How Do We Integrate STEM Across Subjects?


STEM Across Curriculum STEM By Design anne jolly ethics history Mobile Area Education Foundation pyramids schoolwide STEM social studies STEM guidelines subject areasSome schools are putting all subjects under the STEM umbrella. Can they be true to STEM's engineering focus? Anne Jolly talks to schoolwide-STEM expert Judy Duke, who points to history. Teachers building lessons should always ask: "What problems needed to be solved?".


A Hybrid Approach to Mobile Devices


Susan Brooks-Young offers a gateway to designing a Hybrid Mobile Technology Platform in any unique school district setting. Her brief book features an abundance of resources, guidelines, and questions, says Joshua Zagorski, a K-12 STEM supervisor and tech implementer. 1:1 Learning Book Reviews ASCD budget classroom management curriculum Hybrid Mobile Technology Platform infrastructure Joshua Zagorski policies procedures professional development Susan Brooks-Young training


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The Nimble Tents Toolkit: Mobilizing Quickly for Disaster Relief & Other Causes


I’m delighted today to be able to co-announce the launch of the Nimble Tents Toolkit , a set of templates and guides for helping universities, libraries, and digital scholarship labs mobilize quickly around specific causes. The Nimble Tents Toolkit project lead is Alex Gil (though he was far from alone! ), who was a key node in bringing together several schools to work on the mapathon for Puerto Rico.

Power Up Your Spaces

A Principal's Reflections

Access to mobile devices that connect learners and educators to the vast resources of the Internet and facilitate communication and collaboration. Guidelines to safeguard students and ensure that the infrastructure is used to support learning. Invest in school branded charging stations – As the principal, I invested in a few of these mobile stations from a company called Kwikboost and placed them in common areas throughout the building (picture below).

New Mexico Adopts Rave Panic Button to Improve School Safety

eSchool News

Rave Mobile Safety (Rave), the critical communication and collaboration platform customers count on when it matters most, announced New Mexico as the latest state to deploy its Rave Panic Button in all K-12 schools across the state, joining Oklahoma, Delaware and Louisiana in statewide deployments.

Students Explore Space in the Palm of Their Hands

A Principal's Reflections

After locating them using the program guidelines, they removed them to be able to locate them without any help. educational technology mobile learning mobile learning devices New Milford High School science Towards the end of March and throughout April, Mrs. Moutafis'' Science & Society class at New Milford High School studied Space Exploration.

BYOD Begins With Trust and Respect

A Principal's Reflections

Up until this point we had students sign off on a paper guideline sheet after which I created a username and password for them to access the secure guest network. There is no doubt in my mind that this process limited the amount of students who opted to bring their own mobile learning devices to school. We decided to trash the old process reliant on paper and emails by replacing it with a seamless alternative that empowered students to want to bring their mobile devices to school.

BYOD 226

The Importance of Meaningful Creation

The Principal of Change

They (AAP) changed their guidelines from the past as they have acknowledged that “screens” are a part of our world and we should be more thoughtful of what that time looks like, as it is often unavoidable. Is the student-focused solely on the mobile device in front of them, or do they have opportunities to actively collaborate and create with others while on a device? I am often asked, “how much screen-time would you suggest for a child?”

5 Tips for Administrators That Can Lead to BYOD Success

Gaggle Speaks

As mobile devices become more accessible to everyone, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is likely to increase in popularity. Your policy should communicate clear guidelines to everyone. Mobile LearningThe challenge with a BYOD program, however, is that you can’t simply tell students to bring their own devices to school. There’s much more to consider if you want your program to be successful. Here are just a few ideas. Consider all of the players.


Tracking COVID Cases to Better Safeguard Students and Educators

A Principal's Reflections

The CDC has also released specific guidelines to help guide the reopening of schools and the subsequent re-entry of students. Safety is at the top of the minds of all educational stakeholders, especially teachers and parents.

A perfect pairing: UDL and PLCs

eSchool News

The framework provides guidelines for educators to offer multiple means of engagement, multiple means of representation, and multiple means of action and expression to equalize the playing field for all learners and to eliminate inequities in the classroom. Related Content: eSchool News Digital & Mobile Learning Guide. The eSchool News Digital & Mobile Learning Guide is here!

