Serendipitous Learning on Twitter


For me, this is exactly what social media, especially Twitter, is all about. This happens on Twitter all the time. I look at my Twitter feed and find a group of people I follow using a hashtag I’ve never seen before. I might meet some new people along the way.

Student Get to Know You Image Stickers Activity

Teacher Reboot Camp

Throughout the past 8 years, I have designed several online courses and MOOCs. I noticed this activity has become super popular in many online course; therefore, for The Goal-Minded Teacher MOOC ( #EduGoalsMOOC ), I decided to try another activity in case I had participants who had taken my previous courses. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and other popular mobile apps make it super easy for users to add stickers and emojis to their images. Meet teachers worldwide!

MOOC 228

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9 Reasons You Should Join the Free Goal Minded Teacher Online Course!

Teacher Reboot Camp

The educators you meet will share resources, experience, and offer support! Some of the people you meet will remain your friends for life! We will share and meet regularly on our Facebook group, Twitter (#EduGoalsMOOC), and through weekly live events (expert panels on Google Hangouts).

Course 287

Twitter and the death of distance

Learning with 'e's

Social media sites such as Twitter span huge distances to connect people around the world. There are many stories of people developing and sustaining friendship, or even romance and eventual marriage, after ''meeting'' on a social media site.

MOOC-Ed: Coaching Digital Learning, Unit 2 Reflection

Here is my Unit 2 reflection for the MOOC-Ed, Coaching Digital Learning: Cultivating a Culture of Change. For example, I enjoy using Twitter for the educational Twitter chats. I even moderate a Twitter chat from educators in Hawaii, #edchatHI ! It has become an extension of my school and the faculty meetings. Follow Michael''s board Coaching Digital Learning, #CDL_MOOCed on Pinterest. Digital edtech Learning mooc MOOC-Ed


Maker Party and Making Learning Connected mooc to Launch This Weekend

Educator Innovator

After a Department of Education kick-off at the Reimagining Education Conference and initial practitioner learning opportunities by partners Scratch, the Afterschool Alliance, and Mozilla Webmakers, the Summer of Making and Connecting kicks into even higher gear with the launch of Maker Party 2013 and the Making Learning Connected mooc on June 15. Maker Party consists of hundreds of meet-ups and learning parties where all kinds of people can teach and learn how to make things on the web.


Online Learning Does Not Mean Sans Engagement

Fractus Learning

They want what they get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other informal learning online communities, they want the face-to-face, human element. College Discussion MOOC

On Research – a #dLRN15 (and beyond) reflection

Improving Education Environments

The conference wrestled with this, both in discourse during the final session as well as on the Twitter backchannel. There is a lot of MOOC research at #elearnconf, which was shocking to me to be honest. Main #dlrn #elearnconf keynote MOOC psychology research solutionism

OER 52

Thinking About Redefining Professional Development

The Web20Classroom

The traditional forms of sit-and-get PD are giving way to MOOCs, webinars, Edcamps and flipped learning. One idea that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is Flipped Faculty meetings. Faculty Meetings aren’t the only thing we can flip.

Is There Still a Meaningful Difference Between For-Profit and Public Higher Ed?


The other day I was scrolling through Twitter when a message caught my eye. He’s the guy who coined the term MOOC, short for Massive Open Online Course, which then was a reference to multiplayer video games.

MOOC 171

A Podcast for Every Discipline? The Rise of Educational Audio


Learn more at, on IG @UNCmeite , and Twitter @unc_Meite. Some of the podcasters got their start making educational videos or or producing MOOCs, those free online classes that were all the rage a few years ago, but ended up not living up to the hype.

MOOC 129

29 Sessions to Watch During This Year's SXSW EDU


With less than a week until the storytelling-themed keynote kicks things off, we combed through the sessions, workshops and talks that will be filling our heads, and our Twitter feeds, in the days to come. The Evolution of MOOCs: Six Years Later : Are MOOCs still around? The Adult Student Meets the Network Effect : More than 80 million U.S.


