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Our conference programme is crafted to fit every style of learning – from discussions and debates, to hands-on workshops and interactive breakout sessions, with exhibitors and guests from startups through to the most established corporations. The agenda of the 23rd edition of this conference is packed-full with hand-on workshops, interactive break-out sessions, plenary sessions, panel talks, a plenary debate and various networking sessions. Meet NEO at OEB 2017!

The workshop model: Beyond the basics

The Cornerstone for Teachers

This week on the Truth for Teachers podcast: Jen Bengel explains the workshop model, how to create mini-lessons, and how to get students excited about books. Jen knows her stuff when it comes to the workshop model: She trained under Irene Fountas at Lesley University and specializes in creating literacy curriculum and provides online professional development for teachers. So in this episode, we’re talking about the workshop model.

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Preparing Audience-Sensitive Presentations and Workshops


But when you are invited to present a keynote or facilitate a workshop to people you know little or nothing about, how do you ensure you are sufficiently sensitive to your audience? I can be giving a workshop on the same topic and I would do it completely differently to faculty at my institution vs other universities in Egypt. For Jim Groom’s keynote at AMICAL, several organizers and I had a meeting with him explaining context and brainstorming direction.

One teacher’s 5 secrets for a fantastic math workshop

The Cornerstone for Teachers

Today, I’ve invited Meg from The Teacher Studio to share how she runs math workshop in her classroom. Meg has tons of practical, classroom-tested tips for math instruction on her website and is going to be launching a series of detailed posts about implementing math workshop, so make sure you’re following her to learn more! Over the years, I have had many people ask me to blog more about my math workshop. Why do math workshop, anyway?

?Beyond Design Thinking: Why Education Entrepreneurs Need to Think in Systems


Yet, we’re also increasingly seeing a complementary methodology— systems thinking —gain traction among educators, entrepreneurs and investors. Systems thinking offers a necessary antidote to some of design thinking’s blind spots by taking a holistic view of complex social challenges—rather than just building new solutions that address symptoms of a problem, but not root causes. In 2017, +Acumen co-developed a new online course on Systems Practice with The Omidyar Group.

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The Curriculum Meets Educational Technology… Avoiding Tech Shine

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference? I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. The Curriculum Meets Educational Technology… Avoiding Tech Shine. Students will be able to research and record key facts involving the planets of the solar system. Relevant Nouns – research, planets, solar system. I have done 100’s of workshops and presentations.

Do’s & Don’ts to "PEP" Up Meetings For Success

The Innovative Educator

Most employees feel many meetings they attend are a waste of time but they don’t need to be. There are strategies you can implement as well as pitfalls you can avoid to help ensure your meetings are interesting, informative, productive and achieve desired outcomes. Coaching Psychologist Yaron Prywes ( @Yaron321 ) conducted a full-day workshop revealing the secrets to successful meetings so that they don’t resemble the comic below.

Part 2… Beyond the Technology Shine… Content Standard Nouns Meet 25 Free OER Education Resources

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference? I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. Part 2… Beyond the Technology Shine… Content Standard Nouns Meet 25 Free OER Education Resources. Students will be able to research and record key facts involving the planets of the solar system. Relevant Nouns – planets, solar system.

OER 97

Agency: Important for Students and Educators

A Principal's Reflections

Educator voice can be cultivated using the following strategies: Flipped staff meetings – Everyone who plans a meeting works terribly hard to develop and then get through an agenda. This results in a death-by-meeting scenario and is a main reason why most people hate meetings. Consider developing a meeting agenda using Google Docs. This could consist of speaker recommendations, workshop topics, hosting your own event, or even the development of an unconference.

What's In Your Elementary STEM Lab?

Tech Helpful

The first thing I would suggest to a school system wanting to create a STEM lab is not to try to buy everything in the beginning. This is what we currently have in our lab now that we are 3 years into the program: Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robots. Wonder Workshop Cue Robots.

A Pedagogical Framework for Managing Face-to-Face and Remote Learners at the Same Time

A Principal's Reflections

Until this point, most of my interactions with educators have been through virtual presentations, workshops, and coaching. Either group all the remote students together or use data to regularly group and regroup kids as they work to approach, meet, or exceed standards.

