12 Principles Of Mobile Learning

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12 Principles Of Mobile Learning. Mobile Learning is about self-actuated personalization. As learning practices and technology tools change, mobile learning itself will continue to evolve. As mobile learning is a blend of the digital and physical, diverse metrics (i.e.,

Educators See Positive Impact of Mobile Devices in K–12

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Educators See Positive Impact of Mobile Devices in K–12. A new report from national education nonprofit Project Tomorrow says adding mobile devices to the classroom provides students with equity, empowerment and a better understanding of complex concepts. Twitter.

Gen Z: Growing and Learning with Mobile (Infographic)

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Mobile technology is huge - smartphones, tablets, laptops, Chromebooks - and provides some great learning opportunities. Studies show standardized test scores are higher in courses where students use mobile devices than in offline classrooms. * Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Laptop Ban? Things You Can Do With Just a Smartphone


The laptop ban on this route came into effect shortly before my trip and it would have been really inconvenient for me to re-route. Surveys : Surveymonkey works quite well on mobile devices, but I don’t use it as often as Google Forms for simple surveys done collaboratively.

zSpace Unveils World’s First AR/VR Laptop


CHICAGO – June 25, 2018 – According to a national study by , schools with one-to-one laptop environments show higher levels of academic achievement. Now with today’s launch of the world’s first augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) laptop from Silicon Valley company, zSpace Inc.,

Twitter in the classroom

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Today I had an interesting exchange of views on Twitter. about Twitter. I mentioned that I strongly encourage the use of Twitter in my classes. Secondly, students are going to use Twitter and other media anyway, regardless.

Come to the Mobile Learning Experience in September 2013

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Cross Post from @TonyVincent "Learning in Hand" It''s my pleasure to be on the team organizing Mobile Learning Experience 2013. If you''d like to get a feel for 2012''s conference, then check out the Mobile 2012 Program and Mobile 2012 Speakers'' Resource Wiki.

Mobile Technology: An instructor's viewpoint

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I was a member of a panel at a recent CDETG conference on Mobile Technology. This last meeting was on mobile technology, something that I have noticed is a growing trend in my classes. I had never thought of the mechanics behind mobile technology (partly because I don't use apps on any of my own mobile technology.my Student notifications of events or class cancellations used this technology for mobile technology. educational technology mobile technology CDETG

Video communication apps and mobile learning

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One of the great things about mobile devices such as tablets, iPads and phones is that most modern devices have good quality cameras and microphones built in. Mailvu also provides mobile apps for iOS, Android an Blackberry.

Loving the ISTE12 Mobile App, With One Exception

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Just downloaded the ISTE12 mobile app and I am loving it! I was disappointed to find that the information I had put in my conference planner via my laptop didn''t transfer. ? ? ? ? ? I''m really looking forward to learning about new tech tools and meeting my Twitter PLN peeps! ISTE12 ISTE mobile app mobile devices One thing, though, that I hope the developers will consider for next year. It would be fantastic to be able to "Add Own Event" to the app.

How—and Why—We Can Improve the Future of Mobile Learning


This development, combined with tremendous growth in mobile device usage due to improved technology, naturally led to a shift in mobile learning patterns. Despite this promising beginning, the role of mobile devices in the classroom and in education overall is still rather limited. He or she relies on his or her smartphone and other mobile devices to communicate, create content, and access and share information. You might wish to capture it on your mobile device.

Be That Cool Teacher- Mobile Learning in The Classroom 101


With the recent expansion of mobile learning through various teaching tools such as iPads, laptops, ipod touches, and various other tablets, it is important for educators to know how to strengthen their instructional practices using these practical tools.

Mobile Learning Experience 2012 - April 11-13 in Phoenix, Arizona

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Cross Post From Tony Vincent''s Learning in Hand Interested in iPad, iPod touch, tablets, netbooks, laptops, phones, apps, podcasting, Android, iOS, and web-based tools? Excited about mobile technology for learning and teaching? Then join me for Mobile Learning Experience 2012 April 11-13 in Phoenix, Arizona. It''s my pleasure to be on the team organizing Mobile Learning Experience 2012. Registration for Mobile Learning Experience 2012 is open.

