Khan Academy plunged into classrooms, then classrooms went online

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LAS VEGAS — Sal Khan made a radical decision last summer. If it went well, Khan Academy would prove, on a large scale, that teachers are critical to the successful use of technology in learning. Sal Khan, founder of the nonprofit Khan Academy.

Three Things We Learned at Khan Academy Over the Last Decade


In 2005, Sal Khan founded Khan Academy, the online education nonprofit where is now CEO, and in 2014 he founded the Khan Lab School. In 2015, a major report from the research nonprofit RAND found that personalized learning works, confirming many of our hopes.


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Khan Academy’s New ‘Teacher Aid’ Tool Goes for a Test Drive in Southern California


Most people associate Khan Academy with online videos, and that’s largely what it has been since 2005 when founder and CEO Sal Khan began recording instructional clips from his closet to help his cousin better understand math. This product is designed to offer ways to assign work from a large body of standards and content that is vetted, and provide new reporting for teachers,” Khan tells EdSurge. And Khan Academy works anywhere, anytime to close academic gaps.”

Khan Academy’s Lab School Touts Personalized Learning

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Sal Khan, the founder of online education resource Khan Academy, has launched its first lab school and welcomed its first cohort of students in last September. In a bid to usher in a new model for learning in the classroom and beyond, the Khan Lab School is a full-day, full-year school in Mountain View, CA that is currently accepting learners ages 5 to 12. Enrolled students pay $23,000 per year at the Khan Lab school.

Illustrative Mathematics and Khan Academy Collaborate to Support Educators


20, 2018 — Illustrative Mathematics (IM) today announced it has partnered with Khan Academy to provide free practice exercises tightly aligned to its highly-regarded curriculum, IM 6–8 Math. Educators can access the IM practice exercises on Khan Academy at [link]. “We We also know that many teachers use Khan Academy when they want to offer students targeted practice,” said Dr. William McCallum, IM founder and president. “So Tucson, AZ – Sept.

K-12 Dealmaking: Khan Academy Acquires App Developer; GradeSlam Raises $1.6 Million

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In this week’s dealmaking news, early childhood education app donated itself to Khan Academy while Canadian online tutoring platform GradeSlam raised $1.6 Khan Academy Acquires Duck Duck Moose: Nonprofit educational content provider Khan Academy has acquired Duck Duck Moose , a developer of educational apps for preschool children, according to a statement from Khan Academy.

DEN Trend Report: 8/16/17

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The great thing about virtual tutoring is that learning can take place nearly anywhere, whether it’s on YouTube or with online resources such as Khan Academy. Dive Brief: As personnel costs tend to increase when most school district budgets do not, administrators are looking for ways to reduce personnel without affecting educational quality, District Administration reports. Administration District Administrators DEN Trend Report

End of Year Activities

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Cool book reports. Khan Academy. If for example, you’re a math teacher, you may refer students struggling to grasp the Pythagorean Theorem to view Khan Academy videos so that they can catch up with the rest of the class.

10 tools for blended schools

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Khan Academy. Khan Academy is one of the most well-known content providers on the web today. With hundreds of instructional videos and thousands of practice exercises integrated into a personalized-learning dashboard, Khan Academy helps teachers of almost any subject bring online learning into their classroom. To see Khan Academy in action, check out the BLU profile for Khan Lab School in Mountain View, California.

10 Ways to Wrap Up the School Year

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Khan Academy. Get students started on Khan Academy, the revolutionary online math program, with accounts and an understanding of how it works. Khan Academy is intended to be student-directed, individually-paced, so your goal as the year ends is to help students reach a comfort level with the program, creating a supportive learning community that will take them through summer. Check out Khan Academy’s website.

Not Another Dashboard: K-12 Interoperability Efforts Aim to Inform (Not Just Report)


Schools and districts needed a way to standardize data about their students’ backgrounds and achievement levels to meet state and federal reporting requirements. Reports to Insights. Can a student’s activity on Khan Academy offer any clues into why he or she did not do well on the problem-solving section of an online benchmark math assessment? Data interoperability should be invisible.

