19 Epic iPhone Productivity Apps & Tips

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You can be more productive on your iPhone or smartphone. With this tutorial, I’ll take you through the apps I use, how they work together, and some quick tips on productivity with your iPhone. 19 Epic iPhone Productivity Apps. Comes with your iPhone, no need to download.

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Leveraging Social Media in Higher Education to Connect Students and Give them Voice and Choice


Social media can be a powerful enabler for students as long as you follow good practices I recently sat with Ken Bauer and had a great chat about using social media in courses to achieve numerous.

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Twitter Tips & Resources for Teachers


My Thoughts on Social Media - How I stay ''in the know'' - I was excited to wake up the other day and see that my Twitter video had been posted by my buddy, Jeff, on Edudemic. The Bedley Brothers invited me on their show last week to speak about social media.

What Would Abe Lincoln’s Social Media Campaign Look Like? A New Classroom Use For Twitter and Facebook


During the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama and his team pioneered the use of social media as a powerful campaign tool. It’s easy to forget, given how commonplace the use of social media is today, that back in 2008. sending out reminders and raising money on Twitter while interacting with people on Facebook was a huge deal. Both Twitter and the iPhone were less than a year old. What would Twitter posts from the Lincoln campaign look like?

#07: Getting Started Using Twitter for Educational Excellence

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10MT | 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Billy Krakower From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Today for Tech Tool Tuesday, Billy Krakower and Vicki Davis take a deep dive into Twitter for educators. Some of their biggest mistakes with Twitter.

10 Way to Use Twitter for Fun Assignments, Projects, Class Work


Twitter can Bring a Contemporary, Fun Social Element to Topic Exploration, Research, Projects, and Other Classroom Activities Twitter, along with other social media platforms, is more often banned.

Got a New iPhone? Here's 17 Starter Apps

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As a result, we are now using iPhones. Here''s my must-download list of iPhone apps. For more information regarding QR Reader for the iPhone, check it out in iTunes. I can access my "To-Do List" on my desktop, the web, my iPad, and my iPhone. Using this program allows you to access your passwords through your iPhone. Evernote: For obvious reasons, having access to my Evernote note taking application on my iPhone is a big plus.

Smartphone Photography Tips and Apps

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Every Classroom Matters episode 197 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Meri Walker, the iPhone Art Girl, gives us the essential smartphone photography tips and smartphone photography apps that we need. iPads Social Media Tech Tips Tools

Protecting Student Privacy on Social Media: Do's and Don'ts for Teachers

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Social media is an increasingly important part of students' lives; in fact, the average teen spends over an hour a day using social media. To be true digital citizens, our students need teachers who model pro-social, creative, and responsible social media use. So why are only one in 10 teachers using social media professionally ? DON'T: Start using social media in your classroom if there are no guidelines or consent forms.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Claims on Twitter : Students read a tweet and explain why it might or might not be a useful source of information. Social Media Video : Students watch an online video and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Social studies teachers will adore these!

#NYCSchoolsTechChat: #ISTE19 - Thursday at 7 p.m. EST


You can also participate in the chat at that link or if you have an iPhone download the app at [link]. Twitter Social Media TL Advisor Blog

How To Save a Periscope. #edtech


The broadcast should have saved to my camera roll; however, my storage on my iPhone was too full. Connect with me on Periscope and Twitter: @KleinErin View my saved Periscope videos from Katch.me: Katch.me/KleinErin

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What’s all the buzz about Messenger Kids?

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When preteen kids see parents and older siblings thumbing away at social media accounts, they want to do it. First and foremost: Messenger Kids is not a social media app. More on social media. Make your LMS a social learning platform.

6 Super Geeky Tech Tips for the New School Year

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Resources Dropbox Like It’s Hot Dropbox for Teachers The Best Online Cloud Storage Solutions for your iPad & iPhone Dropbox In The Classroom: 4 Great Uses 2. Resources 6 Tips to a Super Twitter Profile How to Write a Professional Social Media Bio 4.

Sunrise Calendar App: Free App for Mac, Chrome Desktop, iOS or Android Devices

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You can also connect some social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as Evernote. Sunrise Calendar App is an excellent way to gain access to your Google Calendars across multiple platforms.

36 Edtech Tools I’m Using Right Now in My Classroom and Life

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and a Link to a Free Resource with More Tips From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Screenflow (for capturing Mac screenshots, iPhone and iPad). It will even capture iPhones and iPads using the lightning cable.

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Global conversations

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This means that texting too, has become normal practice, as has our use of touch screens, social media and search engines. My wife and I were having a conversation with one of our daughters last night, via Skype, on an iPhone. Do you remember the days before the Web? I do.

4 Fun Apps to Win The Instagram Game

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Quickly combine your photos into your choice of frame layouts and send to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more, right from your iPhone. By the way.Here's a side note: - Dear Twitter Friends & Fam, my use of FTW// means FOR THE WIN & not anything else! ;-P

What is Microsoft Sway?

