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9 Fine Ways to Do Better 20% Time

The CoolCatTeacher

I hope this gives you an overview of how students can make choices and pursue their passions in school. Based on the Google 20% time, students take 20% of their time in a class to pursue a personal interest project. Students design and make things to meet a social need or good.

Searching for the Ability to Think: Training our Kids to Go Past Google

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5 Ways to Teach Students to Think From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Next week, my tenth graders will have to invent a new way to access the Internet. In previous centuries, students had to build their own Google.

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How Can I bring Robotics Into My Curriculum? Programming Robots with SPRK Lightning Lab #AskTheTechCoach


With Lightning Lab, users can have access to all of their programs no matter which device they use to sign in as the programs travel with the user’s profile. Teachers can make programs available to students to help them be more successful. Download.

Sylvia Martinez: 3 Mistakes Teachers Make About Tinkering (and more)

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Today Sylvia Martinez @smartinez co-author of Invent to Learn talks about tinkering today. Download this episode to listen offline by right-clicking here and choosing “Save As.” ” Subscribe to the show. You have one week to enter, and then we draw!

The Perfect Storm for Maker Education

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The term This term is also used to describe an actual phenomenon that happens to occur in such a confluence, resulting in an event of unusual magnitude. Why the Maker Movement Is Important to America’s Future ). The Maker Movement Is About the Economy, Stupid ).

Rebuilding a School Community with Maker Learning

Digital Promise

In July 2018, Digital Promise launched a new Maker Learning Leadership Cohort dedicated to professional learning, peer connections, and school transformation in the Pittsburgh region. Innovative learning spaces and equipment do not necessarily make an impactful maker learning program.

Makerspaces: On Scanning the Road & Gently Easing the Brakes


As school librarians, we are driven by our mission and our vision, by our national standards, by the needs and interests of our communities, and to some degree, by our own talents, passions and dispositions. We are all about inspiring learners to think, create, share and grow.

Learning Revolution Free PD - Conference Volunteering - Libraries! - Google Excitement - Common Core Film

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We also highlight good conversations about learning taking place between educators, learners, leaders, and others from the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds. To subscribe to this newsletter, please sign up at the Learning Revolution.

Hack Your Notebook

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In August, a group of teens gathered at the San Francisco Public Library, a member of the YouMedia network, to do some electrical engineering. If they had they might have been too intimidated to sign up for the program. Photo/ Maker Jawn, Philadelphia Free Library.

Makerspace for Little or Nothing

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Makerspace for Little or Nothing You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to start a Makerspace area. You don't have to have a designated room or rip out bookcases. You can take baby steps into the Maker Movement. for Beginngers + Intro to Hexaflexagons ?Templates

From MakerSpace to MakerFaire – Guest Post from Christine Boyer


The saying, “If you build it, they will come” may have been referring to baseball stadiums, but it may also be the favorite mantra of makerspaces across the country. Our makerspace is a small room off of our library that was once an office and storage space. How will you learn it?

Makerspaces: New Prospects for Hands-On Learning in Schools

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But I also bemoaned the lack of opportunities available to non-CTE students who wish to work with their hands. I closed by suggesting the growth of maker labs — or makerspaces — in schools presented some interesting opportunities.

Part 2: Over 150 STEM Resources for PBL and Authentic Learning… Technology

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to number two in a series of four posts bringing you over 150 amazing resources for STEM education. In this series of posts my goal is to provide you with practical resources in each of the STEM areas. This post is dedicated to Technology. Do you want to save some cash?

STEM 140

Maker Programs Strive to Reach All Students

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Through training and outreach, maker programs aim for greater diversity among future innovators. The maker movement is everywhere it seems. It’s a particularly good way to teach creative problem-solving in the STEM subjects—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Part 5: STEM, STEAM, Makers: 35 Resources For A Makerspace

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to this fifth post in a series that brings STEM, STEAM, and Maker Space together with Project Based Learning and proper technology integration in the classroom. Booking Info – It is time to think about your school or conference needs.

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30 Examples Of Disruptions In The Classroom

TeachThought - Learn better.

This post is actually intended to supplement the “Cycle of Learning Innovation” model that will be publishing tomorrow (7.7.2015), which means this is less about analysis and context and more about the examples. Maker Movement. Robotics in the classroom.

Learning Revolution Free PD - Gaming in Ed Now! - #YouMatter Special Offer - Connected Librarian Day

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The Learning Revolution Weekly Update September 17th, 2014 One of the reasons people stop learning is that they become less and less willing to risk failure. The great majority of these events are free to attend. We also highlight good conversations about learning taking place between educators, learners, leaders, and others from the school, library, museum, work, adult, online, non-traditional and home learning worlds. Volunteer at Library 2.014.

Educators Make, Play, and Connect This Summer

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You want to relax this summer. But we also know that for many educators summer is a time to collaborate, try new tools, and come up with ideas. The race to get into the best schools and build the best college application resumes is only getting hotter. Low-income kids “are 6,000 hours behind rich kids in what they’ve gotten to do in their lives,” said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings. “We’ve We’ve got to catch that up.”. But the kids don’t get to have all the fun.

STEMxCon - Today Is the Final Deadline for Proposals; Great Keynotes + Sessions; Need Volunteers!

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The end of the day today is the final deadline to get in a proposal to speak at next week''s free and online 2013 Global STEMx Education Conference ( , September 19 - 21. This is a great opportunity to share your work or ideas!