11 Ways to Wrap Up the School Year

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Khan Academy. Get students started on Khan Academy, the revolutionary online math program, with accounts and an understanding of how it works. Khan Academy is intended to be student-directed, individually-paced, so your goal as the year ends is to help students reach a comfort level with the program, creating a supportive learning community that will take them through summer. Check out Khan Academy’s website.

Traffic Is Booming for Online Education Providers. But So Are Costs.


A celebrity among education nonprofits, Sal Khan is used to hitting the fundraising trail. Throughout the years, the founder and CEO Of Khan Academy has secured tens of millions of dollars from individuals, wealthy philanthropists and corporate donors.

Kiddom’s Content Library Makes Differentiation Faster Than Ever

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Khan Academy. If you need new resources for a lesson that didn’t work right , the Kiddom library helps you do that quickly by putting your favorite sources (like IXL and Khan Academy) under one search request. An added bonus: For schools and districts that subscribe to Kiddom Academy , administrators can manage content and curriculum resources across schools. Kiddom now offers personalized curricula, visual reports and more.

Why Mastery Based Learning is a Good Option

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Also known as “competency-based learning” or “proficiency-based learning”, mastery-based learning is described by The Glossary of Education Reform as: “a system “of instruction, assessment, grading, and academic reporting … based on students demonstrating that they have learned the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn as they progress through their education.”

How to Prepare for the SAT

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Here, you can register for an SAT test, send score reports to colleges, go behind the curtain to see what concepts are tested on each section, and practice for the test with authentic questions and full-length practice tests. Khan Academy. Parents, teachers, and counselors can monitor a student’s progress by viewing real-time reports.

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Building Education Technology for the Developing World


At Khan Academy, employees have been focusing their efforts on mobile devices in order to achieve one-to-one for students. Khan Academy reports that 25 percent of users in Mexico access their content on mobile devices. Sandeep Bapna, Country Director of India for Khan Academy, explained his company’s approach. When Tulsi Parida joined Newsela in August 2014, she was the 19th employee at the fast-growing New York City-based startup.

Free edtech won’t lead to lasting change in schools—but here’s what could

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The release of the referenced “Students, Computers, and Learning” report rankled the edtech community by finding that more frequent computer use in schools was associated with lower results. Sign up for our Christensen Institute newsletter to learn when our new report is released this fall.

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5 Myths About Video Learning

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So now, we are telling you that on top of all that marking, and report writing, and lesson planning, you have to make or find educational videos for each class too? Such video-assisted learning platforms include myViewBoard Clips , TEDEd and the Khan Academy. Quick Take: Explore some of the myths surrounding the use of video learning in school and the truth behind the benefits of educational videos. Myth #1: Video is passive learning. Myth #2: Video is time-consuming.

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Top edtech tools for digital differentiation


It’s helpful to leverage technology for these because most online tools will automatically grade and give data reports. For other ideas for content differentiation in the core subjects, teachers may look to Khan Academy or TED Ed.

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Effective Educational Videos in the Classroom

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Teachers report that the length of videos preferred is generally 2 to 10 minutes according to 79% of teachers surveyed. Quality, inappropriate content, advertisement, and copyrights from free internet resources: Eighty-four percent of teachers reported that they use YouTube and 61% of teachers actively search Google for websites to find the videos they need. Over 60% of teachers report feeling frustrated sometimes in their search for the right educational videos.

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10 Ways to Wrap Up the School Year

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Khan Academy. Get students started on Khan Academy, the revolutionary online math program. Khan Academy is intended to be student-directed, individually-paced, so your goal as the year ends is to help students reach a comfort level with the program and create a supportive learning community that will take them through summer. If you’re not familiar with Khan Academy, you may be thinking– What’s she talking about?