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Sway works in Windows, on iPads, iPhones, and desktops. Install the Sway app to your iPhone, iPad, Surface Pro, or use it on the web. When your Sway is finished, add it to any site that accepts embed codes, send it out as a link, or share it to a variety of social media outlets.

10+ QR Code Activities to Inspire Curiosity and Engage Learners

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You can quickly and easily scan QR codes with an iPhone camera. Attach the QR code to Twitter, Facebook, a location, websites, wifi passwords, email, bitcoin and more! Attach the QR code to Twitter, Facebook, a Tweet, Skype, a phone number, and more!

Friday 5 — 2.6.2015

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Social media preferences vary by race and ethnicity. In the surprising news category, it turns out that the best Gmail app for the iPhone is now made by Microsoft. Gmail has always worked well on Android, but despite numerous attempts there hasn’t yet been a comparable experience for iPhone users. Friday Five culture email Friday5 news producthunt research social twitter

Creative Lessons with Fake Texts, Tweets, Facebook Pages and More

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Students love social media, and virtual impersonation tools provide an opportunity to bring some fun into assignments. If you want something even simpler with less features, check out Fake iPhone Text. Twitter. Assessment Lessons Resources Tools facebook snapchat twitter

#05: 5 Ideas for Using Game-Based Learning in your Classroom Today

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10MT: A 10-Minute Teacher Interview with Michael Matera From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Here are instructions for iPhone/iPad or PC/Mac instructions.

Do I Really Need an Apple Watch?

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” She showed me how she uses her watch, which connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth. Certain apps that are downloaded on your iPhone can then be activated for the watch. I have previously written about how my Android smartphone (work) would eventually replace my iPhone (personal).

Top Posts of 2019

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They would also serve as a catalyst for vibrant Twitter conversations. Often ideas pop into my head when I am sleeping, and I immediately wake up to type them into a note file I have on my iPhone.

9 Must-have Tools for Ed Conferences

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All you do is tell it where you’re going, ask for directions, and Siri (the voice behind the iPhone) will lock into your GPS and hold your hand the entire way. apps for Twitter/FB/G+/LI–or whatever your social media of choice is.

#06: The 6 Most Motivating Sketchnotes in Education Today

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10MT: Sylvia Duckworth on the 10-Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. You may also enter with a social media posting on Instagram or Twitter linking to the show using the hashtag #10MT.

7 Day Digital Detox Challenge

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A friend of mine Friday night teased me when she saw my iPhone screen. Resources: A Digital Detox Test: Unplug Twitter and Facebook Digital Detox - Huffington Post Infographic inspired by an article on Popsugar to help me remember, too! Why not give a gift to yourself? Of balance.

Go On Incredibly Fun Learning Adventures With These Amazing Green Screen Ideas!

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The students were then asked to jump in front of the green fabric while I recorded them using the free iMovie app on my iPhone. Below I have curated some of my favorite green screen examples and tutorials on Twitter using Wakelet , the great free curation tool.

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Is Technology Bad for the Teenage Brain? (Yes, No and It's Complicated.)


iPhone? Social interactions? Social media, contrary to its reputation, actually seems to improve certain prosocial behaviors—empathy, to name one—in teenage populations. Researchers in one study followed a group of 10-14-year-olds for a year, tracking their use of use social media, primarily Twitter and Facebook. Scores actually improved the more the kids used social media.

5 Ways Adobe Premiere Rush Encourages Creativity in the Classroom

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Product Review: Features, Lesson Plan Ideas, and Tips From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Adobe Premiere Rush is a simple to use video creation tool that includes powerful camera features, video editing, and publishing features.

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Breaking Down Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime

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Skype By: Microsoft website Need : Skype account to use it can sign up with your Facebook, Twitter, Windows accounts. Android Apps Chromebook G+ Google Chrome Internet iOS 7 iPad iPhone iPod Screencasting Social Networking Virtual Learning Windows

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New Posted Resources 08/27/2010

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Learning with ''e''s: Why Twitter is so powerful tags : twitter pln favorite 5 Things To Get Your Twitter Network Off The Ground | edte.ch tags : twitter pln favorite 10 Social Media Competencies for K-12 teachers.

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7 Must-have Tools for Ed Conferences

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As you attend meetings, you can stay up on emails, check social networks, send materials to colleagues not attending, handle emergencies that won’t wait until you return to your home base. apps for Twitter/FB/G+/LI–or whatever your social media of choice is.

5 Must-have tools for Ed Conferences

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All you do is tell it where you’re going, ask for directions, and Siri (the voice behind the iPhone) will lock into your GPS and hold your hand the entire way. apps for Twitter/FB/G+/LI–or whatever your social media of choice is.