STEAM-Powered Notebook Practices

Educator Innovator

Integrating light, sound, and art into the student notebooks provides opportunities for learners to prototype circuits, document their processes, play and conduct systems explorations with simple materials such as copper tape, LEDs, and watch batteries. The team presented a hands-on paper circuitry workshop at the NWP Annual Meeting recently. Educator Innovator Blog NEXMAP Annual Meeting notebook NWP paper circuitryby Jennifer Dick, NEXMAP Program Director.


12 Rules of effective Instructional Technology Coaching


Take it easy and slow, and focus on the enthusiasts among the staff complement, and work from there — perhaps by presenting your successes at staff meetings and other workshops to entice further interest. Mix it up: Try using different formats such as: workshops, individual coaching, just in time, drop in hours, presentations during staff meetings/department meetings, or developing a video library or channel.

Information Sharing at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Digital Promise

I relish the opportunity for an in-person meeting or training to connect with colleagues and partners. NTC is a multi-day conference jam-packed with interactive workshops, engaging speakers, relevant vendors, ignite sessions (thought-provoking presentations only five minutes long), and opportunities to connect with other mission-driven techies from across the country.

Design Lab Connects Autism Families with Research

Digital Promise

once a diagnosis is confirmed, families accessing autism funding must learn to navigate a complex system of therapies and supports. The Health Design Lab is a research and design centre that works with industry and community partners to improve health products, services and systems — through a “human-centred design” approach. Mapping the System With String. I found the format of the workshop was incredibly useful.

Scratch and Makey Makey Across the Curriculum

User Generated Education

I love bringing physical computing into my classrooms: Physical computing means building interactive physical systems by the use of software and hardware that can sense and respond to the analog world. In practical use, the term most often describes handmade art, design or DIY hobby projects that use sensors and microcontrollers to translate analog input to a software system, and/or control electro-mechanical devices such as motors, servos, lighting or other hardware ( [link] ).

Urban Adult Literacy Collaboration in Nashville: Building Networks for Frontline Talent Development

Digital Promise

Committed to improving adult education and literacy rates within Nashville, the AECI has taken strides to identify opportunities, understand barriers, and make data-driven decisions to meet adult learner needs across their community. With a systematic approach and learner-centered solution, the AECI is working to create an efficient, cohesive system with resources for both agencies and learners alike. Key insight : Allow for flexible funding and invest in shared systems.

Can Schools and Colleges Bring an In-Person Feel to Remote Campuses?


Bryan Lee, a rising senior at Harvard, has spent the last five months building a videoconferencing system called Congregate. For instance, Frank Noschese, a physics teacher at John Jay High School in New York City, used the Congregate system at a workshop for physics teachers last month. Maybe, he says, if it passed the vetting by districts and state education departments to show it protects student privacy and meets other requirements.

PBL… Blended and eLearning – Part 1: Important Questions for the New School Year

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Booking Info – Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference? I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. A learning management system can have a tendency to promote a “surface” type of assessment.

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Schools and Communities Together

Digital Promise

Leaders in faith-based organizations are also positioned to mobilize and organize communities to help meet the needs of its children. Bright Futures works with community and district leaders to meet students’ basic needs during the school year, providing things like clothing, food, and school supplies by posting these needs in Facebook groups. During the school year, programs like CityConnects and Say Yes gather data on students and school systems.

35 Resources for the STEAM Classroom… Putting the Arts in STEM

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference? I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. I will be providing workshops and featured sessions on STEM, PBL, Inquiry, Maker Space, and Computational Thinking!

STEM 162

How to succeed with online PD for teachers


How to power through a difficult parent-teacher meeting comes to mind, but there are many challenges that teachers learn how to handle in time. In fact, they find much more than tips and tricks online, they find a veritable support system. They solve this by offering PD days, which tend to be long days filled with workshops. Professional development (PD) for teachers is an ongoing process.

How To 240

Flip Grid: 6 Fun Ideas to Engage Learners in Conversation with Teryl Magee

The CoolCatTeacher

She also uses this for professional development for teachers when she’s preparing to meet them on-site. Go to to find out why Bloomz is the best parent-teacher communication system out there. I’ve included a comparison matrix with features to help you figure out what system is best for you. You could then turn and go on to respond and say, “Teryl, it’s so nice to meet you.

