YouTube recording and the Twitter chat of our panelists sharing tips about teacher motivation, balance, and goal-setting. Twitter Chat Archive. 30 Goals Events Holidays elearning free online courses MOOC moocs teacher professional developmentToday, the first live event of The Goal-Minded Teacher: Challenges to Transform Student Learning ( #EduGoalsMOOC ) free open online course took place.

MOOC 233

Join #TeachDoNow Summer MOOC

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This online opportunity is open to anyone interested in learning how to use Twitter and other media sharing applications to promote social and civic discourse with students and will take place this summer from July 7 – August 17. To accomplish all of this, participants and facilitators will be working together as both learners and change agents in an open environment known as a Massive Open Online Collaboration (MOOC). MOOC Ends August 17.


Serendipitous Learning on Twitter


For me, this is exactly what social media, especially Twitter, is all about. This happens on Twitter all the time. I look at my Twitter feed and find a group of people I follow using a hashtag I’ve never seen before. It turns out there is either a new MOOC they’re participating in, a conference they’re live-tweeting about, or a Twitter chat going on. Some Things I Have Learned Serendipitously on Twitter….

Effective Technology Integration: 15+ #EduGoalsMOOC Chat Resources

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Today, The Goal-Minded Teacher ( #EduGoalsMOOC ) free open online course Twitter chat took place about the topic, Effective Technology Integration. Below find over 15 resources shared and the archive of the Twitter chat. Join us for the next #EduGoalsMOOC ‘s Twitter chat where we will discuss Classroom Management and Parent Engagement with guest experts, @DrJoy , Assistant Principal, and Marisa Constantinides ( @Marisa_C ), owner and director of CELT Athens in Greece.

Classroom Management and Parent Engagement: 8 #EduGoalsMOOC Resources

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Today, the Goal-Minded Teacher ( #EduGoalsMOOC ) free open online course Twitter chat took place about the topics, Classroom Management and Parent Engagement. Below find a few resources shared and the archive of the Twitter chat. Twitter Chat Archive. Teacher Tips #EdugoalsMOOC classroom management MOOC moocs parent engagement

Student Get to Know You Image Stickers Activity

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Throughout the past 8 years, I have designed several online courses and MOOCs. I noticed this activity has become super popular in many online course; therefore, for The Goal-Minded Teacher MOOC ( #EduGoalsMOOC ), I decided to try another activity in case I had participants who had taken my previous courses. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and other popular mobile apps make it super easy for users to add stickers and emojis to their images.

MOOC 228

9 Reasons You Should Join the Free Goal Minded Teacher Online Course!

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We will share and meet regularly on our Facebook group, Twitter (#EduGoalsMOOC), and through weekly live events (expert panels on Google Hangouts). Events Holidays PLNs Teacher Development Reflections 30 Goals digital badges elearning free online courses MOOC moocs teacher professional development“The whole being of any teacher is within our hearts. Although education prepares us to teach, it is the love of learning that sustains us.”-

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The #InnovatorsMindset MOOC Starting Soon! #IMMOOC

The Principal of Change

Thank you for signing up for “The Innovator’s Mindset” MOOC, happening over a six week period. The goal of the MOOC and the book is to not only give practical advice, but to also inspire and develop leadership. Facilitating this process will be the great Katie Martin (follow her on Twitter at @KatieMTLC ) who is a leader in the area of innovation. We invite you to share your learning in a variety of ways: Innovator’s Mindset MOOC Facebook Group.


How to Introduce a Young Scholar to Twitter


I’ve learned from years of trying that nobody “gets” Twitter when you talk to them about it, and that part of the power of it is in the capacity to make global connections to knowledgeable others. A PhD student asked me a question via email, I asked if she was on Twitter, and, discovering she had an account but never used it, decided to immerse her in the power Twitter can unleash. Twitter does not work well unless it is public.

The #InnovatorsMindset MOOC Starting February 27, 2017 #IMMOOC

The Principal of Change

We have also confirmed guests that will be joining us not only for a YouTube Live , but as well as a Twitter chat every Wednesday night at 9pm EST (6pm PST). . Twitter Chat. Share that you are joining to the #IMMOOC hashtag on Twitter and share this link for others to sign up. September 8, 2016 The #InnovatorsMindset MOOC Starting Soon! How do you move from “pockets of innovation” to a “culture of innovation”? How do we start to innovate inside of the box?


