An Evolution in Mobile

A Principal's Reflections

Over the past two years the way we deliver content and other features through mobile has evolved and Beeonics has also evolved by starting a new journey. In the short amount of time in becoming Gadget Software, the SchoolBuilder platform is tremendous.

KingSoft free office suite software

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After posting about SSUITE free office software , I found out about KingSoft Free Office Suite Software on Google+. KingSoft Free Office Suite Software includes word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software and is easy to use, looking very similar to Microsoft Office.

8 Reasons for and 8 Against Revisiting Software in the Classroom

Ask a Tech Teacher

I recently chatted with a tech coordinator on the East coast who asked about software alternatives to the webtools we were discussing. Usually, teachers want free, easily-accessible-from-anywhere webtools in place of expensive, installed software.

Classroom Device Management Empowers Teachers to Integrate Tech

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Classroom Digital Content Management Mobile Device Management Mobility SoftwareBy Joe McAllister Educators can keep students on task with tools from Google and GoGuardian.

6 eLearning Trends in Custom eLearning Solutions

5 Great Software Functions!

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Typically there are 5 types of instructional software functions. Teachers must analyze a software carefully to determine which instructional function it will serve to ensure that it supports the needs of the class. Tutorial software offers self-contained instruction.

Mobile learning: The good and the bad


Everywhere we go, here and there, people always seem to have a mobile device in their hands, be it a smartphone or a tablet. It’s almost a sin not to own a mobile device. Our mobile devices are online 24/7. Mobile learning of course. Mobile learning is now a movement and it’s not just about picking up a tablet and off you go. Mobile learning is about transforming how everyone can access shared knowledge and resources.

A Cloud Solution for Teachers Craving More Mobility at School

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Cloud Hardware Networking SoftwareBy Tommy Peterson Districts deploy tools and strategies to deliver cloud-based services to teachers and students.

How educators and teachers can get the most out of online forms software - guest post

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How educators and teachers can get the most out of online forms software Online forms might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a helpful classroom tool. Interactive learning has come a long way, and online form builders have mobile-ready forms at the click of a button.

Mobile Schools: The Next Generation in Communication and Engagement

A Principal's Reflections

As an early adopter of transformative technologies, I have been watching the mobile app space carefully to see how it can benefit all facets of education. My vision is for every high school around the country to have its own native mobile app. we have a richly-featured mobile app.

Impero Software partners with Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program to Provide Schools with Student Safety and MDM Software


The partnership offers Illinois K-12 schools exclusive pricing for Impero’s flagship classroom management, network admin and student safety solution, Impero Education Pro, and its education-specific mobile device management solution, Impero EdLink. Austin, TX, Sept.

District launches responsive website from Rediker Software

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Waltham Public Schools chooses Rediker Software’s RediSite for their 10 schools and district office to meet the increasing mobile needs of parents, students and staff.

Being Mobile: The Holy Grail of Educational Technology Is Within Sight

The Journal

will be a using a mobile computing device, 24/7." We revise that prediction slightly and add in predictions about the Trinity of Educational Technology: hardware, software, and network

BACK OFFICE BUSINESS: IL Schools Choose Partner for Student Safety and MDM Software


Impero Software has partnered with the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program to provide Illinois schools with student safety software and mobile device management solutions.

Speed Up Mobile Browsing with 1Blocker X


In iOS 9, back in the good times, Apple introduced the ability to install ad blockers on your iPhone or iPad, and lo, the mobile browsing experience was improved. dreck on my mobile devices. Software 1blocker X ad blocking ads content blocking irony

Mapping mobile learning

Learning with 'e's

Mobile technology is a game changer. I have previously written on this blog about how mobile technology can give the edge and also about some of the social implications of learning on the move. We see this happening on a global scale through increasing mobile phone subscriptions.

Marking up Mobile Photos with Annotable


Annotable brings a lot of tools to mobile photos: As you can see, it includes tools for cropping, drawing a variety of shapes, pixelating the image, redacting the image, and more. Do you have a preferred mobile image annotation tool–perhaps especially on Android or another platform?

Chrome Extensions Can Boost and Celebrate Literacy Among K–12 Students

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Internet Mobile Apps Mobility Software Web BrowsersBy Noah Geisel Leveraging a popular web browser can help teachers explore and track new ways of reading.

EXO U launches Ormiboard Pro Visual Creation Software

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New whiteboarding software offers instant sharing to any student device, classroom management, and advanced interactivity building without an internet connection. a software development company, launched Ormiboard Pro , a visual creation and collaboration tool.

U.S. K-12 Market for Mobile Devices Remains Flat; Only 2 Percent Growth in 2018

Marketplace K-12

K-12 Market for Mobile Devices Remains Flat; Only 2 Percent Growth in 2018 appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Apple Business Strategy Google Microsoft Software / Hardware windows

Aviary launches free mobile app photo editor for iOS & Android

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A while back, Aviary launched an add-on for mobile devices that allowed you to use Aviary within mobile apps. Yesterday they announced that Aviary is now available as a free, stand-alone mobile app for iOS and Android. The Aviary mobile app is free and features an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with effects, stickers, color balance, crop and rotate, brightness, contrast, saturation, drawing, text, cosmetic tools and more.

MDM in Education: Sometimes Necessary, Never Sufficient

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Mathias For a smarter, more comprehensive mobility management solution, look beyond MDM. Mobile Device Management Mobile Security Mobility Security SoftwareBy Craig J.