How Is Cloud Computing Revolutionizing the Education Industry?

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Online libraries and collections of free didactic documents were a reality as early as 1997 , through the Cisco Networking Academy. American entrepreneur Salman Khan (not to be confused with the Bollywood actor of the same name) founded a similar project ten years later, namely the Khan Academy. When I started teaching, syncing work between school and home was impossible.

Use the SAMR Model to Spearhead Technology in Your Classroom

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For example, book reports were typed on the computer instead of handwritten, or math facts were practiced with a math game instead of flash cards. Study math online, but use a program like Khan Academy that tracks progress and scales material to student needs. This is a question I get often from teachers: Technology is always an extra layer of work in my classroom. How can I blend it into what I already do without taking time I don’t have?

Should You Unschool?

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Parents report benefits to children’s psychological and physical wellbeing, improved social lives, and improved efficiency of learning and attitudes about learning. Another way to provide student-paced programs that allow students to work as fast or slow as they want to through online programs such as Khan Academy. The first time I read about Unschooling, I ignored it. Surely, it was a fad that would go away.

Helpful Tools to Ease Learners Back into Math, Reading, and Writing

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Khan Academy Kids. The data reporting isn't great, but it's serviceable, and the excellent learning design means you can trust that students are developing. Read our review of Khan Academy Kids. Khan Academy. Read our review of Khan Academy.

The power of peer networks to help students rebound during and after COVID-19

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K-12 students report more mental health problems and less sleep time than pre-pandemic, as well as a lack of trusted adults at school to turn to for help.

Online peer learning: A growing trend sees two different approaches

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Many factors are driving a decrease in undergraduate enrollments this year, but community college students in particular report suffering from limited access to their professors for academic support. During COVID, essential ingredients for learning are in short supply.

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The Next Pandemic: Mental Health


After Hurricane Katrina, nearly half of the parents surveyed reported an increase in their child’s emotional or behavioral difficulties. Khan Academy recently introduced guided meditation practices.

What is Standards-based Grading?

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How many times have you experienced teachers who based report card grades on how well students complete classwork, homework, and quizzes? For example, a book report may require a certain number of written (or typed) pages or paragraphs rather than evidence that the student drew conclusions and summarized knowledge. Here’s a good four-minute video overview of SBG: SBG reminds teachers that the goal isn’t to write the book report but communicate ideas.

?Learning Equality Scores $5M From Google To Bring Edtech Offline


Among the nine groups selected for’s big give—which also includes War Child Holland ($2 million), Khan Academy ($5 million), StoryWeaver ($3.6 Kolibri is the next iteration of KA Lite , an offline version of Khan Academy that Learning Equality Executive Director Jamie Alexandre debuted in 2012 while interning at the organization. Kolibri also offers teachers the ability to better understand student progress with access to performance data via “coach reports.”

What is Kiddom? Why is it right for you? And free resources to inform your teaching

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The ideal would be to have all assignments, assessment, and submittals for each student curated in one spot that automatically updates as the year progresses–and provides actionable reports. They can be generated from content providers like Khan Academy, Common Lit, CK-12, and IXL, or created by the teacher (by uploading documents from their local drive or Google Drive). Report cards can be automatically created based on student work.

Time to help teachers be advocates for students, not their judge and jury

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As Lahey wrote, “Many of my students express tension and outright fear for weeks before report cards come out, and in the days before parent-teacher conferences, they look as if they are bound for the gallows. It’s as American as apple pie. Teachers grade their students.

Coronavirus opens doors to rethinking education

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Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy, the free online learning hub, acknowledged in the panel with Duncan that coronavirus-related school closures have brought into sharp relief how technology can reinforce and amplify educational inequities.

#FactFriday: This week is National Summer Learning Week!


Celebrate National Summer Learning Week by checking out resources from Khan Academy , Ed Navigator , Class in Session With Jeb Bush , Learning Heroes , National Summer Learning Association and Wide Open School.