7 digital portfolio guidelines for outstanding learning performance


7 digital portfolio guidelines. We have prepared seven guidelines that show how easy it is to implement digital portfolios in the classroom. They might need a guide on uploading files, embedding videos, creating PDFs or PowerPoint presentations.

5 ways technology can help schools meet CDC guidelines this fall

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In order to best protect both students and staff, the CDC has presented a list of guidelines for schools to open safely and effectively. Many of these guidelines can be met and make for a smoother transition with the use of technology.

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Simple Guidelines for Speaking at Conferences


While I’m sure everyone who reads this can think of some presenters they admire (hi, Bethany ), it’s probably also easy to conjure up images of suboptimal lectures or conference presentations one’s seen over the years.

Five Critical Guidelines for Data Privacy Across School Districts


Discussing CoSN’s Five Critical Guidelines for Ensuring Data Privacy in Your Use of Technology, the speakers told attendees that when it comes to data privacy, the word “done” isn’t in their vocabulary. Five Critical Guidelines . About the Presenters.

Checklist for Accessible Teaching & Presenting

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Innovative educators usually know the basics of ensuring their tech works before presenting to students, staff, and families. If we really want to ensure we are including everyone in have access to what we are presenting, technology can take us even further.

Four Guidelines for Innovating and Designing a Book Unit


I offer four guidelines that I use when designing book projects for my junior high students: STUDENTS MUST HAVE CHOICE - not all students learn the same, and not all students create the same, so we need to give them a choice in demonstrating their learning.

Whether synchronous online course activities meet accessibility guidelines may depend on how you use them.

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Our campus recently adopted a policy that essentially requires all online instruction meet accessibility guidelines. When presenting to the entire class in real-time, provide links to accessible digital materials in advance for participants to review and follow along during the session.

#ASCD12-A Presentation On Creating Social Media Policies For Schools And Districts

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Earlier today I had the honor and pleasure of presenting at the Annual Conference for ASCD. The presentation was the featured morning session and livestreamed. I presented with Sam Walker , an Instructional Technologist at Kimmel Farm Elementary School in my district.

How to Use Oral Presentations to Help English Language Learners Succeed


We’ve found several benefits to incorporating opportunities for students to present to their peers in a positive and safe classroom environment. This type of practice is useful since students will surely have to make presentations in other classes, in college, and/or in their future jobs.

9 Keys For Successfully Using Facebook to Connect Educators: #ISTE17 Presentation

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Have clear, simple guidelines. You can see our presentation below

Top 10 Social Networking Guidelines for Educators Who Wish to Keep Their Career Intact


I tweaked it just this week to present to a group of elementary (K-5) teachers. I put this together about two months ago at the request of some educational technology professionals I know who were curious about boundaries when it comes to what to post and do on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook.

Creating Color-Blind Accessible Figures


Following colorblind accessible guidelines when creating graphs and charts for publication or display ensures that everyone in your audience can read your figures, something that should be of concern for all teachers and researchers. Creating Better Presentations.

5 steps to ensure accessibility

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While the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was last reauthorized in 2004, with amendments in 2015, and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) updated back in 2008, the demand for accessibility and equality in education continues to grow.

New Teachers Won’t Save Us

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How to update your “class website” in a manner that is appropriate, within school guidelines and gets your message across to your community. We can do better… Random Thoughts COETAIL Connectivism gamification mooc presentation reverse instruction

Effective Educational Videos in the Classroom

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Considering the insights identified in our whitepaper we recommend that teachers follow a guideline when using videos in their lesson planning: 1. Identify the main topic of the lesson and draft the presentation outline. Place selected video into your presentation and test.

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Technology Tidbits

sites for education for making beautiful looking presentations, eCards, digital signs/posters, scrapbooks, and more. This innovative site makes it very easy for educators to create students, manage assignments, and share/comment on presentations through their educational portal.

Smore’s New Educator Hive


Flyers may be filtered by type: presentations, newsletters, assignments, announcements, events, resources or sorted for newness or popularity. Hive Guidelines describe community norms regarding appropriate content, privacy, participation, moderation and content ownership.

11 Classroom Blogging Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

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What Are Good Guidelines for Younger Bloggers? She is an adjunct professor in tech ed, CSG Master Teacher, webmaster for four blogs, an Amazon Vine Voice reviewer, CAEP reviewer, CSTA presentation reviewer, freelance journalist on tech ed topics, and a weekly contributor to TeachHUB.

