Mobile Learning: Making the Digital Promise Real

Digital Promise

The market for mobile education technology is vast and, more important, mostly untapped. But for the “digital promise” of new learning technologies to be made real for those in need of basic skills, mobile instruction must be designed for their real lives and learning needs. The Promise of Mobile. According to Pew Research Center , 92 percent of American adults own cell phones, and they are embracing their phones as learning tools.

The challenges of mobile learning in the classroom


This is especially evident over the decade, as schools have increasingly adopted mobile learning as a signature initiative using BYOD and 1:1 programs and investing in tablets to provide their students with access to a wealth of relevant educational content and learning opportunities.

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How to Empower Your Faculty in Mobile Learning Environment – From Jennifer Carey


Introducing a new technology into the learning environment can be an intimidating experience, even for seasoned educators. Here are eight ways that administrators and school leaders can empower their faculty to successfully adopt technology in their curriculum. Looking to learn more?

Verizon Mobile Learning Academy

The Mobile Native

New national research indicates that training teachers to integrate mobile technology into instruction may have a positive effect on students’ standardized test scores and academic achievement. The program aims to train 1,000 teachers over the next year, beginning this fall.

Lesson Ideas for Mobile Learning

Educator Innovator

New media educator Howard Rheingold interviews educator Shelly Terrell about her new book, which highlights the power of students’ mobile devices to drive learning in and out of the classroom. I’ve learned a great deal from her.

4 Questions Every Teacher Should Ask About Mobile Learning

TeachThought - Learn better.

4 Questions Every Teacher Should Ask About Mobile Learning. Untethered from desks, a tablet represents personalized learning potential for a student in ways we’re just catching up to. Truly; the promise of mobile is extraordinary.

Assessment and Mobile Learning Questions

Education with Technology

Technology can play a critical role in the learning process. Here are some questions about assessment and mobile learning to think about as you plan for your mobile learning. Who/ What will assess the students’ mobile learning? A) the same mobile app that the student worked on. B) a different mobile app. D) an online program evaluates learning. assesses the learning.

How can Microsoft Teams and Flipgrid be used to create an AMAZING Digital Classroom for mobile learning?


In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we welcome Justin Chando from Microsoft Teams and Joey from Flipgrid on the podcast to talk about how to create a seamless digital classroom using collaborative tools found in Office365.

How to Keep the Human Element in Distance Learning


Telepresence: Helping to Overcome the Limitations of Distance Learning Over the last few years, we’ve seen technology redefine the traditional student/teacher dynamic, creating opportunities. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

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Video communication apps and mobile learning

Nik Peachey

One of the great things about mobile devices such as tablets, iPads and phones is that most modern devices have good quality cameras and microphones built in. Mailvu also provides mobile apps for iOS, Android an Blackberry.

Teachers and IT: How to keep kids safe on Chromebooks

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If you didn’t have iPads in your classroom, you were planning to get them soon. Chromebooks are in many ways ideal for classrooms, allowing teachers to leverage online resources to provide richer, more differentiated educational experiences to your students.

How to Conduct a Live Class from WizIQ Virtual Classroom


Step-By-Step Instructions for Using this Popular Education Platform to Deliver a Live Class Session What can be termed as a “live class”? Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

Be That Cool Teacher- Mobile Learning in The Classroom 101


With the recent expansion of mobile learning through various teaching tools such as iPads, laptops, ipod touches, and various other tablets, it is important for educators to know how to strengthen their instructional practices using these practical tools.

Road Schooling: How to Homeschool from Your RV (Or Anywhere in the Country)


But if families are going to do it, they need to try and do it well! Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Mobile Learning Resources _ Miscellaneous Tools and TopicsSome reports claim this a growing trend. It is a controversial concept.

How to create Tests and Assessments on WizIQ


Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post. Administrative Solutions Assessment Mobile Learning ResourcesThe WizIQ Virtual Classroom and LMS software has been a part of the Ed Tech space for nearly a decade.

LMS 70

How to Create Self-paced OR Instructor-led Courses Using WizIQ


Powerful Online Platform Enables you to Create Courses in Multiple Delivery Modalities In the universe of online education, several methods of designing and delivering courses have been experimented. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

How to Successfully Onboard Your Customers?

WizIQ Education & Technology

The range of our purchase may vary from products, services, new technology to. What is Online Onboarding? In our daily life, we are always looking for products and solutions that simplify our lives. This is a short summary of this post. Visit The WizIQ Blog for full content and links.

