Reimagining How Education Technology Supports SEL

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Part Three: Beyond SAMR… Making Sure Technology Supports Content Standards

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

In this post I would like to introduce you to way that you can ensure the standards are amplified, and not ignored, by the integration of educational technology. I especially appreciated the following quote, “On his blog, Gorman shares what he has learned with a focus on how tech enables project-based learning.” They include; One-Half Day PBL Splash, Full Day PBL Starter; and a One-Half Day Technology Workshop dedicated to amplifying standards and process using Technology.

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OPINION: How online and traditional teachers can work together to bring more students into the middle class

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That’s why we’ve committed to an online program called Alabama Destinations Career Academy. Through this program, our brick-and-mortar teachers work alongside ALDCA teachers to combine a rigorous academic course load — which includes English, math and social studies — with online experiential learning opportunities like internships, job shadowing and project-based learning. The main ingredient is teacher-to-teacher support. We already had the online curriculum.

EdTech and the accessibility paradox

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For a number of years, her district has pursued personalized learning. That’s given Cox a front seat to a new movement in education, which calls for recreating classrooms in a manner that supports learning for each child. Cox has a unique outlook on where personalized learning is headed: she helps oversee the district’s special education programs and strives to ensure that students with disabilities are included in the overall vision for structural and instructional reform.

A Professional Development Alternative

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The list included: How to get teachers to sign up for PD, how to get teachers to fulfill seat-time requirements, how to assure that teachers taking online components were really who they said they were. There was only one session that addressed an understanding of Andragogy, also referred to as adult learning, and how components of their program addressed it. There was a limited amount of follow-up support, and that support had to be initiated by the teacher’s request.

Problem based learning

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For those who are not familiar with EDEN , it's a large international organisation dedicated to the promotion of distance education and e-learning. During the pandemic crisis, EDEN has instigated a number of live webinars in which specialist academics are invited to present their thoughts on a variety of technology supported learning topics. Mine, which can be seen again on YouTube was called ' Face to face at a distance : Building communities of learning online.'

IUT Conference 2018 – Holistic approaches to online collaborative learning design

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Here are some essential artefacts to learn from in the meantime. When designing online learning consideration should be given to how a community can be built around subject content and objectives and how students will interact with the academic and with each other. The institutional learning management system affords a safe and reliable albeit often less than inspiring space for learning. New digital learning environments using the affordances of Web 2.0

The persistence of distance (learning)

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In a formal sense, distance learning has been a familiar concept since at least 1837, when Sir Isaac Pitman began teaching his shorthand system using typed instruction cards mailed through the universal Penny Postal service to his students across England. They were surely an asynchronous form of instruction, a sort of same place - different time learning. By comparison, in its technology supported multiple formats, contemporary distance education is much more sophisticated.


Learning comes first

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Learning should always come first, but what fools we would be if we denied that technology has the potential to make a tangible difference in education! There are numerous examples of technology reshaping educational practices and creating new opportunities for the sharing of knowledge. Flipped classrooms exploit the power of technology to take some forms of learning away from the traditional classroom. Does technology lead to creative solutions to problems?

Integrating technology

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Image from pxfuel I'm pleased to announce the launch of module number 4 in my Digital Learning series on the new ZilLearn platform. It's a free, self contained online unit and takes less than an hour to complete. I designed the series with teachers in mind, especially those who have been compelled by the recent crisis to migrate all of their teaching to online and technology supported education. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.

Digital identity

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When we immerse ourselves in the digital world, and we mediate our communication through technology, it becomes more complex still. Educators need to understand this when they teach online. What's more, they are placed into the context of online learning, digital pedagogy, social and psychological theory and teaching in the technology enabled world of the virtual classroom. Posted by Steve Wheeler from Learning with e's.

Nearly 60% of Teens Use Their Own Mobile Devices in School for Learning

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The ultimate learning experience for students is both highly collaborative and extremely personalized, supported by mobile devices and digital content, reports Project Tomorrow in their latest Speak Up report. Among high school students, 58 percent said they now use their own mobile device at school to support learning activities. Elementary schools may also be exploring various types of blended learning. The report can be found online at: [link].

Learning Revolution Events - Future of Museums Events Are This Week - AltEdFilmFest - Homeschooling - Gaming in Ed

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The Learning Revolution Weekly Update July 22nd, 2014 Every individual matters. Jane Goodall The Learning Revolution Project highlights our own "conference 2.0" virtual and physical events and those of our over 200 partners in the learning professions. We also highlight good conversations about learning taking place between educators, learners, leaders, and others from the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds.

With $14M Fundraise, Noodle Wants Colleges to ‘Pick and Choose’ How They Build Online Programs


As more nonprofit colleges and universities bet their futures on online offerings, many are turning to for-profit companies to help create and advertise their new digital degree programs. One of the newer players to step into that online program manager (OPM) space, Noodle Partners , got a boost this week: $14 million in Series A funding led by edtech venture capital firm Owl Ventures. Backdrop to the raise is a growing market and demand for online courses.

Erasing the Look and Feel of Poverty

Digital Promise

For these students, poverty brings a host of other disadvantages, most beyond the school district’s control: broken homes, transient living situations, and a lack of educational support at home. The district is working toward this goal through a wide range of bold initiatives, which include offering two years of kindergarten, ending “social promotion,” connecting every student to technology, and putting significant resources into athletic facilities and music programs.

American higher education might not be broken, but seems to be sick

Bryan Alexander

We discussed the future and current state of online learning. There were comments about universities acting to support the public good, and the importance of academic knowledge for the commonweal. IHE surveyed college and university admissions officers to see their views of student enrollment and institutional support. We should also expect the steady increase in online learning to continue, as that’s another way to bring in students and their revenue.

Erasing the Look and Feel of Poverty

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For these students, poverty brings a host of other disadvantages, most beyond the school district’s control: broken homes, transient living situations, and a lack of educational support at home. The district is working toward this goal through a wide range of bold initiatives, which include offering two years of kindergarten, ending “social promotion,” connecting every student to technology, and putting significant resources into athletic facilities and music programs. “We

Can Foreign Language Immersion Be Taught Effectively Online?


Learning to speak a second language often starts with memorizing words and phrases like colors, numbers and salutations. Middlebury Interactive Languages is trying to flip that model on its head with an online program that expects a lot from beginners. the program is trying to redefine how language has been taught for years both online and in brick-and-mortar classrooms. The videos are the basis of all the activities in the online program. “It’s

What the flip?

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What 'flipping the classroom' boils down to it seems, is the creation of online content including videos that offsets the need for students to physically attend class. But by any stretch of the imagination, just watching a video cannot be seen as a viable substitute for good learning, and should not be used to replace campus based education just for the sake of it. All we are doing, under the guise of new technology is perpetuating previous errors on a grand scale.

Live Thursday Dec. 9th with Julie Young from Florida Virtual School

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

In 1997, Julie Young pioneered the launch of Florida Virtual School with the goal of providing high quality, online courses to students throughout the State of Florida. Event and Recording Page : [link] Julie Young began her career as a classroom teacher and has since served as an administrator and leading e-Learning expert and advocate. Young was recognized by Technology & Learning Magazine as one of the Top 30 influencers in Ed Tech, along with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

10Q: Steven Anderson

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Anderson is known to many in the world of education as a passionate and knowledgeable promoter of social media and technology for learning. He has been a prime mover in some of the most innovative projects for technology supported learning in the past few years. I love the idea of learning and I love to learn. The more involved I get in education through what I do, the more I get to learn. What are the barriers to good learning?