Are SPOCs a better option for online education than MOOCs?


Higher education in Denmark is free of charge and scholarships and student grants are very much available. But unless students belong to rather wealthy families or win the lottery, higher education comes with a big price for them — student debts.

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Are SPOCs a better option for online education than MOOCs?


Higher education in Denmark is free of charge and scholarships and student grants are very much available. But unless students belong to rather wealthy families or win the lottery, higher education comes with a big price for them — student debts. A lot of American or European students might relate to this. MOOCs: high aspirations and higher disappointments. Reasons for this are plenty, all spurring from low engagement rates.

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What Is Being Learned From MOOCs? New Report Takes Stock

Wired Campus

The hype around the free online courses called MOOCs has drawn millions of students, who are all essentially part of a teaching experiment of unprecedented scale. When MOOCs emerged a few years ago, many in the academic world were sent into a frenzy.


Join #TeachDoNow Summer MOOC

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This online opportunity is open to anyone interested in learning how to use Twitter and other media sharing applications to promote social and civic discourse with students and will take place this summer from July 7 – August 17. Weekly activities will center around KQED’s Do Now, a program that allows students to engage and respond to current issues in science, news and the arts. Week 3: July 21 — What media making and social learning tools are best at engaging learners?


Connected Educators: Power Up Your Pedagogy with ThingLink

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Today I''m excited to be participating in a MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course that is free. Today''s MOOC is part of Chris Long''s University of California Irvine''s course, Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom.

Can We Design Online Learning Platforms That Feel More Intimate Than Massive?


Unfortunately, most massive open online course (MOOC) platforms still feel like drafty lecture halls instead of intimate seminar rooms. These default features force online instructors to use a style of teaching that feels more like shouting to the masses than engaging in meaningful conversations. This means giving people small chambers of engagement where they can interact with a smaller, more manageable and yet still diverse groups.

Rwanda’s ahead of the online CBE learning curve

The Christensen Institute

We often forget about the role of CBE in a global context because there are enough challenges to contend with at the national level, but in sub-Saharan Africa, a small university called Kepler is making substantial strides toward helping impoverished students in Rwanda. accredited degree program through a blend of massive open online courses (MOOCs), CBE, and guided in-person interactions. Kepler students range in age from 19 years old to adult learners in their 30s.

The EDEN interviews: Stefan Hrastinski

Learning with 'e's

In this interview after his keynote, we enjoyed a wide ranging discussion around various theories of pedagogy, student engagement and participation, networjed learning, and the specific characteristics and practices that make a teacher effective in digitally mediated spaces.

Welcome Your Participants Home | 3 Keys to Quality Online Course Design

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For guests of both physical and digital spaces, the design needs to be inviting, interesting, and engaging – a place that grabs their attention, invites them to get comfortable, and stay for a while. Is this Twitter feed essential to the learning of my students or participants from the moment they enter? Utilize a smaller column to the right of your main course page to provide simple navigation or methods of engagement such as course news or a course chat room.

Online Learning Does Not Mean Sans Engagement

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While educators and learners in classroom-based courses have already discovered the benefits of using engagement as a part of education, the power of online is yet to be fully realized. Ana Donaldson, 2011, Engaging the Online Learner. Online learning doesn’t mean sans engagement.

Remote Learning Begs the Question: Must Lectures Be So Long?


Insights that derive from dialog between K-12, higher education, and online-learning providers could well shape instructional practices for the better as students return to school, whether in a classroom or over Zoom.

Virtual Reality in education brings the future closer


It’s a great tool to engage students and its benefits are far more numerous than its shortcomings. With the help of VR, medical students can now see the inside of a human body with all its organs, analyze each of them, and perform surgeries that simulate real life situations.

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What’s the use of lectures?


The more I read, the more I find research that shows video affords students exposure to new concepts, but they don’t in themselves produce learning as a stand-alone feature of a course. Videos that intersperse an instructor’s talking head are more engaging than slides alone.


Leveling Up Language Learners’ 21st-Century Skills with Minecraft


Or video games,” one student suggested. Oral presentations became screen-casted videos of student-created builds. In addition to the language generated by the students themselves in their projects, I found that a huge amount of English was being generated as students shared tips, accessed online guides and built a common understanding. Here are six examples of higher-order thinking skills my students developed while creating and playing games: 1.

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4 Important Lessons from 15 Years in EdTech

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When I started Gaggle back in 1999, we were free email for students. Collaborative Learning, 21st Century Skills; Blending Learning, Student Engagement, MOOC; Flipped Classroom; Gamification; Big Data.

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Practical Applications to Individualize and Personalize Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Possibly one of the most important shifts needed in schools is to provide individualized and personalized learning experiences to students. Either pathway to online courses opens up an existing course catalogue to hundreds of additional niche courses that cater to specific student interests.

4 Important Lessons from 15 Years in EdTech

Gaggle Speaks

When I started Gaggle back in 1999, we were free email for students. Collaborative Learning, 21st Century Skills; Blending Learning, Student Engagement, MOOC; Flipped Classroom; Gamification; Big Data.

If I was teaching Social Studies today…

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For instance, if I was teaching Social Studies today… My students and I definitely would be tapping into an incredible diversity of online resources. We could engage in government simulations at GovGames or iCivics or Cyber Nations.