How to Find the Parent-Teacher Communication App Your Classroom Needs


Jessica Meacham built a robust worksheet and did a lot of research to find the parent-teacher app that best fit her requirements. Teacher Gets Serious About Comparing Apps to Find the Right one for. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

5 Steps to Get Started With Google Cardboard VR Viewer in Your Classroom


At About $15 per ‘headset’, Google Cardboard Provides an Inexpensive Intro to Virtual Reality, Bringing Learning to Life in Your Classroom Two related technologies that are really. Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

Implementing Mobile Devices With a Focus on Learning

A Principal's Reflections

The following post is a modified excerpt from Uncommon Learning. Mobile learning provides enhanced collaboration among learners, access to information, and a deeper contextualization of learning. A model for framing mobile learning.

These 8 schools have A+ mobile device programs—here’s why

eSchool News

Technology continues to raise the bar of what is possible in education. As more schools discover the power and benefits of education technology, mobile devices such as Chromebooks, Macs and iPads in the classroom are becoming commonplace.

How to Add “Time Tags” to Youtube Vids (so Viewers can Jump to Tagged Sections)


It’s Super Easy to Create These Simple ‘Bookmarks’ so Viewers Can Pop to Different Section of Your Video After finishing and posting the first Flipped Educator Spotlight video, [Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

Offline Activities with Mobile Devices

Teacher Reboot Camp

“You can see an evident shift from formal curriculum-based learning to informal just-in-time learning, and this is just the beginning!” ~ Pooja Jaisingh. Even without an Internet connection students learn a lot with mobile devices, laptops, and other technologies. Simple cell phones come with the ability to take photos, create videos, record audio, text, and take notes. Below are activities and tips to get you started.

Take the Terror out of Teaching with Tablets


I imagine myself as some Mega Man character with the ability to shoot lasers with my fingertips. How To Tools 21st Century Learners educational apps helping students mobile learning tablets teaching tools tips for teachersA year and a half ago, I became the iPad Man at the international language school where I teach. However, the reality is that my school had introduced twice a week iPad classes and our scores were in […].

Why my students are real world-ready with nothing but a device

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[ Editor’s note : Award-winning science teacher Anthony Johnson, whose real-world ‘Johnsonville’ approach article was a viral hit, delves further into how his students use their devices in every lesson, every day.]. I don’t have to grade papers one at a time or store them in a file cabinet.

APPEd Review July Round Up – Learning and Building Reading Skills


Young Students can Build Their Reading Skills This Summer With These Top Rated Rubric-Assessed Apps Summer is a great time to get your child’s reading skills ahead of the pack before school starts, [Please click on the post title to continue reading the full post.

6 Second Learning with Vine: 22+ Ideas & Resources

Teacher Reboot Camp

Part of the Byte-sized Potential and Mobile Learning categories. Most of our students love learning and creating even if they do not express this in our classes. You do need to download the free app to create the videos, but you can watch the videos on the web.

8 Cool Resources for Students to Use to Conduct Interviews

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“There’s only one interview technique that matters… Do your homework so you can listen to the answers and react to them and ask follow-ups.” In order for students to make sense of all this information and evaluate what is true they need to develop a critical eye. Part of this critical eye is learning how to gather knowledge from reputable sources. Students say, “Ok Google, talk to everyday heroes.”

How to Find the Best iOS Apps for Your Classroom

Shake Up Learning

The post How to Find the Best iOS Apps for Your Classroom appeared first on Shake Up Learning. The App Store is NOT the best place to find apps for your classroom. The best way to find apps is to connect and learn from other teachers using apps in their classroom.

10 Web Tools and Apps for Creating Screencast Videos

Teacher Reboot Camp

Creating a video of one’s screen (screencasting) is a powerful way to demonstrate knowledge. Our students can create how-to videos to teach others how to use favorite web tools or to demonstrate a process. You need to download it.

Video 370

It’s time to update your school website for mobile

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Smartphones are here to stay. A term developed by web designer Ethan Marcotte five years ago, responsive design refers to the “planning, development, and creation of a website that’s fluid and optimized to accommodate any screen size.”. Does your website know that?

How To Fake A 21st Century Classroom

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How To Fake A 21st Century Classroom. 21 st century learning isn’t a trend as much as a reality. It’s 2015 (almost 2016), so whatever you’re doing in your classroom right now is technically 21 st century learning. 10 Ways To Fake A 21st Century Classroom.

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How school IT pros can use BYOD principles to ace the BYOA test

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BYOD has led to the burgeoning popularity of BYOA (bring-your-own-application). In addition to the strain that applications and data usage can put on school networks, users will undoubtedly be using unauthorized apps that may compromise network security.


6 tips for making the most of your Chromebooks

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In exchange for exclusive use of this Chromebook cart, I agreed to provide professional development on the Google for Education platform to the rest of our small staff and to simply use the devices in my classroom every day. Teach to no more than four students at a time.

More Smartphones Than Usual: How To Deal with Teens and Phones After Winter Break

Gaggle Speaks

As children get back into the routine of classes, now’s the ideal time to address all those smartphones that were given as gifts for the holidays. Walk down any hallway and it’s obvious how prevalent smartphones are with our students. Mobile Learning