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It lets people be creative … productive … learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.” Our students’ digital behavior influences our learning, language, rituals, values, routines, customs, and communication. Just think, a person took a picture and posted it online with the word, “Selfie!” This way you can facilitate and guide your students to make positive choices when they interact online.

Online Learning Options Combat Snow Day Closures Across Country

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Frank Smith School districts equipped with online learning options aren't hindered by snow closures. Bring Your Own Device Classroom Collaboration Hardware Management Mobility Online Learning Policies Wi-Fi

What works for tracking student progress in online learning


With online learning tools this function becomes not just easier, but more effective. When using online learning tools there are a couple of ways to track students progress. The post What works for tracking student progress in online learning appeared first on NEO BLOG.

WeWork helps online learning take its next step forward

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Then came its partnership with 2U, the standout online program management company. Among other things, the partnership allows 2U students to use WeWork’s office space as study halls, and the two companies will build a learning center together in 2019. Improving online learning.

LMS Comparison: What Learning Solution is the Best Fit for Your Business?

Generation Z Is Growing and Learning With Mobile Devices [#Infographic]

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Frank Smith A new infographic from itslearning provides a few statistics on the impact of mobile devices on K-12 education. Classroom Curriculum Mobile Device Management Mobility Online Learning

GoConqr’s Online Learning Report 2017


Click the image to see the full infographic of the Online Learning Report 2017. Today Thursday 23 rd of February is Digital Learning Day , so to mark this we are releasing the Online Learning Report 2017 that the GoConqr team has been working on.

Online Learning VS Traditional Learning| Why Online Learning is Better

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Though classroom learning is still preferred as a mode of teaching in many institutes, the popularity of online learning is slowly overshadowing traditional learning. college students find digital learning technologies helpful. Online learning offers interactivity, accessibility, and convenience that is making learning more engaging and stimulating. However, online learning breaks this barrier letting them access content anytime, anywhere.

Creating online learning with Riddle

Nik Peachey

This would make a great way of presenting infographic type information in a more mobile friendly way. How to use Riddle with learners Riddle is pretty simple and quick to learn so you can get students to create their own research questionnaires.

?The Future of Online Learning Is Offline: What Strava Can Teach Digital Course Designers


I became a Strava user in 2013, around the same time I became an online course designer. Why was the fitness app so “sticky” as opposed to the online learning platforms? How could we apply the same practices to learning? I’ve come to believe that one of the biggest misunderstandings about online learning is that it has to be limited to things that can be done in front of a computer screen. This trend holds true across other online courses.

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E-Rate Funding Applications Total $3.9B for 2015

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Classroom Funding Management Mobile Broadband Mobility Networking Online Learning WirelessFrank Smith 'These requests reflect long pent-up demand' says FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

E-rate 136

Mobile learning: Now in the hands of teenagers

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Online learning. Flipped learning, personalized learning. Mobile LearningMobile learning. FETC thought leader and featured presenter Dr. Julie Evans of Project Tomorrow shares data on how students are really using technology for learning. Uncategorized Mobile learning Online Learning Student devices technology useYes, yes!

Technology Can Make Art History Lessons Come to Life

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By Ricky Ribeiro New and emerging tech tools are helping educators make art and art history a richer, more immersive learning experience. Classroom Digital Content Internet Mobile Apps Mobility Online Learning Online Video

The 3 Barriers School Districts Face in the Bandwidth Race

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Bandwidth Management Classroom Funding Management Mobility Networking Online Learning Wi-FiFrank Smith The latest CoSN report on the state of bandwidth in U.S. schools shows affordability is still a huge challenge.

Report 168

The 12 Apps of Christmas


free short course about mobile apps for learning in higher ed #12appsDIT. Strategies mobile devices online learning

FETC 2015 Kicks Off With a BYOD Bang

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Frank Smith A game-based learning event, executive summit and hands-on sessions are highlights of the opening day of the conference. Classroom Collaboration Curriculum Game-based Learning Hardware Leadership Management Mobility Notebooks Online Learning Policies STEM Tablets

BYOD 139

EdTech Bloggers’ 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

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Classroom Curriculum Internet Mobile Apps Mobility Online Learning Social MediaFrank Smith Some of our favorite bloggers share gift ideas for tech-powered teachers.

CoSN 2016: Technology's Role in Addressing the Homework Gap

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Classroom Digital Content Mobility Online Learning Wi-FiBy Jena Passut Schools find ways to enable students to work on digital assignments at home.

