UDL for Adult Learners: Guidelines and Strategies

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In this webinar, Jason and one of the YouthBuild USA Teaching Fellows, Jo Forman, talk about why UDL is important when working with adult learners, and they outline several UDL guidelines and give strategies for using UDL in the classroom.

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Tomorrow I am doing a free webinar for Simple K12 entitled, Navigating Social Media Policies, One Schools'' Journey. I get asked a lot about what policies schools should have about social media and what guidelines they should have to teach their students about social media. I have spent the better part of this school year working with an elementary school in my district to develop social media guidelines for the faculty, staff and students.

Learning Revolution: Host Your Own Webinar - Learn from Homeschoolers - Submit A Video - Job Forum

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Updates Calendar of Events Deadlines Highlighted Recordings Conversations Kudos Submit a Video or Quote Updates Host Your Own Webinar Returns. Anyone can hold an educational and free webinar that also gets posted in our events calendar. This webinar builds on the popular series of articles and workshops that have been presented annually since 2010. For submission guidelines and more information, visit [link].

Happy Connected Educator Month


We all were required to follow a rigid set of guidelines that were actually rules, not guides. This summer I also started doing webinars for SimpleK12. You can sign up for each webinar. I''ll be doing four separate webinars on Friday, August, 17.

Week of April 11, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

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Below are this week''s public, free, and interactive Webinars through LearnCentral.org , the social learning network for education that I work on for Elluminate. We hope you will consider hosting your own public webinars using the free LearnCentral public room--instructions are available by joining the "Host Your Own Webinar" group on the main announcement tab ( [link] ). Join this webinar and discuss the iPad/Flip camera project at Upper Yarra Community College.

Getting Ready for LGBTSTEM Day

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ASTC LGBT+ STEM Webinars. To watch and learn more about what each person discussed in the webinars, click on the link at the end of each description and use the time stamp given to jump straight to the person and their institution. Resources Explored in the Webinars.


6 Unbeatable Ways To Spot High Quality Open Education Resources (OER)


A “search the Commons” feature is also a great resource for locating usably licensed content that can be adapted, remixed, or reproduced according to clearly defined guidelines. Watch a webinar on how to write strong assessments ).

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What’s Ahead for Special Education?

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What advice do you have for teachers who want to continue to support children with disabilities, even if their state or district chooses not to follow these guidelines? If these guidelines were rescinded, would teachers perhaps have more flexibility in how they help students? These guidelines are based on good practice. They had webinars disseminating that information to school leaders.

Wanda Terral: 5 Ways to Help Kids Understand Digital Safety Without Scaring Them To Death

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Free Digital Citizenship Webinar: Thursday, May 10 at 5pm ET, join me for the 9 Key P’s of Digital Citizenship sponsored by NetRef AND get a free pilot of NetRef’s internet management and monitoring solution. Give them guidelines for how to behave.

A Back-to-School, Personalized Learning Toolkit


6) Webinar—Blended Learning: Which Model Works For You? In this webinar we walk through a self-assessment that will allow you to determine which blended learning models can work with specific schedules, resources, goals, spaces, and technology setups.

Is the Socratic Method Right for Your Class?

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Set down conversation guidelines like 1) refer to each other by name, 2) participate by building on conversations, 3) participate often with comments and reactions to ideas of others, 4) don’t dominate the stage, 5) disagree, but don’t be disagreeable, and 6) wait your turn.

Over 25 Ideas for eLearning… Inclement Weather and Snow Day Make Up

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In the space below you can learn more about using eLearning during inclement weather including a upcoming Twitter Chat and an Archived Webinar. ISTE’s OLN Archived Webinar on Inclement Weather – Link to webinar. Check any guidelines provided by the state DOE.

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Drones in the Classroom: Teaching Writing and Collaboration with Drones

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Free Webinar! Vicki: What are some general guidelines for when you bring drones into the classroom to make it safe. Santha Walters on episode 282 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

Resources, stories, and connections with those who use social media in today’s k-12 classrooms

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Thank you to the 300+ folks from around the world who joined me for the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship webinar on EdWeb. In case you missed it, the webinar was called “Social Media: An Essential Tool for Today’s Classroom.” You can view the webinar here [link] com/edwebnet/EA59D688824C. In the webinar, I shared case studies of amazing students, parents, and teachers.