Warpping up Richard DeMillo’s Revolution in Higher Education

Bryan Alexander

It describes a meeting of MOOC evangelists, several university leaders, and the press at the Carnegie Corporation’s offices. [T]he If you sympathize with this Revolution, or with MOOCs, this is a moving affirmation.


Making Beginnings Out of Endings – @DigPedLab Cairo #DigPed


Most of the onsite participants were not active on Twitter before this event, if at all. Some of this focused on learning new tools (many are now big on Twitter; today I am teaching some students about


Designing Organizations to Support Tech on Campus #SXSWedu


MOOCs, technology infusion projects, online masters or pathways to credit, research. Notes from the General Discussion and Audience Questions To get uninterested teachers using technology, start with a need and show how tech can meet it. Meet people where they are, face-to-face.

Notes from Leadership for the Digital Age with Alan November - Day 2


edX - - MOOC site, courses are all free, people who teach the courses are from Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, University of Texas, etc. Coursera is another option for higher ed MOOCS. Close to 10% of students got into MIT by excelling in a MOOC.

What these teens learned about the Internet may shock you!

The Hechinger Report

After all, what shows up in your Twitter or Facebook feed can come from anywhere , and a post-election BuzzFeed analysis suggested the fake stuff spreads faster than real news, thanks to hyper-partisan readers blindly sharing sensational headlines. Northport, N.Y.,

The Innovator’s Mindset—A Blockbuster Lesson from George Couros

Fractus Learning

George has a few more follower Twitter followers than me; well, 141 000 more to be exact! If you need proof: last year I participated in an Innovator’s Mindset MOOC (#IMMOOC) conducted by George and several of his high-profile colleagues. Let me begin by making three confessions: 1.


Storms over liberal education: notes on the 2016 AAC&U conference

Bryan Alexander

I was there for a few reasons, starting with having the fine opportunity to lead a pre conference workshop, followed by presenting on two panels, helping out with a Twitter component, and reconnecting with dozens of friends and colleagues.

“Telling will never be as effective as experiencing.”

The Principal of Change

Because of this, the original plan for the day was shifted to meet the needs of the group. When they came back, they added their blog to a google document, that put their name, twitter handle, title with a link to their blog, and the topic, along with any other comments that they had.


Thinking About Research, Innovation, Test-Scores, and Creativity

The Principal of Change

Innovation can come from either “invention” (something totally new) or “ iteration ” (a change of something that already exists), but if it does not meet the idea of “new and better,” it is not innovative. September 8, 2016 The #InnovatorsMindset MOOC Starting Soon!


Tips for Landing an Edtech Gig—From the EdSurge Jobs Team


Check out our growing list of MOOCs and Courses on the EdSurge Index. Post articles and media on Facebook, Twitter, etc that is useful and interesting to your followers. The most important tip for these coffee or drink meetings is to do your homework. Looking for a job can be daunting, particularly if you are pivoting to a new role or switching industries, like those folks coming into the edtech space.

Events + News - New Curated "Revolution" Blog - NMC Preview - Games for Change - The Modern University is Failing.

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

LIVE is an opportunity to gather with other member of the community in regular "live" web meetings. You can follow us on Twitter at #liveclass20. Second Monday of each month is the Teacher Librarian Twitter Chat. Follow #TLChat on Twitter to participate.

2014 Global Education Conference Starts Today - Day 1 Schedule

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Follow the conference through Twitter using the hashtag #globaled14. Today the fifth annual Global Education Conference kicks off. This is our free, five-day, online event that brings together educators and innovators from around the world, with sessions held around the clock to accommodate participant time zones.

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

It is the instructional designer and tenured professor’s signal — “to the barricades!” — and everyone snipes at the other side from the Twitter trenches for a week, until there’s an unspoken truce that lasts until the next “ban laptops” op-ed gets published.

