A Maker Education PD Workshop

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I had the privilege of presenting a day long maker education workshop at Edutech Asia on November 7, 2019. As they arrived in the morning, I asked them to access the workshop slides and create a name card lit up with an LED.

Maker-Enhanced Writing Workshop: Character Development

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This month I started a maker-enhanced writing workshop with a group of gifted 3rd through 6th grade students. Readers of my blog know my thoughts and feelings about effective student learning. I have written blogs on: All Lesson Should Be Interdisciplinary Learning – [link].

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The Maker Educator Workshop

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I am doing full day workshops on The Maker Educator both at ISTE 2016 and EduTECH in Australia. What follows is both the description-goals and an overview of the workshop’s learning activities. Workshop Description, Goals, and Outline. Workshop Activities.

Station Rotation Model: Alternative Group Formations

Catlin Tucker

When I lead blended learning workshops or work as a 1:1 blended learning coach, I field a lot of questions about the design of station rotation lessons. Teachers see my examples which show four separate groups and assume that all station rotations must have four groups.

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Introduction to Design Thinking for Educators Workshop

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I had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop on design thinking for educators at the New Mexico Association for the Gifted Fall Institute. Instant Challenges are fun, STEAM-based group activities that must be solved within a short period of time.

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Reader's Workshop for K-2


Websites to Wow your Workshop I''m out of the classroom today at a conference for reader''s workshop, and it''s simply amazing! I am growing from this one because we meet monthly to learn and collaborate with a great group of professionals within our district.

Insight Education Group to Host National Educational Leaders’ Workshop


(Encino, CA) February 16, 2017 — Insight Education Group today announced that its National Educational Leaders’ Workshop (NELW) will take place in San Diego, CA, on March 9 and 10. The Workshop will provide the time, space, and expertise to accomplish this.”

Facilitate a Writing Workshop in the Virtual Classroom

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Infinitec and I are offering a webinar designed to help educators facilitate a writing workshop in the virtual classroom. Learn how to utilize the many features available in Google Docs to facilitate a virtual writing workshop and maximize writing instruction. Join us for an in-depth look at launching a virtual writing workshop that will provide students with opportunities to become active participants in their own learning.

For Teachers, a STEAM Workshop Where Arts Are Key


Las Vegas — Inside a science lab here on a scorching summer day, 27 kids sit in small groups itching to get started on the day’s science activity: putting finishing touches on their model volcanoes. Students work on a volcano project developed from a special STEAM workshop for educators. The goal of the workshops is to get learners thinking about the concepts that power technology in a tactile, hands-on way, even when they’re not using any.

Subscriber Special: Group PD at a great price

Ask a Tech Teacher

June 8th-10th: Discounted Group Professional Development. Educators participate in this three-week hands-on quasi-writer’s workshop as they learn to use widely-available digital tools to help their students develop their inner writer.

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Hosting Study-Groups for Teachers

Reading By Example

“Thank you, Dana,” the fifth grade teacher said to me on the last day of our lunchtime study-group. ” We had just finished our six-week long study-group centered around Christopher Lehman’s book Energize Research Reading and Writing.

Preparing Audience-Sensitive Presentations and Workshops


But when you are invited to present a keynote or facilitate a workshop to people you know little or nothing about, how do you ensure you are sufficiently sensitive to your audience? I recently co-facilitated a workshop for African participants.

Free Online Event: Google Docs Writing Workshop

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

In this webinar, you will learn how to utilize the many features available in Google Docs to facilitate a digital writing workshop and maximize writing instruction in the 24/7 classroom. How would you like you like to improve your students'' writing skills along with their technology skills?

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Google announces Google Educator Groups - great resource for educators

Educational Technology Guy

Yesterday Google announced the launch of Google Educators Groups. See below for more information and to sign up for a group or even create your own (I signed up for the NYC one as there isn''t one in Connecticut, YET).

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The workshop model: Beyond the basics

The Cornerstone for Teachers

This week on the Truth for Teachers podcast: Jen Bengel explains the workshop model, how to create mini-lessons, and how to get students excited about books. So in this episode, we’re talking about the workshop model. Jen’s going to do a deep dive into an ELA or reading workshop model.

High school graduation rates for one important group are starting to get better

The Hechinger Report

Since 2006, the share of California Hispanic 19-year-olds with a high school diploma has increased from 74 percent to 86 percent, according to the Campaign for College Opportunity, a California advocacy group.

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Power Up the Collaborative Writing Process with a Writing Workshop

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

A digital writing workshop can provide students with opportunities to become active participants in their own learning. Managing a Digital Writing Workshop. This Digital Writing Workshop is designed to avoid classroom chaos through the use of two separate grouping strategies.

TechShop launches maker space workshops for educators

eSchool News

Maker space workshop guides educators and librarians through the nuts and bolts. Seizing hold of the booming maker movement, a new four-day workshop will walk educators through the steps of designing, equipping, and operating successful, safe and inspirational public maker spaces.

Post Workshop Thinking


The group quickly became quiet. I suspect the other two members of the group could read my face and could see the joke fell flat. Groups were changed again and we circulated to different groups. Yet, some workshops don't necessarily bring new learning.

