5 Basic ingredients to online learning success


In an effort to keep up with the fast-paced world driven by technological advances, the education system is including more and more technology into classrooms all over the country. E-learning is part of today’s education and will probably be a bigger part of it in the future.

Online Learning for Children: Tips For Parents

MIND Research Institute

As a teacher, school leader, and former AmeriCorps tutor, as well as mentor to countless youth, I see the impact of your efforts every day. Our students need supportive adults in their lives who can challenge, mentor, and push them to meet and exceed their potential.

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How to Build an Online Learning Program Students Crave and Employers Want


One of the great challenges for any educator is how do you teach and test students on real world problems, not just on theoretical textbook examples? all students—not just digital natives—expect learning resources to be rich with animation or digital learning objects that make learning more realistic and relevant. Real world problems are exciting to solve but devilishly hard to assess, especially when there are many students involved.

How to succeed with online PD for teachers


How to power through a difficult parent-teacher meeting comes to mind, but there are many challenges that teachers learn how to handle in time. At the same time, it’s not easy to offer a quality training program. Open the way to communication.

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Meet NEO at BETT 2018!


The future is like a coin: there has always been — and there will always be — two sides to it: fear and excitement. Because of this fear of the future and thanks to this excitement about it, we have transformed our world into what it is today. How, you may wonder?

How to create accessible e-learning design


In a recent post I touched upon the subject of designing for accessibility in e-learning. The things is, there are millions of people out there who are living with some sort of disability, and they all should be able to access online learning content the same as everyone else.

Online Learning was a Game-Changer for Me


To celebrate National Online Learning Day , Innovation Associate Policy Director Erin Lockett , shares her story of how supplemental online learning helped her win a longtime academic battle with statistics. . 8AM Intro to Stats. .

The complexity of self-actualization and how to help students achieve it


One of the primary goals of educators is typically to help students reach their greatest potential. However, before this can be done it’s often necessary to find out what motivates and brings them alive. Moreso, how can you encourage others in this direction? Consider e-learning.

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Online Learning Does Not Mean Sans Engagement

Fractus Learning

While educators and learners in classroom-based courses have already discovered the benefits of using engagement as a part of education, the power of online is yet to be fully realized. Ana Donaldson, 2011, Engaging the Online Learner. As online educators we can ….

How this state is turning its virtual teachers into online learning experts

eSchool News

In Arkansas, as in most states, student interest in online learning is skyrocketing. The state’s official response was to create a new program, called Virtual Arkansas , to manage its online courses and work with districts to find students who want to take them.

How to balance work and study as a teacher

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According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Learning Report, 93 per cent of employees would stay at a company longer if their employers invested in their careers. Online learning. Whether taking yourself to a movie, going to the gym or reading a book – schedule breaks.

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Top 10 BYOD concerns — and how to overcome them [Part 1]


More and more schools adopt BYOD policies and allow students to bring their own mobile phones, tablets, eBooks, and other devices in the classroom, and use them as tools to enhance learning. But these pioneers have to be prepared for both success and failure.

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Meet Two Leaders Trying to Reinvent College


For most people, this is merely a thought exercise—how to keep the good from the best of traditional methods, and take into account all the tech and the changing workforce and student needs of today. But two recent guests on EdSurge Live, a monthly video-based discussion series, have surprisingly concrete answers to this question. To sign up for our next discussion or to see an archive of past episodes, visit our show page. How do we get you started doing that?

How to Build Meaningful Community for Online Learners #DLNchat


Learning is often a social process, taking place through dialogue, discussion and other forms of interpersonal interaction. With more and more students learning remotely, the #DLNchat community set out last week to answer the question: How can universities create meaningful community for online students? How do #DLNchat-ters define community? link] A set of shared practices in an online class community is built around the learning goals.

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Old Ways Meet New Tech (and New Students) at Meeting of Library and Academic Leaders


Those easy-to-hand, widely adopted tools cited by Shirky include the ubiquitous Google Docs, as well as more-unexpected ones like the website Genius (formerly Rap Genius). Originally set up to house lyrics, it’s been repurposed by students as a place to share and annotate texts like the Mayflower Compact. You might expect an internet visionary who’s also a professor and an administrator overseeing tech-based education to plump for the latest edtech.

Online Learning: Why Libraries Could Be the Key to MOOCs’ Success


For all the promises of online courses disrupting education, completion rates are notoriously low. Some studies found that about five percent of those enrolled in massive open online courses (known as MOOCs) completed the course. She was between jobs and looking to upgrade her skills.


How we improved our blended-learning program

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Ubiquitous access to technology means that acquiring knowledge is no longer dependent solely on a classroom teacher. Google provides quick and easy access to information while YouTube provides on-demand how-to videos on just about any topic.

TEACHER VOICE: The first online class I taught included both a homeless student and an Olympic athlete

The Hechinger Report

I had taught students from second grade to college. I knew how to keep them on task and engaged, deal with behavioral issues and identify those who needed more support. So, when a friend suggested that I try online teaching, I was skeptical. I wasn’t a huge fan of online schools and didn’t believe online education would be the right fit for me or my teaching philosophy. Three years later, I’m still teaching online.

Can School Infrastructure Keep Up with Technology Demands?