UDL 69

SEC launches informal inquiry into LAUSD’s use of bonds for iPads

eSchool News

The federal Securities and Exchange Commission recently opened an informal inquiry into whether Los Angeles school officials complied with legal guidelines in the use of bond funds for the now-abandoned $1.3-billion iPads-for-all project. Community Relations McClatchy Mobile and Handheld Technologies News Top News Questions remain on whether LAUSD’s bond use for iPads was legal.

This is how your infrastructure should look before your next tech rollout

eSchool News

Follow these guidelines to create a technology infrastructure that support teachers and students. Blended Learning internet IT Newsletter Mobile Learning Networking & Broadband blended learning flipped classroom IT leadership laptop one-to-one school ITMost educational organizations want the classroom to change; to improve teaching and learning by leveraging technology. The terms blended and flipped learning are touted extensively as useful educational goals.

LMS 62

Aceable Drives Its Way Into Other Training Industries — and $50M in Funding


It was going to be a mobile education app, inspired in part by his previous stint at Ernst & Young, where he helped start a mentorship program for high-school students in Austin. He ended up starting with mobile education—almost literally—in the form of a driver’s education app.

11 Tips for Engaging Parents

Teacher Reboot Camp

Every school needs a social media plan and guidelines. Your virtual learning environment (VLE) should be easy to navigate, user-friendly, able to be translated, make good use of visuals and multimedia, mobile-friendly, protect the information and privacy of users, and provide necessary support and materials (possibly tutorials). ebook, Learning to Go , which has digital/mobile activities for any device and editable/printable handouts and rubrics.

VLE 237

What School Leaders Need to Know About Funding in Tough Budget Times

EdTech Magazine

million to comply with recommended health and safety guidelines in 2020-2021, according to estimates from the School Superintendents Association (AASA) and the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO).

What School Leaders Need to Know About Funding in Tough Budget Times

EdTech Magazine

million to comply with recommended health and safety guidelines in 2020-2021, according to estimates from the School Superintendents Association (AASA) and the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO).

Designing, Assessing, and Implementing Educator Micro-credentials

Digital Promise

In early 2019, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) launched the Certification and Licensure Collective to engage with a wide range of stakeholders who support states to improve all parts of the system, including initial licensure, renewal, and license reciprocity to support teacher mobility. Explore educator micro-credentials that meet these guidelines at [link] and [link]. This post first appeared in Getting Smart.

Remind Takes Student and Stakeholder Engagement to a New Level

A Principal's Reflections

Introducing two-way messaging on mobile for can be tricky, because teachers need messaging to be safe when communicating with minors and parents, and many don’t want to have to manage incoming text messages from their entire class! Building Community and Digital Citizenship Using mobile communication to build school community and facilitate learning brings an opportunity to teach digital citizenship.

Why Your Community Makes a Difference

Digital Promise

Building on their first adult learning XPrize that asked edtech companies to create high-quality mobile learning apps for adults, the Communities Competition is now challenging organizations to design ways to use the power of the community to get these apps into the hands of adults. You can find more detailed information and guidelines on the Adult Literacy XPrize Communities Competition website.

The Conversation We Need To Have With Leadership

Teacher Reboot Camp

This means you may have to coordinate with another staff member you possibly might not get along with and you might be given some guidelines that thwart your initial plans, but you can make it work. ebook, Learning to Go , which has digital/mobile activities for any device and editable/printable handouts and rubrics. This post is part of Scott McLeod’s Leadership Day 2014.

India’s new mapping policy boon for Startups 


The Ministry of Earth Sciences unveiled new guidelines for the sector on February 16, 2021, annulling ages of red-tapism by liberalizing India’s mapping policy. This is a huge boost for tech companies like ours, who make the best out of the internet, mapping and mobility.

Putting UDL to Practice for Increased Engagement in a Standards-Based Learning Environment

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

There are several resources available to help educators design learning experiences that meet the UDL guidelines. Get the UDL Guidelines. There are several resources available to help educators design learning experiences that meet the UDL guidelines. Universal Design for Learning Guidelines version 2.2. The UDL Guidelines are available in a variety of formats via the UDL Professional Learning website. checkout the UDL Guidelines Wheel.