10Q: Shelly Sanchez Terrell

Learning with 'e's

The 3rd one took place this past July with over 4100 attendees from over 100 different countries entering online video meeting rooms where they could chat with each other, watch speakers on webcams, and see slides. It is basically a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).

Learning Revolution Newsletter - Week's Events - OZeLive Conference Starts - Michael Stephens, Pam Moran, and Ira Socol Highlighted Videos

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

All presentations, workshops and tutorials will be sponsored and managed by our brilliant Australia eSeries team in Blackboard Collaborate virtual meeting rooms. LIVE is an opportunity to gather with other member of the community in regular "live" web meetings. The impact of MOOCs depends on their ability to assess learning. The Learning Revolution Weekly Update February 4th Education is soul crafting. Cornel West Welcome to the Learning Revolution.


Events + News - Library 2.0 Spring Summit - Free-Range Kids - Testing "Chaos" and Opting Out - Student Debt - Will College Survive?

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

LIVE is an opportunity to gather with other member of the community in regular "live" web meetings. You can follow us on Twitter at #liveclass20.

Week of August 14, 2011 - Live and Interactive Webinars in Blackboard Collaborate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

link] EPCOP MOOC WEBINAR ( Australia Series ) Mon 15 Aug 09:00PM New York / Tue 16 Aug 01:00AM GMT / Tue 16 Aug 11:00AM Sydney Coach Carole. EpCoP MOOC webinar [link] TECH TALK TUESDAYS: THE STUDENT VOICE ( Australia Series ) Tue 15 Aug 02:00AM New York / Tue 16 Aug 06:00AM GMT / Tue 16 Aug 04:00PM Sydney Anne Mirtschin. Although a planning meeting in the Blackboard Interface, feel free to stop in and help us plan.

“I may be one teacher but I’m no longer going to stay silent about the things important to my country and world of education. I love my students and as I look at children everywhere, I want them to have teachers who love teaching and who love them.” – Vicki Davis, USA

Daily Edventures

With Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and e-learning programs that are developing, students are going to be able to have high-speed Internet and a high-quality education without leaving their homes. Some educators like Twitter, others like Facebook, while others go to conferences.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Online Education and the Once and Future “MOOC” The University of Iceland has joined edX. Via Inside Higher Ed : “After a special meeting of the University of Michigan Board of Regents, the university announced late Tuesday that it would permit – if certain conditions are met – the white supremacist Richard Spencer to appear on campus.” But he’s still welcome on college campuses and Twitter. (National) Education Politics.

Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - SLS14 Expanded! - Open Natural Math Class - Educate to Liberate or Control?

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

To meet these challenges, educators must teach digital citizenship, an essential digital age skill that students need to become safe, responsible and respectful participants in a digital world. LIVE is an opportunity to gather with other member of the community in regular "live" web meetings.

2013 Global Education Conference Kicks Off Today - List of Sessions

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

This free event runs all week and is open to anyone to attend: spread the word with Twitter hashtag # globaled13. 10:00pm KEYNOTE: Kim Cofino - Adventures in International Education 11:00pm ePortfolios as Environments for Global Engagement, Deep Learning and Authentic Assessment - Betty Hurley-Dasgupta, Professor and HP Fellow “In today''s society, we no longer have to hold meetings in the confines of four walls, stay in expensive hotels, and nibble on gourmet food we can''t pronounce.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” The proposal would expand the gainful employment rule to all schools that receive federal aid, but it would remove any penalties for schools that fail to meet acceptable levels. Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). It’s baaaaack: “Return of the MOOC ,” The City Journal tells us. There’s some (sorta) MOOC-related news in the venture funding section below. MOOCs weren’t really MOOCs either.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). Via The New York Times : “Meet Zora, the Robot Caregiver.” ” Sara Goldrick-Rab shared her thoughts on Twitter. Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles. All this feeds the review I write each December on the stories we are told about the future of education. And wow, December is right around the corner, isn’t it?!

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