Sony’s KOOV Educator Kit for STEAM Learning


And that is Sony’s KOOV Educator Kit. What is Sony’s KOOV Educator Kit? As a technology innovator and a leader in electronics industry, Sony is committed to both quality science and STEAM education, which is part of the reason why KOOV Educator Kit was created in the first place. The KOOV mobile app. STEAM learning has never been as important as it is today.

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Innovating in emerging markets: Estimating a customer’s willingness to pay

The Christensen Institute

Innovators from Akio Morita of Sony to Mo Ibrahim of Celtel had a similar experience when they decided to create new markets that served nonconsumers, especially in economically poor regions.

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Targeting nonconsumption: The most viable path to growth

The Christensen Institute

In the early 1980s, AT&T decided to pull out of the mobile phone development business. estimated that by the year 2000 the global market for mobile phones would comprise of merely 900,000 subscribers. Yet by 2001, there were roughly one billion mobile phone connections globally, a far cry from what McKinsey predicted. And today, by some estimates, there are close to nine billion mobile phone connections in the world.

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2,589 Classic MS-DOS Video Games You Can Play From Your Browser

TeachThought - Learn better.

The presciently-named Beneath Apple Manor was published in 1978, but MS-DOS releases within the archive continued until 1999, even as console systems from Sega, Sony, Microsoft, and more found mass appeal. Mobile Learning Video Games game-based learning video games2,589 Classic MS-DOS Video Games You Can Play From Your Browser. by TeachThought Staff. If you’re of the correct vintage, you probably remember a game called Oregon Trail.

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When a light bulb is more than just a light bulb; the power of market-creating innovation

The Christensen Institute

From Henry Ford’s Model T automobile to Akio Morita’s Sony portable recorder, history is rife with examples of innovations that never would have reached the majority of people in society had the entrepreneurs not developed the supporting infrastructure.

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The Wild and Amazing World of Augmented Reality

Ask a Tech Teacher

Kathy Schrock , Adobe Education Leader, Google Certified Teacher, Sony Education Ambassador, Discovery Education STAR and a DEN Guru, and columnist for Discovery Education (just to name a few of Kathy’s accolades) said it best: Augmented reality layers computer-generated enhancements on top of an existing reality to make it more meaningful through the ability to interact with it. Then, scan the trigger image with a mobile device app and see what happens!

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Android Apps Anyone?

A Principal's Reflections

Ever since becoming connected in March 2009 I have relied on two primary mobile devices. She eventually gave me her iPhone when it was time for her to upgrade and this has been my primary mobile device for the past year. Well things recently changed as I got my hands on what I think might be the hottest and most exciting Android tablets to hit the market - the Sony Xperia Z.

Clipchamp, Australia’s Video Creation Platform, Launches in the US After Raising US$8.8m


According to a study conducted by mobile video platform Magisto, the video content creation market reached $135 billion in 2017, with 720,000 hours of new content updated on YouTube every single day. Bookmark( 0 ). Please login to bookmark. Username or Email Address. Password. Remember Me.

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Teacher Creativity Skill: Shoot and Edit Video

The Playground Advocate

You can also buy inexpensive digital video cameras that are very portable and relatively inexpensive such as the Sony Bloggie and the Kodak PlayFull. Skills Authentic Learning Classroom communication Creativity digital storytelling Digital Tools engagement learning mobile learning Professional Development video creation video editing

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7 VR Glasses for Young Pioneers of Virtual Worlds

Fractus Learning

With outstanding sound, great graphics and true mobility, the HTC Vive is an awesome gateway into the virtual universe. Sony PlayStation VR (Requires PlayStation 4). The Sony PlayStation VR is the next great leap forward for video game consoles. From Star Trek’s Holodeck through to The Matrix, virtual reality was for decades just a dream of science fiction. Now, with VR glasses, this dream has become a reality.