SkoleTube Extends WeVideo Partnership by Five Years Thanks to Overwhelming Success in Danish Classrooms


WeVideo worked closely with Skoletube to create a unique version of its video editing platform that tightly integrates with the SkoleTube platform on both mobile and desktop devices. Chromebook Mobile The Wire Video edtech App Google Apps k12 education Apple

10 Tips for teachers to make the most of ISTE


Besides packing your bags, laptops, agendas and passports, you should do what you’re always expecting your students to do — your pre conference homework: 1. Make sure you have your devices charged, whether it is your phone, tablet, laptop or all of them.

How m-learning is transforming online education


That trend is called m-learning , otherwise known as Mobile Learning. Where they’re located, or whether a desktop or laptop computer is around, is now irrelevant. The top function of a phone isn’t sending or receiving calls anymore – it’s Facebook and Twitter.

Why your young students love e-learning


Some people even lobby for a right to technology for every student, in the hope of making the presence of laptops and tablets in classrooms as spread as that of blackboards and notebooks. They turn to other social media sites , like Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Yik Yak, or Twitter.

If We Could Write 10,000 Words.

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Here I am typing on my laptop perched on the counter next to the onions caramelizing on the stove and surrounded by my daughter''s first grade homework marooned on the kitchen island.

3 Ways To Encourage Creativity In Your Classroom This Year

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Encourage Mobility - I am constantly on the go. I carry a laptop and a tablet along with notebook and each is needed for the work I’m doing. And since technology is in a place where we can be mobile students don’t have to be tied to a desk. This post is in partnership with ACER.

Becoming Connected Is Easier Now More Than Ever

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Our mobility, use of social media and access to devices has made making connections easy and impactful. And who has time to sit in front of a laptop for hours searching for just the right blog post. This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Google Announces Android Apps for Chromebooks - Very Nice!!

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I have no need for a windows laptop, even when I''m out of range of WiFi or 4G. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. Yesterday, Google Announced the first 4 Android Apps that are available for Chromebooks. This is really nice. What got me excited was that Evernote was one of the first 4.

It's World Backup Day - make sure your data is backed up

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It is very easy to have your flash drive, hard drive, or computer crash, get damaged, or have your flash drive or laptop get lost or stolen. There are also Dropbox apps for your mobile device. You can also access the mobile site from any web-enabled phone.

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Tomorrow, 3/31, is World Backup Day - make sure your data is backed up and safe

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It is very easy to have your flash drive, hard drive, or computer crash, get damaged, or have your flash drive or laptop get lost or stolen. There are mobile apps and desktop apps that allow automatic backup and syncing of your files. There are also Dropbox apps for your mobile device.

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GradeCam: The Teacher’s Friend for Assessment

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A sponsored post by GradeCam From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. You can use the camera on your Chromebook or laptop, mobile phone or tablet, or document camera.

Class Dojo real-time behavior feedback platform Apps get updates

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The full press release is below: ClassDojo Mobilizes More Teachers to Build Students’ Character Anywhere with Version 2.0 of its mobile apps for iOS and Android. Accordingly, the company has built out its mobile capabilities to allow its mobile development to parallel its web efforts.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset Review: Awesome VR in 360

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Inside Virtual Reality and Predictions for the Future From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Also realize that the headset is tethered to the laptop, so each device needs a laptop or a desktop with power and room for the generously long USB cord.

My top Android Apps for Educators

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In addition, my department uses Nexus 7 tablets for mobile access and some of our schools have Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets. Splashtop - I use this to access my desktop and/or laptop at any time from anywhere. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. I''m a huge Android user.

