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The workshop model: Beyond the basics

The Cornerstone for Teachers

This week on the Truth for Teachers podcast: Jen Bengel explains the workshop model, how to create mini-lessons, and how to get students excited about books. So in this episode, we’re talking about the workshop model. Jen’s going to do a deep dive into an ELA or reading workshop model.

Why These Educators Meet Regularly to Align Instruction with Mind, Brain, and Education Research


toward the end of Writer’s Workshop. Tokuhama-Espinosa suggested forming a core group of interested staff members and to begin building a shared understanding of the principles and tenets of MBE. To my surprise, people were interested and they voted to meet before school at 7 a.m.

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Quiet In The Classroom: How To Recognize And Support Introverted Entrepreneurs

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Set up meetings to chat with your child’s teacher to explain unique concerns and necessary accommodations. Teacher training is similar to influential groupthink, focusing in on design thinking, group discussions, meetings and project collaboration. Written by: Robyn D. Shulman.

Innovative Examples of Community Involvement in Schools

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They’re attempting to both meet members of their communities where they are and invite community members to reciprocate. During events like “Maker Nights” and “Art Room Afternoon,” students and their families are encouraged to attend workshops and take part in hands-on learning experiences.

The Best PD for Math Teachers (and How to Use It) #mtbos #iteachmath

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On April 26, celebrate PowerofEcon on Twitter with Discovery Education, CME Group, and their Econ Essentials Program. To join the celebration, tune into the Twitter chat with me, fellow teachers, and the CME Group’s chief economist on April 26th at noon Eastern Time, using #PowerofEcon.

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Literature Performance Odyssey with Drama and Student Leadership

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So, during our Monday morning meeting, I just said, “You know what, guys? Marynn: Different groups chose different strategies, and it really ended up depending on the strengths of the teams themselves. They would say, “Oh, I’ve already done my chapters with my group.

Taking the First Steps Towards Teaching With Video Games


Educators at Nordahl Grieg Upper Secondary, a public high school in Norway, are taking a unique approach to teaching that treats video games as just another classroom tool. When they host their workshops for teachers, they start off with these steps: Show That It Works.

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Storefront Advising Programs Bring Free College Counseling Into Low-Income Communities


Students come here from miles around to meet—first-come, first-served—with advisers for help navigating all things higher education, from admissions tests to majors to meningitis shots.

What these teens learned about the Internet may shock you!

The Hechinger Report

By and large, according to a report the group published last month, the answer in each case is no. The group also created a free, digital curriculum called “Reading Like a Historian” that’s been downloaded more than three million times, according to Wineburg. “We Northport, N.Y.,

First MakerBot Innovation Center at a high school opens

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After numerous classroom projects and strong demand from their students, they decided in the spring of 2016 with the support of the school district to massively elevate 3D printing by installing a MakerBot Innovation Center, making MOHS the first secondary school worldwide with such an offering.

The five things no one will tell you about why colleges don’t hire more faculty of color

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In addition, I give talks, conduct research and workshops and do consulting related to diversifying the faculty across the nation. And, even when they do received a diverse group of applicants, often those applicants ‘aren’t the right fit’ for the institution.

Tips and Scoops from ASU GSV That You Won’t Find on the Agenda


It’s very easy to feel FOMO, across all the panels, keynotes, workshops, receptions and serendipitous meetings in the hallways.

Iron Sharpens Iron


In our own version of an Admin Camp, we tackled multiple topics including supporting Reader's and Writers' Workshop and Reading in the Content Area. We began conversations around guiding principles for elementary instruction and secondary instruction.

Global Collaboration Week Begins - Find a Project and Connect!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

DIRECTIONS: Step 1: Join us at the online meeting room on Zoom ([link] Step 2: We are going to play a Kahoot game to learn some things about Amazon. The moderators of this session represent communities that have been meeting and collaborating online for well over a decade now.

Teacher Development Research Review: Keys to Educator Success

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On the other hand, one-shot, “drive-by,” or fragmented, “spray-and-pray” workshops lasting 14 hours or less show no statistically significant effect on student learning ( Darling-Hammond, Wei, Andree, Richardson, and Orphanos, 2009 ). This article originally appeared on Edutopia.

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Enter the #squadgoals Challenge


We know for many of you this is a time where you're meeting with your staff and colleagues to make big plans for the year. Our staff was excited and eager to participate in the workshops and activities available to them.

From private to public school: A college counselor straddles an economic divide

The Hechinger Report

College counselor Brad Ward meets with school principal Katy Dunlap at Terra Linda High School. At a public school,” said Ward, “you might be lucky to meet with some students once for half an hour or 45 minutes.”. SAN RAFAEL, Calif.

Students on the autism spectrum are often as smart as their peers — so why do so few go to college?

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Students who are part of Project REACH meet weekly to discuss study strategies and ways that autism affects them socially and academically. That’s why we have the group classes.”. The workshops vary depending upon student interest and what the faculty think is needed.