5 edtech tools that take personalized learning to the next level

eSchool News

And while whole-class instruction may meet the needs of some students, more often than not, it leaves out many more students than it helps. Here are five digital resources we use to meet students where they are and take them where they need to go.

3 ways small districts can go big on PD

eSchool News

As a leader in a district in Indianapolis with nine schools and limited resources, I’m well aware of the fact that most districts don’t have the time or money to devote to one-off workshops and training sessions that may or may not improve instruction. There was no unified system.

Over 40 STEAM Resources… Creative Thinking, STEM, and PBL at FETC 2020

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Engineering firms want people who have passion, are willing to be life-long learners, are systems thinkers, have multicultural values, and can understand interdisciplinary context. NPR Where Science Meets Art – Some exceptional Podcasts integrating Science and Art.

STEM 155

Innovative Examples of Community Involvement in Schools

Digital Promise

They’re attempting to both meet members of their communities where they are and invite community members to reciprocate. During events like “Maker Nights” and “Art Room Afternoon,” students and their families are encouraged to attend workshops and take part in hands-on learning experiences. Events and group meetings aren’t the only ways to engage community partners.

4 Great Alternatives to Google Classroom

Ask a Tech Teacher

This includes typical LMS (Learning Management Systems) functions like homework, classwork, schedules, quizzes, resources, and gradebooks so stakeholders–teachers and students–can access them from any location and any digital device. workshop –provides templates for a variety of writing exercises such as newsletters, reports, and presentations. workshops and online meetings. Otus–Exciting Free LMS You Want to Meet. Designed by Freepik.

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Vote for Digital Promise in the 2019 SXSW EDU PanelPicker!

Digital Promise

To keep high-performing educators in classrooms, systems must create compelling opportunities that provide true pathways to leadership. MY World 360-Immersive Storytelling Meets the SDGs. At Digital Promise, we believe in the power of storytelling to help move from vision to reality.

EdTech 206

Authentic PBL: Santa Believes in Project Based Learning … Do You?

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Upon further reflection, it occurred to me that not only does Santa believe in PBL, he practices many of its positive attributes at his workshop. Are you looking for a practical and affordable professional development workshop for your school or conference? I have delivered hundreds of workshops and presentations. I will be providing workshops and featured sessions on STEM, PBL, Inquiry, Maker Space, and Computational Thinking!

Moodle: The Unsung Hero of LMS Options

Ask a Tech Teacher

A Learning Management System (what is often called an LMS) has become foundational to blending technology into education experiences. Now, it provides over 90 million educators, administrators, and learners in over 200 countries with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. A Workshop module where students can collaborate on classwork and learning. Otus–Exciting Free LMS You Want to Meet.

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How social studies can help young kids make sense of the world

The Hechinger Report

Teachers and administrators get acquainted at a Border Crossers workshop for educators about discussing race and racism in the classroom. Racism cannot be solved in a six-hour workshop,” Howort told the group. Set up your system so you don’t burn out,” Howort told the group.

Study 114

Helping teachers and admins see the value of edtech


That’s because managing change isn’t about choosing a new platform or migrating to a new system — it’s about the people that will work with the new tools and how comfortable they are with doing so effectively. Administrators don’t have to carry out meetings face to face as web conferencing provides more flexibility, and so on. You can organize mini-workshops or webinars to present new devices. The fact that education needs to change isn’t something new.

EdTech 167

Creating a Strategy for the future?

EdNews Daily

That’s why KnowledgeWorks , a national education nonprofit, has followed up its latest 10-year education forecast with a strategy guide that helps frame the challenges and opportunities facing our education system and how educators, learners and policymakers can begin to meet them. . My colleagues and I on KnowledgeWorks’ strategic foresight team formed the strategy guide with the help of two workshops. By Katherine Prince.

How Access to Technology Can Create Equity in Schools

Digital Promise

Providing access to technology is important but not a complete solution when it comes to getting rid of systemic disparities caused by issues like income inequality, geographic isolation, or discrimination. Teachers have access to workshops, in-class coaching, and building-based tech facilitators during the school year. When used effectively, technology can greatly contribute to creating equity in schools.