Twitter and the death of distance

Learning with 'e's

Social media sites such as Twitter span huge distances to connect people around the world. Many of us regularly communicate with multiple Twitter and Facebook friends and acquaintances instantaneously even though they may be in another country. A recent study from the University of Illinois reports on the use of the tweets sent by 70 million Twitter users found that on average, tweets and retweets were sent by people located more than 750 miles away from the message originators.

Tonight - A True History of the MOOC

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Join me today, Wednesday, September 26th, for a one-hour live and interactive webinar on the "true history" of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with Dave Cormier, Alec Couros, Stephen Downes, Rita Kop, Inge de Waard, and Carol Yeager. While a wave of courses from prominent universities are now labeled as MOOCs, we''ll drill down on the connectivist roots of the early MOOC offerings and discuss the importance of the differences between them and the current breed.


MOOC-Ed: Coaching Digital Learning, Unit 2 Reflection

Here is my Unit 2 reflection for the MOOC-Ed, Coaching Digital Learning: Cultivating a Culture of Change. For example, I enjoy using Twitter for the educational Twitter chats. I even moderate a Twitter chat from educators in Hawaii, #edchatHI ! Follow Michael''s board Coaching Digital Learning, #CDL_MOOCed on Pinterest. Digital edtech Learning mooc MOOC-Ed


MOOC-Ed: Coaching Digital Learning, Unit 5 Reflection

Unit 5 of the Coaching Digital Learning MOOC-Ed focused on Digital Citizenship. Websites like Youtube, and Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter can be used for learning, if used and taught appropriately. Follow Michael''s board Coaching Digital Learning, #CDL_MOOCed on Pinterest. Coach Digital Learning mooc MOOC-Ed Here are my reflection question responses.


Maker Party and Making Learning Connected mooc to Launch This Weekend

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After a Department of Education kick-off at the Reimagining Education Conference and initial practitioner learning opportunities by partners Scratch, the Afterschool Alliance, and Mozilla Webmakers, the Summer of Making and Connecting kicks into even higher gear with the launch of Maker Party 2013 and the Making Learning Connected mooc on June 15. Educator Innovator Blog #connectedlearning #reimagineed creativity Making mooc online learning webmaking writing


How a Parody Twitter Account Helps Decode the Hulking Educause Conference (And What to Expect This Year)


EDUCAUSE_HULK , the long-running parody Twitter character who captures the spirit of the event with simple pronouncements in all-caps. Blending with MOOCs: How Multiple Institutions Are Using MOOCs to Improve Residential Education with Adam Finkelstein (McGill University), Michael Goudzwaard (Dartmouth College), Diana Marian (Boston University) and Allison Dulin-Salisbury (EdSurge).

Friday 5 — 5.22.2015

Perry Hewitt

At the same time, Twitter is rolling out its own more robust search , with new features for logged-out users. My guess is that Twitter native search will cater more to live Twitter consumption of breaking news or events. The MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) hype cycle peaked in 2012, but educators are still trying to crack the right formula for effective, online learning. Friday Five audio culture Friday5 map moocs music search spotify training twitter

Teachers plan mooc on making and Connected Learning – sign up now

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NWP teachers from across the country have come together to plan their own massive, open online collaboration—or, mooc—as part of the Summer of Making and Connecting. ” The mooc begins June 15; interested participants should sign up to receive more information. We expect that participants will be learning all over the web and will share using the Twitter hashtag #clmooc.”


A Class You'll Be Excited To Take. #ETMOOC

The Web20Classroom

But I do enjoy learning and I am very interested in the ideas of MOOCs or Massively Open Online Courses and have been for a while. If you aren''t familiar with MOOCs the idea is that major universities (like Harvard, MIT, Georgetown and others) offer courses from their faculty free, and online, for any one to take. It is a MOOC with a focus on educational technology and media. A weekly Twitter chat on Thursdays will help expand our knowledge and sharing as well.

Connected Educators: Power Up Your Pedagogy with ThingLink

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Today I''m excited to be participating in a MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course that is free. Today''s MOOC is part of Chris Long''s University of California Irvine''s course, Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom. About the MOOC This MOOC, facilitated by Chris Long @clonghb , has a course enrollment of over 4,700 educators. Learn more about the MOOC and sign up for Power Up Your Pedagogy with ThingLink on Google+.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Claims on Twitter : Students read a tweet and explain why it might or might not be a useful source of information. News on Twitter : Students consider tweets and determine which is the most trustworthy. You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning.