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So Much More Than Letters and Numbers

The Principal of Change

I was expecting the article to talk about moving away from the “traditional parent conference” (sitting around for 10-20 minutes talking about a child’s experience in school) to something more student-led. We cannot reduce our students to becoming letters and numbers.

The Trends and Challenges Shaping Technology Adoption In Schools


An increasing number of educators are finding that collaborative, hands-on learning requires a different type of space than most traditional classrooms offer, and that the learning environment greatly impacts both pedagogy and student engagement.

How ‘Learning Engineering’ Hopes to Speed Up Education


In the late 1960s, Nobel Prize-winning economist Herbert Simon posed the following thought exercise: Imagine you are an alien from Mars visiting a college on Earth, and you spend a day observing how professors teach their students. For students, this is a discouraging engagement, Lepper says.

Come See CDE at SXSW Edu

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Don't miss this opportunity to learn how the Center for Digital Education partnered with a VR company and a Nashville high school to conduct a case study looking at student engagement and teacher adoption. Reflecting on the original big idea for MOOCs. MOOCs are far from dead.


Video for learning: Today and tomorrow

Learning with 'e's

My fellow students and I watched avidly - I can't recall what the topic was, but I do remember the thrill of the experience - it was fresh and new to be able to watch television in a formal education setting. Teachers sometimes take their students out into the world.

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Can US Higher Education Publishers Leverage a Subscription Model

Kitaboo on EdTech

Educational publishers, who till now had a steady stream of income compared to non-educational book publishers, due to the recurring need for textbooks every year by students, are now gradually shifting towards digital publishing. A similar choice can be offered to higher education students.

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How Teaching Using Mindfulness or Growth Mindset Can Backfire


He might just change the way you think about things like growth mindset, comprehensive testing, and encouraging students to make mistakes. Even some colleges are trying it out as a way to help students. The concept is that you can think about almost any skill that you engage in as either being mostly talent-based or mostly skill-based; talent-based meaning, ‘I'm born with it,’ or skill-based meaning, ‘if I work hard enough at it, I'll get it.’

10 Experts’ Predictions for Education and Technology in 2016


I believe more schools worldwide will find the funds and way to have their students learn with technology. We need more focus on providing the room for experimentation and testing of ideas several times without students having to worry it will have high stakes on their grades, admission into college, and future. Students should have room for testing ideas without worrying about grades or harming their futures.” There will be a shift in focus from the teacher to the student.

Learning at the Speed of Technology - David Jakes


The emerging model in business today is BYO3 - Bring Your Own Laptop/Tablet/Phone We are coming to a price point where schools can provide small tablets and allow students to bring their own devices for learning as well. Spaces that support the timeless value of teacher-student interaction.


Literacy in the Digital Age: 9 Great Speaking & Listening Tools

Educator Innovator

Editor’s Note: Teaching Channel has partnered with Student Achievement Partners on a blog series about digital literacy tools and their effective use by educators. The majority of the tools mentioned in this post and the four earlier posts in our series, transform the student experience from passive consumers of information to active creators of content, employing multiple English Language Arts standards and skills along the way.

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

It works well, that is, if you disregard student data privacy and security. Affluent students get to digital tools for creative exploration; poor students get to use theirs for test prep. Students don’t pay attention to lectures, they would argue.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Via The Washington Post : “ After a high-drama vote, here’s what the Senate tax bill means for schools, parents and students.” ” “8 Grad Students Are Arrested Protesting the GOP Tax Bill on Capitol Hill,” The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Adam Harris reported on Tuesday. But now “ House Republicans May Be Backing Away From Taxing Grad-Student Tuition Waivers ,” Harris says. Just what ever college student wanted.

15 hot edtech trends for 2017

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They can be something everybody uses; that’s how 2012 became the year of the MOOC, and why virtual reality will no doubt be widely cited as the trend of 2016. MOOCs continued to increase in number and attendance. Students can share images from their school and community with the world!

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STEMxCon - Today Is the Final Deadline for Proposals; Great Keynotes + Sessions; Need Volunteers!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Sueann Galt, STEM Coordinator Does the use of ‘Learning Menus’ increase students’ intrinsic motivation? Smith, Director of Programs Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for STEM - Revolutionary or Evolutionary?


Stale Words and Hackneyed Ideas That Make Edtech Investors Cringe


Student engagement and retention mobile apps. Most of them offer some variation of the thesis that improving how “engagedstudents are in their coursework and community will boost academic outcomes which will then increase retention. Yet academics are not the main reason student drop out; according to a study from Inside Track , it’s the fifth most important factor. Yet another student book exchange. MOOCs or General Assembly for country X.

Hack Education Weekly News

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has had immediate effects on scholars and students. More than 17,000 students in the U.S. ” Via Buzzfeed : “Colleges Are Warning Thousands Of Muslim International Students Not To Travel.” Senate bill compels data collection on foreign-born college students.” million to a former student on the Santa Cruz campus who said that she had been raped by a professor, in one of the largest individual settlements of a campus sexual-assault case.”

Hack Education Weekly News

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Via Buzzfeed : “A New Betsy DeVos Proposal Would Make It Much Tougher For Students To Get Loan Forgiveness.” Via The New York Times : “As Flow of Foreign Students Wanes , U.S. There’s more about the politics of the business of student loans in the federal education above. And the business of student loans is off to a strong start in 2018 with fundraising news in the venture capital section below. (National) Education Politics.