3d printing and education: a workshop report

Bryan Alexander

Yesterday I and two others hosted a NERCOMP workshop on 3d printing for higher education. That short history included working closely with student groups and individual students, using a fortuitously open library space, and holding hackathons.

How To Take the "Guess Work" Out of "Group Work" to Encourage Project Based Learning


I think that translates to the success of my blog along with the workshops I do across the country. This year, I even plan to use Ignite Teaching not only to have my students work on the completion of projects but also to demonstrate their understanding during math workshop.

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Join the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group!

Shake Up Learning

The post Join the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group! Join our Facebook Group! I created this group to fulfill a request from the Shake Up Learning readers, and to connect better with teachers and educators. I just joined the Shake Up Learning Facebook Group!

One teacher’s 5 secrets for a fantastic math workshop

The Cornerstone for Teachers

Today, I’ve invited Meg from The Teacher Studio to share how she runs math workshop in her classroom. Over the years, I have had many people ask me to blog more about my math workshop. Why do math workshop, anyway? How can I set the tone for math workshop?

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How CA Group Builds Strategic Partnerships that Support School Transformation


CA Group is a consulting firm dedicated to improving education for students in grades K-12. CA Group manages large scale systemic change in schools across a particular region and also supports districts, networks and schools through the process of school model redesign. For the large scale systemic work, the company typically takes a cohort of schools through a variety of workshops to support redesign on a larger scale.

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Sticky Notes and Small Groups: Digital Work in the Classroom


I recently stumbled across a very useful post from Miriam Posner about this very topic: “ A better way to teach technical skills to a group.”

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[PL Summit Series] Go Big or Go Home! Personalized Learning Summit Workshop, Yuma Elementary School District One

Education Elements

These include, “engagement; entertainment; ease of access to information and data; group work; humanity; social relevance, and so on. Michael Fullan describes the necessity of harnessing the power of “new pedagogical innovations with technology,” in his article, “Choosing the Wrong Drivers for Whole System Reform.” He continues by stating that the advances in digital content for educational purposes involve key elements needed for increased student achievement.

PD for Writing Teachers: STEM Workshops, Rockstar Camps, Twitter and More!


CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps Summers and school year, mostly in California, one- to two-day workshops, very affordable, free if district-sponsored. I attended my first one, a three-day workshop in Manhattan Beach, in 2014, and now I both present at and attend them in northern and southern California. One of my favorite PD experiences ever was as one of the few English teachers at a STEM workshop. Many interesting groups have presences on Facebook, too.

Make Presentations & Workshops More Interactive & Fun With This

The Innovative Educator

Here’s a fun idea for innovative educators who do workshops or presentations. As a result there is added motivation to stay on task during discussions and share something that will benefit the group. When you want participants to share after they have turned and talked, use this random participant generator that also helps those in attendance learn fun facts about one another. Who has worked in the field the longest? The shortest? Where did you grow up? Go to college?

Robot Maker Wonder Workshop Raises a $20M Series B to Expand Internationally


Wonder Workshop is dashing towards new markets, especially China. The maker of Dash and Dot has raised a $20 million Series B round led by WI Harper Group and Idea Bulb Ventures with with participation from Learn Capital, Charles River Ventures, Madrona Venture Group and TCL. Wonder Workshop claims that more than 4,000 elementary schools in the US and 2,000 across the rest of the world have incorporated Dash and Dot into their curricula already.

“Rescuing Self: A Foundation for Personal and Professional Growth." An 8-week online workshop.

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

DETAILS: 8-week online workshop. For group discounts, to submit a purchase order, or for any registration difficulties or questions, email steve@learningrevolution.com. Then click HERE to join the workshop and pay.

Use Google Docs to Facilitate a Digital Writer's Workshop

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

Use in the classroom : Digital Writer''s Workshop The features in Google Docs can be used to facilitate a digital writer''s workshop based on peer editing, and they are particularly useful when combined with cooperative grouping strategies to fine-tune students'' editing skills.

Academies, Sessions, Workshops, Exhibit Hall, Google Playground, Oh My! EdTechTeam at TCEA 2017


We also had the chance to dive in deeper into the learning during our workshops. Among my favorites was the Deep Dive: Creating Culture by Design workshop. The workshop was filled with hands on, minds on exploratory activities. You all are a great group.” On Feb.

How Turning Math Into a Maker Workshop Can Bring Calculations to Life


They put themselves in their own groups based on personal interest, and worked together to grapple with these mysterious tools. Inspired by an online investigation, one group of students decided to build a banana piano. It might have been the banana piano.

Reflecting On My #Flipclass Workshop w Faculty at Saint Stephen’s College in Australia @OfficeMixTeam


During my visit to Saint Stephen’s College , I had the opportunity to work with small and large groups of teachers to think about how to leverage technology to personalize learning, enhance teaching, and differentiate instruction.

Reflecting On My #Flipclass Workshop w Faculty at Saint Stephen’s College in Australia @OfficeMixTeam


During my visit to Saint Stephen’s College , I had the opportunity to work with small and large groups of teachers to think about how to leverage technology to personalize learning, enhance teaching, and differentiate instruction.