Why Our Obsession With Edtech and Workforce Prep Concerns Parents and Public Educators


An upcoming webinar titled “The Future of Work and What It Means For K-12 Schools” has Carolyn Leith concerned about career-readiness. In the session, Leith called out influencers such as Tom Vander Ark , a former education director with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and one of the webinar’s presenters, saying he’s “now planning out” what her “sixth grader might be doing in the future for work.”

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What To Do When Students Come to You Unprepared and Other Reflections

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Learn more or join the webinar “ Trim 3 (or more) hours off your workweek now ” to see if this club is right for you. We’re supposed to meet certain guidelines, meet certain standards.

Here’s what schools need to know about ESSA right now

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Steve Rowley, CEO of Acumen Partners, and with Michael Campbell, vice president of Acumen Partners, presented the latest updates on ESSA in the webinar, “ Making Sense of ESSA: What You Need to Know ,” co-hosted by edWeb.net and MCH Strategic Data.

Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives


Using CoSN’s blueprint for smart IT decisions as a guideline, the three superintendents explained how to align priorities, and balance choice with cost and outcomes to creative sustainable programs. This edWeb webinar was co-hosted by CoSN and edWeb.net and sponsored by ClassLink.

What’s New


Designed to give teachers flexibility with their professional development (PD), the Center offers online webinars, modular courses, and customizable PD options to streamline educators’ FreshGrade’s practice. The webinars are led by teachers and come pre-recorded and live on the Center.

An Update on What You Need to Know about ESSA


Steve Rowley, CEO of Acumen Partners, with Michael Campbell, Vice President of Acumen Partners, presented the latest updates on ESSA in the webinar, “ Making Sense of ESSA: What You Need to Know ,” co-hosted by edWeb.net and MCH Strategic Data. WATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING.

5 Ways to Build Real Teacher-Student Connections for the Year Ahead


Some attend conferences, participate in webinars, or read up on educational trends to learn and grow before putting their newly-acquired knowledge into practice in September. Disclaimer - please follow the guidelines as outlined by your school district with regard to posting on social media platforms.). Summer is the time for many educators to reboot, relax, and re-energize for the upcoming school year. We do this in different ways.

Free Lesson Plans and Other Resources to Prevent Cyberbullying and Promote Online Safety


While Learning.com has long contributed resources—such as videos, trainings, lesson plans, and webinars—promoting digital citizenship and online safety, we are taking bolder steps to show our personal commitment to raising awareness and helping educators take preventative action to stem this epidemic. Throughout the month of October, we will share many other resources, including free online safety lessons and a Continuing Education Certificate webinar through edWeb.

Five tools for global educators

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Here are my top five tools: Webinar: There are a number of ways to teach and present live from beyond the classroom. Webinars could also be conducted on Skype which is currently free, but quality may be more variable using this tool.

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Part 5: 12 Tech Ideas and Tools for Differentiated Learning … Online Discussions

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Vote and possibly win $4000 of technology from CDW – I recently supplied CDW a list of products that I thought would be great for a Podcasting/Webinar Production/Flip Classroom Studio.

Live Tuesday August 9th with Douglas Rushkoff on "Program or Be Programmed"

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Join me Tuesday, August 9th, for a live and interactive FutureofEducation.com webinar with Douglas Rushkoff returning to talk to us about his new book, Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age.

Three Ways That Rural States Can Become the Hotbeds for School Edtech Innovation


Lachelle Brant) Creating Guidelines for Distance Education The Problem: Sometimes, the greatest solution stems from the greatest need. To Address It: Collaboration took place between the state and school districts, which led to the growth of several large statewide professional learning opportunities—including three successful Google Summits, Wyoming’s first Edcamp, Wyoming Technology and Engagement Curriculum monthly webinars, and a statewide conference.

