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Minecraft in the Classroom

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Jeff Gearhart on episode 162 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. There’s another show that I’ll link to that actually shows that kids who are using Minecraft can improve in their social-emotional learning.

5 Ways to Improve STEAM Learning at Your School

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Aaron Maurer on episode 140 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Pay attention to the news, read the magazines or the blogs or the social media. Twitter: @ coffeechugbooks.

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Design Thinking Process and UDL Planning Tool for STEM, STEAM, Maker Education

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If there is a makerspace in your school, it may be down the hall, in the library, or in another building. This is typically done by sharing documentation of learning and final reflections through social media. Post by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D.

UDL 272

30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom

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Increasingly formal use of social media by education institutions. Maker Movement. The increasing potential to “start a business” that is entirely social and digital (which impacts the idea of a “job,” for example).

The Stories We've Been Told (in 2017) about Education Technology

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Social Media, Campus Activism, and Free Speech. Social Justice. The Maker Movement. Social Media: Adoption and Crackdown. The Digital Library. Social Learning, Social Networks. Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2017: The Stories We’ve Been Told. At the end of every year since I founded Hack Education in 2010, I’ve reviewed what I think are the most important and influential trends in education technology.


Stop Thinking and Start Doing -- A Makerspace Is Within Your Reach!

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But after being a maker-librarian for nearly two years, I can assure you that you should really stop thinking about starting a makerspace. I weeded my library like crazy and made mock-ups using Google Drawings to help them envision the new space. I set up a filter on TweetDeck to see everything posted on #makered and #makerspace. This is a great way to integrate some of your social media tools. We have library Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts.

Educators Make, Play, and Connect This Summer

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In Los Angeles , that might mean kids joining at libraries and the Getty Center to hone their art and computer coding skills. In Pittsburgh, kids might join the growing Maker Movement or pick up some engineering skills while making robots. The campaign is spearheaded by Educator Innovator , powered by the National Writing Project , and the Mozilla Foundation’s Maker Party. Join kids and adults in Mozilla’s Maker Party (July 15th to September 15th).

STEMxCon - Today Is the Final Deadline for Proposals; Great Keynotes + Sessions; Need Volunteers!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Our Twitter hashtag is #stemx13, and we have some resources for publicizing at [link]. Iris Lapinski - CEO, CDI Apps for Good - "Apps for Good - Growing a new generation of problem solvers and makers" Dale Dougherty - Founder, President, and CEO, Maker Media, Inc.;