The Fans, Fanboys, and Fanatics of OER

Doug Levin

and I am merely a fan – not a fanboy – of open educational resources (OER).** Others surely see me as some sort of OER fanatic. So, if these are the actions of someone who is an OER fan, what stops me short of claiming fanboy status? Blog OER

OER 323

Self as OER


When we look at common definitions of Open Educational Resources or OERs (e.g., But what if we adopt a different perspective, a broader understanding of OERs, which includes the processes and products of open scholarship as valuable, and viable, resources too?

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If We Talked About the Internet Like We Talk About OER: The Cost Trap and Inclusive Access

iterating toward openness

The inclusive access model’s goal of reducing the cost of textbooks apparently reminded the article’s author of OER, because she includes some discussion of OER toward the end of the article. And obviously, both inclusive access and OER are about solving the cost problem.

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George Siemens and David Wiley Join Forces for a MOOC About Open Education


Since the New York Times named 2012 the year of massive open online courses (MOOCs), millions have flocked to platforms offering them such as edX and Coursera. The six-week long MOOC will touch on topics including open educational resources (OER), open pedagogy and practice, open knowledge and open research. I spoke with Siemens and Wiley about their upcoming course to get a few answers before the MOOC launches. Ekowo: Why this MOOC? It’s because they’re MOOCs.

MOOC 100

The Role of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Making Education Available to All

A Principal's Reflections

Open educational resources” (OER) here refers to the many free learning resources now populating the Worldwide Web. Panel director Steve Carson, Director of Communication for MIT OpenCourseWare, expertly steered the panel through such topics as: What is the attraction of OER for you?

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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning.

Open all hours #EDEN15

Learning with 'e's

The synopsis reads: With the success of open access publishing, Massive open online courses (MOOCs) and open education practices, the open approach to education has moved from the periphery to the mainstream. eden15 education learning Martin Weller MOOCs OER open learning Openness Technology

An Index Of Online Courses For Teachers: Summer 2015

TeachThought - Learn better.

TESS101x: Enhancing Teacher Education Through OER. Locating, Creating, Licensing and Utilizing OERs. IOC Athlete MOOC via Independent. College Readiness Math MOOC. iTDI Summer School MOOC For English Teachers. eLearning Higher Ed moocs pd

Recent & Upcoming Conversations on Open & Networked Learning


The #OpenLearning17 MOOC has just ended, but the resources and blogposts live on , and the Creative Commons Global Summit is just starting. Critiques of OER and Open Education. Profession OEP OER open education open educational practices open pedagogy


On Research – a #dLRN15 (and beyond) reflection

Improving Education Environments

I gave a presentation at #dlrn15 that was critical of the OER movement message, which my research and scholarship identifies as an attempt to be inclusive while pragmatic. There is a lot of MOOC research at #elearnconf, which was shocking to me to be honest.

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One classic open education source to stop

Bryan Alexander

Berkeley’s still making MOOCs. education and technology OER , an open education resource dating back a while, will no longer make new content. Financial pressures. Berkeley will keep on doing lecture capture, just not for the rest of us : We will no longer make recorded lecture videos available to the public. We will make recorded lecture videos available to enrolled students via CalCentral and bCourses.


On Research – a #dLRN15 (and beyond) reflection

Improving Education Environments

I gave a presentation at #dlrn15 that was critical of the OER movement message, which my research and scholarship identifies as an attempt to be inclusive while pragmatic. There is a lot of MOOC research at #elearnconf, which was shocking to me to be honest.

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EdTech Acronyms Explained


MOOC – Massively Open Online Course (an online course which has video lectures, problem solving activities, texts and an online community of fellow learners). OER – Open Educational Resource (this can be any online materials that are free to use).

EdTech 207

Unlocking stackable global credentials

The Christensen Institute

As the demand for higher education dramatically accelerates, so also the supply of modular educational resources is increasing through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like Coursera and EdX, open educational resources (OER) like Khan Academy, and massive adaptive apps like Duolingo.

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Do it yourself education

Learning with 'e's

There is no mention for example of the New Zealand based OER University (or its founder Wayne McIntosh) and the ground breaking work they are doing to transform open educational practices in higher education. OER Edupunk Anya Kamenetz blogging Edupreneurs


Innovation In E-learning In The Last 10 Years


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). MOOC is not a new concept in the e-learning industry. Many prestigious universities such as Harvard offers MOOC at minimal or no cost. MOOC also offers group collaboration and feedback through online evaluation. Open Education Resources (OER). A good example of this would be the usage of OERs by Sky Customer Service to train their employees. E-learning has seen a broad positive shift in the last couple of years.

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Contribute a Short Video for #OpenEdMOOC

iterating toward openness

As you may have heard, my fellow rabble-rouser George Siemens and I are doing a MOOC on open education that launches later this month on edX. Yes, this MOOC actually is open – all the content will be viewable outside the edX platform and downloadable under open licenses so as to be fully 5R-able, yes, you can fully participate in the course for free, and. Week 4: Creating, Finding and Using OERs. Week 5: Research on OER Impact and Effectiveness.

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How to Crowdsource Quality Resources for Adult Learners

Digital Promise

We at Designers for Learning responded to this call by inviting instructional designers, developers, and adult educators to join a crowdsourcing effort to develop free open educational resources (OER) for adults with low math and literacy skills. We conceived of this crowdsourced design project as part of a massive open online course (MOOC) on Canvas Network and sought out an all volunteer team of designers, facilitators, and subject matter experts to help us. The Need.