Reuse, update and recycle old technology

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This means that all of my data is on my main computer, this netbook, those systems, and my mobile devices. We are taking old laptops and updating the RAM and re imaging them. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Got Charge? Inside My BYOD Charging Lockers

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Read more about LockNCharge - Ask questions on Twitter , they're very responsive! Watch the video: FUYL Cell - Laptop charging locker. byod charging devices gwyneth jones lockers lockncharge mobile snapchat station the daring librarian touchboards


Adobe Spark — All-purpose Desktop Publishing Tool for the Classroom

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The desktop app gives access to all three in one spot while a mobile device requires the download of three different free apps. It works equally well on your desktop, laptop, Chromebook, Mac, iOS device, and mobile device and syncs between all with ease.

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Technology I use on a Daily Basis - 2016 Version

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I use it as a mobile hotspot for my Chromebook while traveling too. I have the same work and personal laptop - an HP Elitebook Folio 9470m with Core i5 processors and SSD drives. I use this at home for media consumption - Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Movies, Music.

Flip Grid: 6 Fun Ideas to Engage Learners in Conversation with Teryl Magee

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Episode 117 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Today Teryl Magee @teryl_magee gives us five ways to use Flipgrid. She shares essential tips on how to use Flipgrid.

Why Is This In My Room?- Starting the Year With EdTech


Mobile Devices. Tablet, Laptop, Chromebook, MP3 player. A Shared Photo folder on your laptop? How will the laptop be connected to the TV? Follow Emily on Twitter (@eh48) and read more about her technology escapades on her blog (tech4word.blogspot.com).

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11 Essential EdTech Action Steps for Back to School

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Simple Updates to Your Classroom Procedures and Workflow sponsored by EdTech Software From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Chromebooks, Laptops and Tablets: Lids up or lids down. Will you have a class Twitter account?

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Part 1: Forty Educational Websites For Your Summer 2015 Toolkit

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As always, I invite you to follow me on twitter ( @mjgormans ). Laptop, tablet, iOS and works with most LMSs. Mobile app for Apple and Android. As always , I invite you to follow me on twitter ( @mjgormans ). Welcome to a post and the summer of 2015… at least in the USA.

Livestreaming and Podcasting in the Classroom


Do you need to have a desktop or laptop to get the most out of the platform, or would a smartphone work best? For instance, TwitCasting lets users stream video while commenting via Twitter. He retired from Mobile County Public School System in December 2005.

TechForum NY is tomorrow - can't make it? Join in the LiveStream!

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BYO: Goals, Policies, and Logistics - 2:30-3:40 pm Presenters: Nancy Caramanico (moderator); Sandra Paul, Rick Cave and Rob Miller Whether you call it BYOT, BYOD, or student-owned technology, the idea of allowing young people to bring their own laptops and mobile devices to school with them is gaining ground for a number of reasons. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. TechForum NY, a great educational technology conference , is tomorrow.

BYOD 142

Back to Base

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However, I’ve kept up my micro-blogging by using Friend Feed as an aggregator using Twitter and Flickr - a bit the way postcards grab an image and a message. Twitter ended up being the tool of choice as I could text entries from my mobile iPhone wherever I had a signal, and at inexpensive rates. I could have integrated any number of other services available on Friend Feed, but chose to stick with the 140 postcard-size snatch that Twitter allows.

Following Through

A Principal's Reflections

These will be added to the mobile iPod learning lab that currently houses 28 nanos. - An official Facebook page has been created for NMHS to compliment the Twitter site that was already in existence. The students emphasized that they would be more attentive to status updates on Facebook as opposed to Twitter because that is the social media tool they frequently utilize. -

Is Technology Bad for the Teenage Brain? (Yes, No and It's Complicated.)


Laptop? Researchers in one study followed a group of 10-14-year-olds for a year, tracking their use of use social media, primarily Twitter and Facebook. By “digital” I mean mobile devices, primarily texting. It’s a question as frustrating as a hangnail, asked virtually every time I give a public lecture on teen brain development. It’s some form of: “is the digital world bad for the adolescent brain?” I’m frustrated because I can’t really give a satisfying answer.