The Maker Movement In Education

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Here are his thoughts on ‘the Maker Movement': With so much of the emphasis in today’s education world focusing on the need for education reform, it can be easy to forget just what this means. Like all STEM-focused areas of education, the Maker Movement is an extremely useful method for advancing child education due to some of the skills it promotes and develops. Eduporium ‘s Andy Larmand is the newest contributor to Ask a Tech Teacher.

Is the maker movement putting librarians at risk?

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Librarians in the Shawnee Mission School District are making way for “ the maker movement ,” and some worry where that story is going. That’s the language of the maker movement, which seeks to convert once-quiet school spaces — usually in the libraries — into hands-on laboratories of creation and computer-assisted innovation. The movement, taking place nationwide, is more about robotics than reading.


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Increasing Engagement, Creativity, and Innovation with Minds-On/Hands-On Activities

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They spent many hours fully engaged during remote learning making inventions including musical instruments, board games, new tools, machines, and robots. Board Game Piece Board Game Piece New Tool Note Chute Robot.

The ‘Maker’ Movement: Understanding What the Research Says

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Few trends in K-12 ed tech are as hot–or as under-researched–as “Maker” education. The Maker Movement has its roots outside of school, in institutions such as science museums and in the informal activities that everyday people have taken part in for generations. There is growing interest in whether Maker education can help boost student learning outcomes, including test scores. The Maker Movement in Education (Erica R.

What Libraries Offer the Maker Movement

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The Millvale site is part of a growing group of libraries that have opened up space, permanently or occasionally, for maker projects. It’s really about having people in places to manage and facilitate the maker experience.” Another practical tool for those thinking of building a makerspace in a library or elsewhere is the Youth Makerspace Playbook (PDF) from Maker Ed. Receiving a grant for a 3D printer, the staff designed their maker programming entirely around the new tool.

A New School Makerspace

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Integrating Maker Education Activities Into the Curriculum. Maker education needs to be intentional. It follows, then, for maker education to be brought into more formal and traditional classrooms as well as more informal ones such as with afterschool and community programs, it needs to be integrated into the curriculum using lesson plans to assist with this integration ( Learning in the Making ).

7 Things to Know About Coding in the Early Childhood Classroom

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We work with robotics, because robotics are tools that allow them to learn coding and to learn abstract logic and thinking while not sitting in front of a computer screen. So robots have motors, they have sensors, they can move around. The particular robots we have developed in my Dev Tech Research Group at Tufts are called Kibo. Each block represents a command for the robot. The robot has a scanner, and the blocks are barcodes, so they scan one by one.

6 Super Science Edtech Ideas: Using Technology to Level Up Science Classrooms

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Now, do you use robots? What about robotics? In my class, we use the Sphero robot quite a bit. See Top Tips for Teaching with Robots Using Sphero. We do use LEGO Mindstorms with like a couple kids here and there will LOVE to work with LEGO Mindstorms, and I have a robotics club that will use those. So that’s my Go To robot. From iPads to robotics to 3d printers, science exploration with technology support is happening in @lacrossescience.

9 Fine Ways to Do Better 20% Time

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For our beginning of the year passion projects, some students chose to teach others about our robotic filming Swivl tool and app. Maker Movement. Many schools are creating maker spaces or “ Fab Labs ” so students have a space and place to invent. Here, one of my students is working with his custom built Arduino robot. Keva plank challenges are a popular happening n Chad Lehman’s library maker space.

Computational Thinking and Math for Elementary Grades

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Calculating those X and Y coordinates — which really kids of most ages can do — and then realizing that they can make the physical robot go here or there based upon their program. That’s what these robots are. The students will type in the stuff to get the robot to here or to there, and it doesn’t work. Steve Floyd on episode 249 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Searching for the Ability to Think: Training our Kids to Go Past Google

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The student is programming a video game in a maker space using Bloxels. Classrooms need well-stocked maker spaces and creativity stations. Others built robots or drove my Dash Wonderbot. Chad Lehman’s maker space includes challenges and lots of choices for students. Administrators All Grades All Subjects Higher Education Innovation Librarians Maker Movement Parents Policy Makers STEM Students Teachers

Virtual Valentines: The Global Valentine Project Sharing Love and Learning

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Now back in December you did the Gingerbread STEM Community in Maker Space. He’s the robot there. Innovation IT Coaches and Directors Lesson Plans Maker Movement Middle / Junior High Grades 6-8 (Ages 10-13) Teachers Web ToolsMicah Brown on episode 237 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Virtual Valentines are an incredible global project in February.