EdTech Magazine

By Marie Bjerede, Polly Gifford Experts from CoSN offer their advice about how to meet network demands as technology advances. Classroom Digital Content Networking Online Learning

From Digital Native to Digital Expert

Digital Promise

People of all ages struggle to evaluate the integrity of the digital information that rains down with every web search and social media scroll. A better solution for navigating our cluttered online environment, they say, can be found in the practices of professional fact-checkers.

5 critical considerations for CBE and CBL implementation

eSchool News

As schools begin to invest in competency-based education (CBE) and higher ed institutions set up competency-based programs, two of the big questions often unanswered become “is their focus on education or on learning ?” Are we meeting the needs of lifelong learners?

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Dealing with digital distraction

The Hechinger Report

To tame classroom distraction, their professor uses Flipd, an app that locks students out of their phones during class. At Cal State Dominguez Hills, the low November sun had faded to dusk when Professor Toddy Eames called for a break in the middle of a nearly three-hour screenwriting class.

3 Common Student Data Sharing Solutions — and How to Overcome Them

EdTech Magazine

3 Common Student Data Sharing Solutions — and How to Overcome Them. As districts look to stream data seamlessly between the major players in education, like teachers, administrators and parents, interoperability models are becoming a popular solution. “My However, bringing this kind of system to fruition is no easy task. There are hurdles to overcome that administrators should be aware of as they start to plan for their district’s future.

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Is disruptive innovation driving K-12 privatization?

The Christensen Institute

Meanwhile, people on the other sides of these debates worry that “disruption” is a flawed yet rhetorically powerful narrative used to rationalize K–12 privatization. Somewhere in the middle are skeptics who give consideration to the idea, but wonder if disruption is an oversold term that is likely to underdeliver on its proponents’ promises. So how do we make sense of the tumult of opinions? In K–12 education, schools are analogous to those other organizations.

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Finland offers lessons for building student, teacher agency

The Christensen Institute

In 2014, she traveled to and explored the education systems of Finland and New Zealand as an Eisenhower Fellow (full disclosure: I was also a 2014 Eisenhower Fellow). Can you explain what you saw and learned? In my piece “ Waking up in Helsinki, Waking up to St.

Crowdfunding Meets Webinar: How One Organization Uses Slack to Tackle Global Challenges


As anyone who reads the news can tell you, the world is facing an increasingly complex host of social, civic and environmental challenges that will require people from a wide range of backgrounds to collaborate with each other on. Now that we’ve assembled international crowds of motivated, smart people online in MOOCs, it’s time to think about harnessing their collective intelligence to tackle these urgent cross-boundary issues. Two Hours of Rapid Learning.

How two CEOs created a shared language for innovation

The Christensen Institute

Louise Waters, the CEO of the Leadership Public Schools (LPS), is no stranger to innovation. But one of Waters’ key breakthroughs has been learning how to not go it alone—a collaboration lesson for leaders across all industries to innovate successfully.

It’s not about sex: Teaching young children where babies come from (and other stuff)

The Hechinger Report

Kids’ antics, like when they decide to “play doctor,” as illustrated in this still from an “Amaze, Jr.” So why is it still so hard for them to answer their preschoolers’ questions about where babies come from? Yes, sometimes it would be easier to shut these questions down.

The future includes good (human) teachers

The Hechinger Report

– China’s state-controlled news broadcasters have long been considered somewhat robotic in their daily recitation of pro-government propaganda, and a pair of new presenters will do little to dispel that view. The best civics lesson requires you to leave the classroom.

Teaching may change, but students are at the center

The Christensen Institute

In this post, I share an excerpt from a recent interview with Chris Walter, a blended-learning math and science teacher at Innovations Early College High School in the Salt Lake City School District in Utah. Thomas: How has blended learning changed your practices?

Why continuing education programs are poised to become hubs of innovation

The Christensen Institute

As more adults than ever before enroll in postsecondary education programs and a variety of players—from bootcamps to online and mobile course providers—offer options tailored to match adults’ work and family circumstance, traditional colleges and universities have struggled to keep pace.

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Are We On Track? Part 2

Doug Levin

For those without access to the original text, the Summer 2008 edition (Vol. 3) of Education Next included an article “ How Do We Transform Our Schools? What would the K-12 sector look like if we were on track for the prediction to come true?

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The next-gen high school to watch

The Christensen Institute

Last month, the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) in New Hampshire launched a new set of pathways for students. These allow students to move through learning at a more flexible pace, on an as-needed basis. How do you square that with your business model?

Coursera, K12, Inc. make bold moves to drive learning

The Christensen Institute

In 2013 and 2014, sobriety returned to the world of education and the luster of MOOCs faded some. similarly stormed through the early 2000s by bringing online learning to the world of K-12 education and went public in 2007. The then-billion-dollar company was flying high—until people became nervous about some of its academic results and operations—and the storm shifted to douse its growth. Putting these courses online often makes them worse.

How to Leverage Online Curriculum to Keep Students in District

eSchool News

Each fall, as schools settle into a new year, many districts are challenged with being able to offer all the courses students need due to low enrollment/hard to staff courses, or budget restraints. Date: Wednesday, October 14th. Time: 2:00 pm EST / 11:00 am PST. About the Event.