Digital Learning Theories and Frameworks For Future Ready Classrooms

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The following resources provide more insight on various digital learning theories and frameworks, including the ones mentioned in this post: Teaching in a Digital Age (2nd Edition): Guidelines for designing teaching and learning by A.W.

Guest Post: Helping Students Navigate Online Sources with Critical Literacy

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These were not promising guidelines, but did make me think: Should we stay away from Wikipedia? When teachers think aloud the process of opening tabs and conducting research into authors, organizations, and the facts presented, students see the process illuminated.

5 Edtech tools to try out this year


It can be used for creating multimedia, interactive presentations and gives students more authentic ways to learn and to express themselves. Read more: 7 digital portfolio guidelines for outstanding learning performance.

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Applying Universal Design for Learning in remote classrooms


When educators utilize the UDL Guidelines , lessons are designed that provide multiple means of: engagement, representation, and action and expression. Presentation. When using the Present mode in Google Slides or PowerPoint , teachers can also use the Closed-Captioning feature.

UDL 304

Increasing Student Participation During Zoom Synchronous Teaching Meetings

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If it is only being used to present content to students, then why not just record videos and have students watch them on their own? What I really love about using Google Forms for surveys and polls is that immediate feedback can be presented to the students through the response tab.

The 2016 Student Technology Conference

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Your students can present and join in! Online presenting is a required presentation standard I wrote into my curriculum at school. Are your students presenting online to different audiences?

Math Problems that Unlock Student Thinking

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Go to www.ToyotaDreamCarUSA.com/CoolCat to download artwork guidelines, an entry form, official rules, and the lesson plan today.

Guest Post: Mysimpleshow, The Free Video Creation Tool for Educators and E-Learning.


If choosing the latter, Mysimpleshow’s clear structural guidelines in each of its many storyline templates range in subject areas, so all teachers can utilize the tool. Storylines include presenting a CV, explaining a workflow, and introducing a biological process, just to name a few.

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Creating Social Media Guidelines.The Handout

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Over the past few weeks I have been working on a project for Edutopia and Facebook Education to develop a set of steps to follow when developing social media guidelines in your school or district. This all came about from my presentation at ASCD this year where I outlined how we created a document that promoted the use of social media by our teachers and our students but also gave tips on responsible use.

Creating an Effective Learning Environment While Practicing Social Distancing

Dr. Shannon Doak

So, your school has decided to re-open face-to-face learning following CDC guidelines for social distancing. We need to ensure that we are creating the best learning environment for our students while also practicing all of the guidelines that will help keep us all safe.

Cybersecurity measures educators can take for e-learning environments


This contract helps to set clear guidelines and expectations so that students understand what they can and cannot use e-learning technology for while at school.

169 Tech Tip #151: 8 Popular Year-long Assessments

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Teach students the correct way to keyboard (posture, habits, hand position–that sort; there are general guidelines in the inset and detailed information in this keyboarding curriculum ).

Mysimpleshow–Online Video Creator for Educators

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mysimpleshow’s possibilities are endless, allowing teachers to enhance their presentations with relevant video content, explain common classroom procedures at the click of a button, assign more enjoyable homework and in-class activities, or communicate messages to parents and other staff. The tool provides clear guidelines in each of their many storyline templates, and the Explainer Engine technology automatically suggests images for the most important text, which are called keywords.

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Putting UDL to Practice for Increased Engagement in a Standards-Based Learning Environment

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UDL fosters student engagement by presenting information in multiple ways and allowing students to demonstrate learning through diverse avenues of action and expression. There are several resources available to help educators design learning experiences that meet the UDL guidelines.

UDL 65

13 Teaching Strategies to Shake up Your Remote Teaching

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This means students have clear guidelines for how to define success over time, making it easy for all stakeholders in a student’s learning to determine if they are accomplishing what must be done for college and career.

U.S. Pediatricians Call For In-Person School This Fall


The American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidance “strongly advocates that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school.”

Zapzapmath adds multiplayer option and more to their popular app

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The program had me update my login to the new standards and made it easy to add students under the new guidelines. Zapzapmath is a free gamified ecosystem that teaches math skills aligned with many national and international standards.