Three Ways to Support Educators Who Hate to Teach Writing


To empower teacher-leaders to nurture a culture of writing, watch the webinar, How to Build a District Culture of Writing. This can be a big relief to teachers who struggle to create student-friendly guidelines around grading expectations. “Another English teacher just switched to gym because she couldn’t do it anymore,” a teacher from Georgia recently told me. “I

Events + News - This Month in School Libraries - Future Ready Schools Online Summit - Student Coding

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Friday, May 29th at 3pm Starting to Homeschool Webinar Series - Challenges and Concerns: What Are YOUR Challenges and Concerns for Parents and Children While Homeschooling? Add yourself to our email list to get the Webinar URL! Details to join the webinar at [link].

5 Goals for the School Year

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We collaborated on ways to improve the quality of the student generated projects through clear instruction and guidelines. Master the art of the webinar I have led meetings and professional development sessions, presented at conferences, and spoken to large and small groups.

10 Commandments of Innovative Teaching

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Below, is a post from AJ, so you are able to see his thinking on “innovation in education” I am looking forward to doing a “launch webinar” (more information coming soon) tp help kick this off. Standards are guidelines, you are the architect.

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Future Ready update adds new resources and PD for leaders

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Many partners are also launching extension programs such as webinars, workshops, mentoring programs, courses and toolkits to provide support for districts and states. The plan includes guidelines for helping all students, regardless of background or location, stay connected to technology both inside and outside of the classroom. Future Ready overhaul coincides with the new national ed-tech plan.

Learning Revolution Free PD - OZeLive - We're Nominated for an Eddie - Games for Change

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The call for submissions closes Decemeber 15th , so be sure to check out the submission guidelines and get yours in soon! Monday, December 15th at 4pm edWeb Webinar: Top 5 Digital Tools of 2014 , What are the top apps, websites, and games for learning of 2014? Tuesday, December 16th at 4pm edWeb Webinar: Character in Education , How do we guide kids to think critically, have moral sensitivity, and make ethical decisions in digital spaces?

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Thursday, February 27th at 11am Creating Connected Learners Through Virtual Exchange: Assessing the Impact of Virtual Exchange , Part of a month-long webinar series co-hosted by the Exchange 2.0 Details to join the webinar here. shares the guidelines, rules, and reflective activities associated with this exercise. The Learning Revolution Weekly Update February 25th Never let formal education get in the way of your learning. Mark Twain Welcome to the Learning Revolution.

Future Ready update adds new resources and PD for leaders

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Many partners are also launching extension programs such as webinars, workshops, mentoring programs, courses and toolkits to provide support for districts and states. The plan includes guidelines for helping all students, regardless of background or location, stay connected to technology both inside and outside of the classroom. Future Ready overhaul coincides with the new national ed-tech plan.

Learning Revolution - Week's Free Events - SLS14 Expanded! - Open Natural Math Class - Educate to Liberate or Control?

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In this webinar, we’ll cover all the valuable resources it offers to support game-based learning. Details to join the webinar at [link]. The checklist provides some simple guidelines that could really improve the learner experiences for our students, coworkers, clients, or guests.

Learning Revolution Free Events - The Conference - Next Up #Reinvent14 - Appreciative Inquiry and AERO

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We''re boldly declaring that May is Ed Tech Month - kicking off with Reinventing the Classroom, and followed by a month long webinar series presented by PowerUp WHAT WORKS. Wednesday, April 23rd at 4pm Free BrainPOP Webinar: Come Play!

2016 Global Education Conference Starts Sunday - Important Information!

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The GEC features thought leaders from the world of education and beyond, is completely free to attend, and all events take place online in webinar format. The 7th Annual Global Education Conference (GEC) Starts Sunday! Important Updates Below.

Learning Revolution Week's Events - Evernote in the Classroom - Yong Zhao - Google+ vs. Ning

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From the development of its Proficiency Guidelines, to its leadership role in the creation of national standards, ACTFL focuses on issues that are critical to the growth of both the profession and the individual teacher. Details to join the webinar at [link]. The Learning Revolution Weekly Update June 10th, 2014 Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained, and delighted. -