The Myth of Neutral Makerspaces

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Recently, I attended the Nation of Makers Conference whose theme was intentional inclusion. Liberatory Consciousness was a practice promoted and used during the Nation of Maker pre-conference and threaded through the inclusion track of the conference. Seeing cultural practices in a maker light can open doors and blur the lines between teachers and learners. Education Maker Education equity ethics inclusion maker movement makerspace

Maker Education Camp: Circuit Crafts

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This is my third summer offering maker education summer camps as part of a bigger program at a local school. During mornings (9 to 12 with a half hour recess), campers, grades Kindergarten through 6th grade, can choose from one of four enrichment classes: art, drama, games, foreign languages, computers, and in my case, maker camps. This summer I am offering: Cardboard Creations , Circuit Crafts, Toy Making and Hacking, and Robotics and Coding.

How Can I bring Robotics Into My Curriculum? Programming Robots with SPRK Lightning Lab #AskTheTechCoach


Lightning Lab will make it even easier to use the SPRK robot in the classroom because students can access te instructions and starter code inside of the app. Sphero makes app-enabled, teachable robots. SPRK Lightning Lab hub uses CWIST’s online platform to offer a free virtual community that allows educators, students, makers and parents to communicate about their projects. To get started users download the mobile app to program their robot. Download.

Tinker Thinker: 21 Awesome Maker Kits

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Tinker Thinker: 21 Awesome Maker Kits. Being a relatively new concept, the definition of Maker Ed isn’t exactly set in stone, though it roughly relates learning by making. What your definition of “making” is will likely help you form your definition of maker ed and learning through making, whether that be clay for sculpting, wood and saws for building, or apps for digital wares. Cubelets Robotic Construction. Educational Robot Kit–In Parts.

The Classroom or Library as a Maker Space

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Makerspaces, Maker Education, STEM, and STEAM are gaining lots of traction in Kindergarten though college level education. Articles, resources on social media, and conference presentations on these topics are proliferating at a rate that most educators are now familiar with maker education. They often contain the tools, machinery, and technologies associated with making – 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, high tech robotics, vocational tech machinery.

Futurizing the Stacks: How Makerspaces Can Modernize College Libraries


The answer, in part, lies in the so-called maker movement, a trend studded by hobbyists, inventors, students and even entrepreneurs who creates products or gadgets for educational or industrial purposes. In a report that analyzed the state of the maker movement in 40 U.S. universities, the Makeschools Higher Education Alliance identified student engagement in projects that transcend traditional learning to be a flagship quality of the emerging maker movement on campus.

Maker Culture Has a ?Deeply Unsettling? Gender Problem


The goal wasn’t to count the number of 3D printers or robotics clubs, but rather to take a more “ethnographic” view of the phenomena, says Youngmoo Kim, the director of Drexel’s ExCITe Center and an author of the study. Maker Mindset While makerspaces are often thought of as a monolithic concept, the authors actually found several distinct types, including artisanal and tech-focused spaces. Education Technology Maker Movement Community

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Applications Open Now #steam

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Designed and built a robotic car seat to alert adults when children are left in hot cars. All Subjects Art and Music Teachers Computer Science Teachers Education ELA/ ELL Teachers Foreign or Second Language Teachers Gifted Teachers High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) History and Social Sciences Teachers Innovation Maker Movement Math Teachers Middle / Junior High Grades 6-8 (Ages 10-13) Science Teachers Society and Ethics Special Needs Teachers STEM Students Teachers Tools

A rural Montana district goes all in on makerspaces

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Uncategorized coding CoSN maker movement makerspace roboticsIn Havre Public Schools in northern Montana, it’s not uncommon for middle schoolers to arrive early. Parents need to get to work and the school building is a safe place to drop them off, even before classes start.

Why Making and the Arts Need Each Other to Survive and Thrive in Schools


My answer to you is this: We must bring more arts programming—and blend it with the maker movement—into our schools. Stretching resources: Why the maker movement can’t survive on its own in schools The sharing economy, the do-it-yourself movement, and the resurgence of entrepreneurial activity have pushed acceptance of the maker movement, as well. Maker culture can infuse any and all areas of performing and visual arts—and here are a few examples.

Do Pre-Packaged Kits Belong in Makerspaces?


Aligned with the maker movement—which focuses on using hands-on activities like building, sewing, assembling and computer programming for learning—the kits provide a foundation that teachers can use for guided projects both in and out of the classroom. But are pre-packaged kits really in the spirit of the maker movement, or are they just leading students down a narrow path without allowing them to be truly creative, inventive and genius?

