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5 Reasons to Love Hyperdocs and Digital Lesson Design


More than just an online worksheet, Hyperdocs allow teachers to intentionally design powerful lessons reflecting UDL principles in a sequence of personalized tasks. Learning Styles are celebrated. Students can experience a lesson and show what they know in their learning style and strengths. Want to learn more about Hyperdocs? From Hyperdoc Handbook co-author Lisa Highfill: Be My Valentine Text Set.

A HyperDoc Is Not A WebQuest!


As teachers got excited about using technology, Sarah, Kelly, and I worked hard to share ideas about ways to incorporate a variety of web tools available. From typing in challenging URLs to trying to get students’ attention for directions, to workflow strategies for collecting and evaluating work, teaching with technology was a challenge. HyperDocs are a way to package digital lessons in order to create quality inquiry-based learning experiences. The HyperDoc Handbook.

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Hyped Up and Empowered: Hyperdocs Bootcamp


Now that we have technology resources basically at our fingertips, it is time to move from engaging lessons to EMPOWERING lessons. Before the HyperDoc Bootcamp I purchased and read the HyperDoc Handbook last September. I attended AVID trainings, English Language Learner workshops, UDL conferences, ….you The collective learning EMPOWERED collaborators. We have the ability to package up our learning objectives in ways that EMPOWER students.

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