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Tech Apprenticeships Shift the Costs of Higher Ed From Students to Employers


Members include Walmart, Sony and T-Mobile. For decades, companies have offered more or less the same deal to Americans in search of office jobs: You pay for your own higher education and skills training, and then we’ll consider employing you.

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eLearning Brothers Expands Family with Two Corporate Training Acquisitions


eLearning Brothers’ CIP Defender game Stay Above Competition Founded in 2009, eLearning Brothers currently offers more than 500 pre-made online courses in areas from management to workplace safety to cybersecurity, and which also work on mobile devices.

Indonesia’s Gojek, PasarPolis Launch Online Insurance Service GoSure


Insurance products available on GoSure will cover a variety of needs related to travel, motor vehicles, and mobile device protection, all of which will be accessible through a hassle-free application and claim process. One of Gojek’s long-term growth strategies from the beginning has been to build partnerships and services that will deliver greater value to consumers,” Sony Radhityo, head of Third Party Platform at Gojek. Bookmark( 0 ). Please login to bookmark.

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Android Apps for the understanding level of Bloom's

Kathy Schrock

This is a re-posting of a blog post of August 5, 2013, which originally appeared on the now-defunct Sony Education Ambassadors site. Slide Show Creator Compare/Contrast: Mobile Decision Maker Mobile Decision Maker allows students to create these charts on the tablet.

10 Things To Know about the Future of Blockchain in Education

Doug Levin

Given the growing interest in the topic and recent blockchain-related announcements specific to education by organizations such as Sony , MIT Media Lab , and the Holberton School – to say nothing of the visions advanced by BadgeChain , the KnowledgeWorks Foundation , and Learning is Earning 2026 – I thought it might spur some interesting dialogue if I took the time to share my current musings on the topic. Student mobility within and across states is a big issue.

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Data Security and Implications for Physical Security

Leadership Lounge

As districts transport and present data into the cloud, this can present some challenges as large providers such as Sony, Yahoo, etc. Federal mobile forensics are combing through the data, but even with their help, and a group has publicly claimed responsibility for the attack, the actual attackers may never be found. As Cyberscurity Awareness Month kicks off, the consequences of a cyber attack are playing out in America's heartland.

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Mix2Go: Inside The World’s Smallest 3D Mix Facility


This served as the catalyst for them to depart the mobile recording world for a new focus on 3D audio and world class mixing technologies. Object-based mixing in our Atmos environment can translate more seamlessly to the consumer on a range of listening devices, whether it is a mobile device, an automobile sound system or a 3D soundbar.

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This Workforce Partnership Trains Tech Talent. Can It Boost Civic Engagement Too?


Roughly 200 local employers, including Kaiser Permanente, OSISoft, Sony and Typeform, have also participated. Shuffling along the stations are adult professionals—among them city officials, including the mayor of San Leandro, and representatives from Google, Sony and Wells Fargo—who offer guidance and poke holes in the projects. Among them are mobile homeless shelters, smart homes for pets, vape alarms for school bathrooms and fare evasion detectors for BART, the local rail service.

Top 8 Media People In Asia You Should Follow


He focuses on mobile and web companies, detailing tech trends in the region and how it can affect the lives of millions of people. Alok Soni. Bookmark( 0 ). Please login to bookmark. Username or Email Address. Password. Remember Me. No account yet? Register.

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In addition, there is also wireless casting via built-in AirPlay that allows presenters and teachers to share content to the display from their mobile device or computer. Other features include seatback flexibility with a shell design, a lightweight and mobile build, multi-posture and direction support, and perforated seat patterns slotted for natural aeration. Sony ( ) is adding five new WUXGA resolution models to its family of laser light source projectors.

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Via Techcrunch : “ Sony wants to digitize education records using the blockchain.” The Wall Street Journal predicts “The End of Typing: The Next Billion Mobile Users Will Rely on Video and Voice.” (National) Education Politics. The AP interviews US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos , who laments “she didn’t decry racism enough.”