As Factories Fade, Rural District Builds Makerspace to Fill Talent Gaps


Additionally, there will be programming for community members of all ages that takes place after school hours to develop skills such as printing, robotics, and design thinking for product development. Education Technology Maker Movement CommunityI met Trevor (name has been changed) when he was a high school senior in 2014. From a coal mining family in western Kentucky, he’d just suffered a major family crisis and his mother was struggling with mental illness.

?Do or DIY: What We Saw (and Loved) at the 2017 Maker Faire


This weekend marked San Mateo’s annual gathering of hackers, hobbyists and freak flag flyers: the Maker Faire. Back for its 12th year in the Bay Area, the Maker Faire is home to everything from drone racing, bicycle-powered music stages and even 32-foot tall towering Sextant Tesla Coils. Here are a few of our favorite DIY masters from the three-day event: EIGHTH GRADER Miles Raneri returned for his fifth appearance and exhibition at Maker Faire. III robot.

Learning by Making: Agency by Design and the Rise of Maker-Centered Education

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The maker movement — think of it as “smart DIY,” a high- and low-tech approach to tinkering that turns users into inventors — is spurring excitement about the power of ingenuity in fields as disparate as robotics and design and agriculture. Even the White House has hosted a Maker Faire.) What can students gain from an approach to education that focuses on so-called maker experiences?

Connecting Women and STEM


A critical component of the maker movement, LittleBits are used in classrooms and living rooms around the world to introduce kids […]. Inspire Education Technology gender equity littlebits Robotics STEAM steampunk stem Technology in Education women in stemI saw Ayah Bdeir speak at SXSWedu in March, and I’m still not over it. Her insights and contributions to the future of STEM as the founder and CEO of LittleBits cannot be understated.


Why Tech Doesn't Just Mean Computers and How It Can Be Used in Alternative Ways to Change Classroom Dynamics

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I must confess, I myself am really into the whole maker movement. While I certainly don''t think we can spend a great deal of any school time teaching kids how to knit, I do think the new technologies like robotics and 3d printing are under tapped in elementary schools. Like computer science labs, I am not a huge fan of maker labs either. Personally, I''m all about the 3D printer and robotics, but this could be a space for a variety of new technologies.

Making MAKEing More Inclusive

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The maker movement and maker education, in my perspective, are such great initiatives – really in line with what student-centric education should be in this era of formal and informal learning. Maker education spaces can be as large as full high school workshops with high-tech tools, or as small and low-tech as one corner of an elementary classroom. 9 Maker Projects for Beginner Maker Ed Teachers ).

Do students buy into maker culture?

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Maker culture is going mainstream. The maker industry is projected to grow to more than $8 billion by 2020, and with the maker movement infiltrating classrooms, after-school clubs and homes, it’s no wonder. But where is the maker movement strongest? A new report from robotics and open-source hardware provider DFRobot aims to find out by analyzing DIY-labeled products hosted on Kickstarter.

The Perfect Storm for Maker Education

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Maker Movement: The maker movement, as we know, is the umbrella term for independent inventors, designers and tinkerers, a convergence of computer hackers and traditional artisans. Makers tap into an American admiration for self-reliance and combine that with open-source learning, contemporary design and powerful personal technology like 3-D printers. Why the Maker Movement Is Important to America’s Future ). Affordable Maker Technologies.

Rebuilding a School Community with Maker Learning

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In July 2018, Digital Promise launched a new Maker Learning Leadership Cohort dedicated to professional learning, peer connections, and school transformation in the Pittsburgh region. This blog post is the second in a series where participating districts share why they are committed to providing maker learning opportunities to their students. Innovative learning spaces and equipment do not necessarily make an impactful maker learning program. Blog Educators Maker Learning

A Perfect Storm for Maker Education

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Maker Movement: The maker movement, as we know, is the umbrella term for independent inventors, designers and tinkerers, a convergence of computer hackers and traditional artisans. Makers tap into an American admiration for self-reliance and combine that with open-source learning, contemporary design and powerful personal technology like 3-D printers. Why the Maker Movement Is Important to America’s Future ). Affordable Maker Technologies.

28 can’t-miss edtech innovations from ISTE 2017

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The most popular topics, based on number of sessions, focused on creativity and productivity tools (113), innovative learning environments (108), online tools and resources (82), constructivist learning and the maker movement (77), and programming and robotics (70).

What Is Your Why?: The Importance of Computer Science Education

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From this group, we’ve gathered insights on what the computer science movement looks like in these districts. VPS students have access to diverse courses such as coding, Python, robotics, and electronic applications, to name a few. Integrating with the Maker Movement. Districts are also finding a natural integration between computational thinking and maker learning.