10 Time-Saving Tips and Tools for Teachers

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This group of nearly ten-thousand educators never fails to disappoint! I highly recommend you join us so you can connect and learn from this impressive group. Google Keep is also a part of G Suite for Education and is a great tool for students, especially secondary students.

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From Private to Public: A College Counselor Straddles an Economic Divide


At a public school,” said Ward, “you might be lucky to meet with some students once for half an hour or 45 minutes.”. College counselor Brad Ward meets with school principal Katy Dunlap at Terra Linda High School.

Text Complexity? Helping Readers See The Whole Text

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Rather, most large-group instruction or reader-workshop mini-lessons involve small bits of text, typically no more than a few paragraphs. The radicals immediately seized the opportunity of making a crisis and in Boston it was this group who staged the Boston Tea Party….

Fighting Teacher Stress

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The mounting stress levels have sparked a trend of “resilience” trainings and workshops, which typically include yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

Minnesota has a persistent higher-ed gap: Are new efforts making a difference?

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Luckily for Nyakora — and the patient, Operation’s “Cavity Sam” —the surgery is only a game, part of a stress-management workshop for freshmen and sophomores in a program for underrepresented students here at Minnesota State University, Mankato. To reach the state’s target, another 131,400 Minnesotans — two-thirds of them people of color—must earn a post-secondary credential. “As Before Ontere leaves, she schedules a follow-up meeting and hands him a meal voucher.

Text Complexity? Helping Readers See The Whole Text

TeachThought - Learn better.

Rather, most large-group instruction or reader-workshop mini-lessons involve small bits of text, typically no more than a few paragraphs. The radicals immediately seized the opportunity of making a crisis and in Boston it was this group who staged the Boston Tea Party….

Buffalo shows turnaround of urban schools is possible, but it takes a lot more than just money

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But, with an eye toward local accountability and sustainability, the program demanded that the bulk of the heavy lifting, both financial and strategic, be done through a collaboration among city and education officials, community organizations, civic groups and local philanthropy.

Storms over liberal education: notes on the 2016 AAC&U conference

Bryan Alexander

I was there for a few reasons, starting with having the fine opportunity to lead a pre conference workshop, followed by presenting on two panels, helping out with a Twitter component, and reconnecting with dozens of friends and colleagues. Preconference workshop.

8 keys to avoiding teacher burnout (part two)

The Cornerstone for Teachers

You could even do it during school hours—one year I planned for my team to meet during our lunch break every Wednesday to share best practices (we weren’t consistent, but hey, it was a good idea!) One year it was to run a Reader’s Workshop.

Why Design Thinking Isn't Just for Techies

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Schools often assume that design thinking is a "techie thing" and send their edtech coordinators and directors to design-thinking workshops. When I attend workshops, I'm always thinking of ways to bring back what I've learned and make it relevant to my colleagues and students. Prototype: What can you create for this person that will meet their needs? Does it meet their needs? A group of my second-graders wanted to explore the topic of deforestation.

April 22 Learning Revolution Mini-Conference: Emergency Remote Teaching & Learning: Survive, Thrive, & Plan for What Comes Next

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Secondary sessions are held in Zoom meeting rooms with a capacity of 300--if those rooms are full, you'll have to wait for the recording to watch. This workshop will introduce you to the 7-step model that we use to get schools teaching and learning effectively online.

The 2019 Global Education Conference - Full List of 130 Sessions and 10 Keynotes!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Hawkesdale P12 College Let’s Hangout – Successful Student Study Groups – Snacks Optional , Candy R. I am a Google Educator Group Leader and Google Certified Innovator in Mexico City.I The ninth annual Global Education Conference starts this coming Monday!

High school should be more like preschool

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A group of sophomore boys weaving baskets in an art class wish their school assigned more tests instead of oral presentations. High schools are also trying to make learning more personalized, so teachers can focus on meeting the needs and engaging the interests of individual students.

How to thrive as an introverted teacher

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After almost a decade of teaching in the secondary ELA classroom in the United States and abroad in Bulgaria, Betsy started the Spark Creativity website and podcast. It was just this wonderful thing and this wonderful way to meet colleagues.

How to motivate and engage reluctant learners

The Cornerstone for Teachers

ROBYN: It’s funny, I was just in a school this week doing micro-slicing with a group of administrators and they told me that one of their biggest challenges was that they had so many students who were unmotivated, disengaged, not interested in learning.

The Greatest Resource Available to Teachers

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Of course, all of this is if they have an answer at all; a troubling number of teachers that I meet don’t seem to be interested in finding resources of any kind to improve themselves! Think about planning lessons in groups instead of alone. I am not great at marketing.

Kids struggle to read when schools leave phonics out

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Teachers in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, use a curriculum that mixes teacher-directed whole-class phonics lessons with small-group activities. “I wouldn’t have been able to use that strategy at the secondary level,” she said.