Woz U? Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Launches Online School to Teach Software Development


Today, Wozniak announced his latest project, an online school called Woz U , which aims to provide tech training to aspiring software developers. In addition, SCI already offers programs for computer scientists and software development. Curriculum at Woz U will cover computer science and software development skills, and a news release says the school plans to later offer data science, mobile applications and cybersecurity programs.

Impero Software Announces New Version of its Flagship Product – Impero Education Pro – at ISTE 2018


Chicago, June 24, 2018 – Impero Software, a leading provider of classroom management, network and online safety software to schools today announced the latest version of its award-winning product, Impero Education Pro V7. Founded in 2002, Impero software is now accessed by over 1.5

Global Demand for Mobile Computing Devices in K-12 Grows, Powered by U.S. Market

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Demand for mobile personal computers jumped by 10 percent in the first quarter of 2018, returning from a period of stagnation, a new analysis found. The post Global Demand for Mobile Computing Devices in K-12 Grows, Powered by U.S.

How we reduced mobility and improved outcomes in low-performing schools

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With high poverty and high mobility, finding solutions to address the needs of this community required out-of-the-box thinking, good data, and community support. Three community zones were created in a part of the overall district that had low performance and high mobility.

Vernier Software & Technology Offers New Activities for the mBot™ Robot to Teach Coding and Robotics


BEAVERTON, Oregon, June 25, 2018 — Vernier Software & Technology recently launched Coding with mBot: Self-Driving Vehicles activities module written for the mBot™ by MakeBlock. Vernier creates easy-to-use and affordable science interfaces, sensors, and graphing/analysis software.

Vernier Software & Technology Wins a Tech & Learning ISTE 2018 Best of Show Award


BEAVERTON, Oregon, July 16, 2018 — The newest sensor to join Vernier Software & Technology’s family of wireless sensors, Go Direct Sound , was named a winner of Tech & Learning ’s ISTE 2018 Best of Show Awards for showing the greatest promise in the classroom.

Cloud-Based Services Ease User Onboarding and Offboarding

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Data protection Encryption Identity Management Mobile Security Security Security Software SoftwareBy Karen Scarfone Learn about services to automate and expedite user management that also address IT operational and security challenges.

Absolute Software Collaborates with HP to Secure New Education Devices

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Absolute Software Corporation will partner with HP to install Absolute’s Persistence technology in a new suite of HP’s mobile devices. IT Management IT Newsletter Mobile and Handheld Technologies News Top News

Mobile Interactivity That Won’t Break the Bank

A Principal's Reflections

After reading these tweets, I realized that not only was this potential setup mobile, but it was also very cost-effective. We currently have approximately fourteen installed in classrooms and my teachers are huge fans of the Smart software that comes with them. Image credit: [link] Our new interactive, mobile whiteboard project has now been in use for over a month and it has received rave reviews from teachers.

G Suite Top 10 Music Tools- Web and Mobile


UJAM UJAM offers online software that allows you to record and produce your own song. Mobile Apps for Music Education Database of music teaching apps and creation resources selected from 1000's of tablet and smartphone apps for Android and iOS. VexTab Music Notation Input music directly into Google docs! This Docs add-on lets you render standard music notation, drum notation, and guitar tablature in your documents using the VexTab notation language. Link to Add On:

The Best of Both Worlds: Android Apps Arrive on Chrome OS

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Hardware Mobile Apps Mobility SoftwareBy Alexander Slagg The availability of Android apps on Google devices is poised to alter the K–12 device market.

How to Empower Your Faculty in Mobile Learning Environment – From Jennifer Carey


Is the Technology on Your School or in your School Image Credit: Greg Kulowiec Greg Kulowiec , in his talks on iPads and other mobile devices, is fond of asking “Is your technology on your classroom or in your classroom?” Mobile devices are just that, mobile!

Review: Google Management Console Helps Keep Control Over Small or Large Fleet of Devices

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Cloud Cloud apps Mobility SoftwareBy Buzz Garwood Administrators can regulate applications and extensions, and even view specific device activity.

Tips to Protect and Secure Chromebooks Off Campus

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Data Loss Prevention Data protection Encryption Firewalls Identity Management Mobile Security Network Access Control Remote Access Security Security Software SoftwareBy Wylie Wong One expert calls his experience with device management a ‘game changer.’.

5 Devices for K–12 One-to-One Initiatives

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Classroom Hardware Mobility Networking Security SoftwareBy Steve Zurier Five districts weigh in on the devices they deployed as part of their one-to-one initiatives.

The Nimble Tents Toolkit: Mobilizing Quickly for Disaster Relief & Other Causes


I’m delighted today to be able to co-announce the launch of the Nimble Tents Toolkit , a set of templates and guides for helping universities, libraries, and digital scholarship labs mobilize quickly around specific causes.

Cloud Computing for K–12 Will See Steady Growth Through 2021

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Cloud Cloud apps Cloud Computing Mobility Productivity Suites SoftwareBy Meghan Bogardus Cortez Thanks to its cost, accessibility and innovation, school districts are embracing cloud to boost student outcomes.

Video communication apps and mobile learning

Nik Peachey

One of the great things about mobile devices such as tablets, iPads and phones is that most modern devices have good quality cameras and microphones built in. Mailvu also provides mobile apps for iOS, Android an Blackberry.