UDL 50

Bring Your Textbook to Life! 18 Ideas

Teacher Reboot Camp

Linoit and Popplet both have free mobile apps. #3 Give guidelines, rubrics, checklists, and examples on what students need to complete their task. #5 They can store these online in Dropbox, on their desktops, mobile devices, flash drives or tablets so they have the materials everywhere they go. ebook, Learning to Go , which has digital/mobile activities for any device and editable/printable handouts and rubrics.

Course 239

Life-Long Kindergarten: Reviving play in the classroom and beyond


The Scratch page has a wealth of resources specifically for educators , and the “Scratch in Practice” pages have great guidelines, ideas and tutorials for how to start a Scratch project, from scratch! This is Scratch addon that allows students to create collages using images and sounds captured on their mobile phones. Another way for students to engage in digital storytelling, the software is particularly powerful as it is mobile-based.

What School Leaders Need to Know About Funding in Tough Budget Times

EdTech Magazine

million to comply with recommended health and safety guidelines in 2020-2021, according to estimates from the School Superintendents Association (AASA) and the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO). Laptops, mobile hotspots and software applications have all become necessary tools in this new normal, but some students — and even teachers — still don’t have access to them.

Can PDFs Be Made Accessible?

The Innovative Educator

Reality: Content placed directly on your site following WCAG guidelines can be read more easily across platforms. Reality: Today most people prefer to read via mobile. The Verdict The best way to ensure your website is accessible is to place content directly into your website following web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG). PDFs are one of the biggest issues for website accessibility. In fact, research from WebAim showed that 75.1%

How to create accessible e-learning design


The first thing to keep in mind is that it’s way easier to follow and implement accessibility guidelines and principles when creating from scratch online learning materials for courses rather than do this later. Mobility-related disabilities. Not all of these can affect the learning process, but limited mobility of hands can hinder users’ experience online. Addressing mobility-related disabilities when designing e-learning.

How to get every student a device and access to the internet

The Christensen Institute

Districts must develop lending programs that put devices in students’ hands with guidelines for acceptable use, maintenance, and other considerations. In the longer run, disruptive innovation in internet-connected devices—the advance of more affordable devices like smartphones, connectivity, and mobile-learning applications—will help.

How Technology Can Improve Physical Safety in Schools

EdTech Magazine

In the most recent edition of the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) security guidelines for K–12 schools , authors identify key technologies that enable security teams to communicate with school communities , and vice versa. Use of mobile applications and social media. How Technology Can Improve Physical Safety in Schools. eli.zimmerman_9856. Mon, 09/09/2019 - 09:42.

Help Your Kids Spend Screen Time Wisely


The new guidelines are as follows: 18 months and younger : no screen time. PBS Kids hosts a variety of game on their website and mobile app. A recent study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics re-evaluated appropriate screen time limits for young children. The assessment redefined “screen time” as the use of digital media exclusively for entertainment.

6 steps to promote good digital citizenship for all students

eSchool News

They use these tools on their own terms and for their own reasons, many of which aren’t readily apparent to older adults who didn’t grow up with tablets and mobile phones in hand. By the time today’s digital natives enter high school, most of them have already been using devices, computers, the internet, and social media for years.

Research Reveals Factors That Help Students Achieve Learning Gains with Education Apps; Findings Outlined in New Research Brief from SmartEdTech


While mobile learning content offers a practical, affordable solution to meet students’ individual learning needs, many teachers are still apprehensive about the instructional value of “educational apps” as a serious learning resource. To help preK-12 educators identify games that contribute to positive learning outcomes, SmartEdTech today releases a new Research Brief, titled “Observations from Research: Questioning Best Practices in Mobile Content Design. ”

8 ways to improve your school or district website

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Make it mobile friendly – Making your website mobile-friendly means that it provides a great user experience regardless of the device it is viewed on. Statista reported that in 2018 over 52 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile devices, meaning those viewing your website are increasingly doing so on their phones.

CMS 69

How to succeed with online PD for teachers


Here are a few guidelines to help you create successful online PD for teachers: Establish what teachers need. It’s even better if it’s something that they normally use every day to teach students, or if they can use it on the go, on their mobile devices. Professional development (PD) for teachers is an ongoing process. After all, a bachelor’s degree in education doesn’t prepare someone for every situation.

How To 240