Age of Learning launches new mobile app for early learners

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Age of Learning just launched their new mobile app, a comprehensive online learning app for children ages 2 through 6+. The app is from Age of Learning , and it’s called the “ Early Learning Academy.” o ABCMouse is free for teachers, so parents can create a learning path in conjunction with what their child is currently learning in school. Their teacher can even assign learning activities based on knowledge of the student.

Portal Looks to Help Districts Comparison Shop for Ed-Tech Devices

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The Learning Accelerator has worked with between 25-30 companies to create the "pricing database.'. Ed-tech Online Learning Procurement mobile devices digitaleducation edtech hardware learningaccelerator procurement

Global Market for Ed-Tech Hardware Grows, Report Shows

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The spending surge is being driven by demand for mobile personal computers, which account for 63 percent of total educational spending on hardware.

Report 113

Is a Master’s Degree in Education Right For You?


Teachers with a master's in education have more job opportunities, better salaries on average, and more upward mobility in teaching. Articles News Online Learning edtech featured online learning Professional Development tips for teachersIs an M.Ed. it for you? The post Is a Master’s Degree in Education Right For You? appeared first on Edudemic.

The Passback Effect of Mobile Technology for Early Learners

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It is difficult to tell how the use of mobile devices at early ages changes student learning. Of course, these children are developing their own strategies for how the devices can and should be used, but they may not know specifically how to learn with them.

Sixty Percent of U.S. Chromebook Sales Are for Education, Report Concludes

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Ed-tech For-Profit Education Online Learning Procurement mobile devices chromebooks edtech educationtechnology ipadsChromebook sales to end-users will reach 7.3 million units in 2015, a 27 percent increase from last year, according to a new report.

Dealing with digital distraction

The Hechinger Report

The policy was spearheaded by the department chair, Nancy Cheever, who is part of a team at the university investigating digital distraction, an issue that, for many teachers, has graduated from a nuisance into a serious threat to learning. Related: Do classroom clickers improve learning?

The demise of the full-time MBA

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That realization shifted significant momentum to shorter part-time and more convenient online MBA programs, as well as other forms of management education (most recently in the form of Smartly’s free-yet-premium MBA —full disclosure, I’m an advisor to the company). Education Blog disruptive innovation online learning digital learning higher education jobs to be done mobile learning mba management education

Students' Tablet, Smartphone Usage Climbs, With Strong Appetite for Apps

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Apps Chromebooks Ed-tech Gaming Innovation Online Learning mobile devices edtech mobiledevices poll tablets

Back-to-School Spending Dips, Even as Consumer Confidence Rises

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Ed-tech Online Learning Procurement mobile devicesFamilies' spending on school supplies has dropped a bit from last year, according to the National Retail Federation.

Mobile Technology: An instructor's viewpoint

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I was a member of a panel at a recent CDETG conference on Mobile Technology. This last meeting was on mobile technology, something that I have noticed is a growing trend in my classes. 1) One of the first speakers was a project manager for an online syllabus developer, Itellidemia. I had never thought of the mechanics behind mobile technology (partly because I don't use apps on any of my own mobile educational technology mobile technology CDETG

iPad Basic Training for Teachers


The purposes for this initiative were to give teachers an additional tool for teaching and learning and to familiarize teachers with mobile devices in anticipation of more iPads being purchased for classroom use and a grades 6-12 BYOD program coming in the next school year.

The global phenomenon of e-learning courses.


The rise of online business has created many new and exciting industries, not least of which is eLearning. With a laptop, tablet, or phone, and a WiFi connection, it’s now possible to learn pretty much any skill you require wherever you are, whenever you want.

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Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan Pledge Huge Gift to Education, Public Health

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E-rate Ed-tech Entrepreneurship Online Learning mobile devicesThe Facebook executive and his wife say they will donate 99 percent of their Facebook shares, worth $45 billion, to a host of public health and education efforts.

Google Buys Launchpad Toys, Creator of Storytelling Apps for Kids

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Apps Ed-tech Online Learning mobile devices Google has bought app-maker Launchpad Toys, prompting speculation about how the Silicon Valley corporation is expanding its reach into the market for kids and families.

When a college degree is no longer a ticket to the middle class

The Hechinger Report

With this in mind, more school districts and local governments are trying to identify lower-cost learning opportunities that can still vault students into well-paying careers.

The learning experience is different in schools that assign laptops, a survey finds

The Hechinger Report

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