More on the Cost Trap and Inclusive Access

iterating toward openness

Back in 2012 – 2013] I was impressed (like many others I’m sure) with how Wiley was able to frame the cost-savings argument around open textbooks to build broader interest for OERs. ” For reasons I have outlined countless times (relating to the pedagogical innovation only possible in the context of permission to engage in the 5R activities), I believe OER adoption is a critically important means to achieving this end. I fear it is OER wanting it both ways.

Art, Science, and the Role of Data in Education

iterating toward openness

One of these days, after I’ve retired, I’m going to write a radically restructured, OER-based freshman music theory course, based on research I did early in my career and what I’ve learned about good teaching since then. I was a music major as an undergraduate.

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10Q: Martin Weller - the battle for open

Learning with 'e's

blogs, social media, learning objects, OERs, MOOCs, etc in this period. I think many MOOCs (and MOOC providers) will struggle to find a sustainable financial model in their current guise. 5) What is your response to the criticism of MOOCs (e.g.


Online Classes Get a Missing Piece: Teamwork


Often in online courses students disappear and drop,” says Barbara Illowsky, dean of basic skills and online educational resources (OER) and a professor of mathematics and statistics at De Anza College in Cupertino, California. “I’m MOOCs get social. Carolyn Rosé, an assistant professor in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, has been exploring ways to add social engagement to MOOCs since 2013.

MOOC 127

Education Technology and the Promise of 'Free' and 'Open'

Hack Education

The Rebranding of MOOCs. Remember 2012 , “ The Year of the MOOC? Remember in 2012 when the media wrote about MOOCs with such frenzy, parroting all these marketing claims and more and predicting that MOOCs were poised to “ end the era of expensive higher education ”? Along the way, most of the predictions and promises have been broken: Attending a MOOC now often costs money ; receiving a certificate certainly costs money. of courses use OER.


The design and future of open education: Curtis Bonk on Future Trends Forum

Bryan Alexander

Curt began by describing the use of MOOCs for faculty and staff development, with examples such as a University of London effort. In fact, open MOOCs can work for any population, esp. However, most people remain unaware of OER. “We are in the learning century!”

Network technology, disruptive innovation and the future of higher education

Mark Smithers

I considered issues around MOOCs and then other disruptors which may, in fact, have more impact such as OER, open badges and social professional reputation. Network technology, disruptive innovation and the future from Mark Smithers.

OER 59

Avoiding the Mediocre Middle

Improving Education Environments

It is not enough to bemoan nanodegrees, and it is not enough to build OER (nor is it enough to seek nanodegrees and question OER).

OER 65

New Resource on Open Access, Pedagogy, Learning


There are chapters that argue for the quality of OER resources, for the utility of Open Pedagogy, and for the transformational potential of these approaches and resources. Sponsored by the AAC&U , it is “a connectivist MOOC” around open learning.

Can Online Programs and Digital Tools Help Students Spend Less Money? #DLNchat


Faculty and administrators at #DLNchat repeatedly shared about successfully saving students money through the use of OER. Morrison estimated that American Public University has saved its undergraduates as much as $5,000 per student over the course of their degree by utilizing OER. Jill Buban put it this way, “Schools using prior learning assessment models can have a big opportunity to reduce money with MOOCs and other alternative credits.”

OER 68

Avoiding the Mediocre Middle

Improving Education Environments

It is not enough to bemoan nanodegrees, and it is not enough to build OER (nor is it enough to seek nanodegrees and question OER).

OER 52

The Content Paradox

Improving Education Environments

From this perspective, the discussion of content for OER has historically viewed copyright as part of the playing field, and the opportunity to open the hatch and let the content out of the paradox solves because it removes the copyright spectre.

OER 56

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). ” Via Edsurge : “5 Ways MOOC -Based Degrees Are Different From Other Online Degrees.” ” Not listed: other online degrees simply aren’t hyped the way MOOCs are. “ FutureLearn Looking To Raise £40m, Announces a MOOC-based BA,” says Class Central. Edsurge covers OpenEd : “Beyond Free Materials: OER Advocates Push For Inclusiveness in Teaching Practices.”


We Are Rockstar Educators

Improving Education Environments

The MOOC phenomenon has led to media pundits and platform developers and their mouthpieces to view teaching from a popularity lens; those at the front of these MOOCs are purported to be regal and powerful by way of their MOOC, the performance on-camera as The Important.


Can US Higher Education Publishers Leverage a Subscription Model

Kitaboo on EdTech

But how do they compete with resources like MOOCs and OERs that have made high quality course content from respected university professors available for free? The overall cost of higher education has been continuously increasing, as is evident by the rise in the textbook prices.

OER 15

Technology and Casey Green on campus: Future Trends Forum #3, notes and full recording

Bryan Alexander

Community colleges are much more interested in OER than other sectors. For example, MOOCs are still weak on completion and learning, but evolving. On February 25th Casey Green and I met online for the third Future Trends Forum.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Online Education and the Once and Future “MOOCMOOCs are dead , according to Udacity ’s VP. ” Never one to let a good MOOC story pass them by, Edsurge repeats the story. “MOOCs Are ”Dead.“ Also via Edsurge : “ MIT Moves Beyond the MOOC to Court Companies, Professional Learners.” million in crowdfunding for its MOOC platform. Someone should inform them that MOOCs are dead.