10+ Ways to Recharge Your Batteries Over the Summer

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Twitter Chats, webinars, MOOCs, online courses, online conferences, virtual events, livestreams, Edcamps, Facebook groups, #Hashtags Find your hashtag community!

Write Out with Us this Summer: Place-Based Making with NWP/NPS

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This open and online collaborative project—a riff off what is known as a connectivist MOOC, or Massive Open Online Collaboration—will be designed with multiple entryways for you to engage with historical and natural spaces. Connect with us via Twitter at #writeout. National Writing Project mooc professional developmentWriters reside inside internal landscapes. They traverse the contours of stories and poems, learning and understanding.

Digital Writing Month: Striving for Inclusion in Open Online Learning


I’ve been working for some time on ideas of inclusion & ( in)equality in open education, and of the possibility of a postcolonial MOOC (with Shyam Sharma ), and gathering ideas from others on how to envision a more inclusive, diverse and equitable open online learning experience. We have also been open to suggestions from others on Twitter to contribute more activities, or to suggest more resources. Not a single person we invited does not have a Twitter handle.

New learning environments

Learning with 'e's

Our final #EDENchat of 2015 focused on new learning environments, namely MOOCs, flipped classrooms and blended learning methods. Those who participated shared their experiences of MOOCs and flipped learning both as teachers and as learners. Some debated the merits of MOOCs, high attrition rates and the legitimacy of participating without completing a course. Generally the Twitter timeline was fast moving and thought provoking.

On Research – a #dLRN15 (and beyond) reflection

Improving Education Environments

The conference wrestled with this, both in discourse during the final session as well as on the Twitter backchannel. There is a lot of MOOC research at #elearnconf, which was shocking to me to be honest. What this allowed me to do was to shape my sociocultural framing of EdTech from a MOOC perspective. Main #dlrn #elearnconf keynote MOOC psychology research solutionism“Solutions mindset based in research” from @gsiemens as ballast for #dLRN15.

OER 56

Parabolic learning

Learning with 'e's

I started the session with the aim of encouraging the group to learn deeply and critically about a particular topic - MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses). I asked them to prepare for a debate next week, and put up the slide: 'This house believes that MOOCs will signal the demise of campus based higher education'. Their task would be to create a new wiki page, and begin to populate it with resources related to MOOCs.

Wiki 45

The Future of Learning, via Museums #MCN2014

Improving Education Environments

Two of these three institutions have rune MOOCs through Coursera, and the third has been researching emerging models of online learning as well as partnered with Khan Academy to produce video content. The successes of these museums are not because they used a MOOC platform; they are in spite of using a MOOC platform. I also questioned the increasing trend of ignoring the 50% of people who register for a MOOC but never participate.

Our Fascination With (Not) Fixing Education

Improving Education Environments

Why does an article placing the failures of technology at the base of a unequal socioeconomic structure get a much greater deal of my Twitter feed’s attention than a political plan by a Presidential candidate offering free college education at any four-year institution? Dr. Toyama’s example of MOOCs providing well for those who are already provided for is spot-on, but it is not sufficiently axiomatic that technology will fail until we rectify inequality.

Welcome Your Participants Home | 3 Keys to Quality Online Course Design

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Is this Twitter feed essential to the learning of my students or participants from the moment they enter? MOOC-Ed Teaching & LearningBy Brittany Miller | Digital Learning Coach, Friday Institute. Imagine staying as a guest at a Bed & Breakfast home where there was no clear or organized purpose for different rooms. The kitchen sink resided in the room with your designated bed, so those throughout the house had to navigate around you to clean the dishes.

8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020

Ask a Tech Teacher

Much like how social media giants Facebook and Twitter are utilizing our digital footprints to better understand consumer behavior, teachers are also turning to data analytics to learn more about their students. MOOCs. MOOCS (massive online open courses) are different from virtual classes, and are usually offered by colleges and universities. As always, education is changing.

Trends 195


Learning with 'e's

This year we continue with a high profile social media coverage, including a dedicated Twitter channel (follow @edenconference on Twitter and also the #EDEN15 hashtag) and liveblogging from the plenary sessions. The EDEN Network of Academics and Professional (NAP) will also be hosting several #EDENChat sessions live on Twitter from the conference. eden15 education learning MOOCs open education resources personal learning Technology