8 Epic Edtech Tools to Try This School Year

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If you don’t have Google Docs, just use this PDF. ” The post 8 Epic Edtech Tools to Try This School Year appeared first on Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher helping educators be excellent every day.

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Google Jamboard

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Google Jamboard is a fun interactive app. You just download it on Google Play or iTunes and use it with your touch Chromebook or iPad after listening to Tom Mullaney share how it works. Enjoy this fun, free tool. Google Jamboard. Google Jamboard is a free app.

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4 ways to make math come alive with Google tools

Ditch That Textbook

So many of the Google tools are valuable for many content areas and grade levels. Ed Tech g suite algebra g suite math google apps algebra google classroom math google math google math activities math with google appsWhen a teacher finds a creative use for one, it’s almost always easy to cross it over to another class. Almost always. Except for one. My teaching career has been in high school Spanish. But working with math teachers, […].

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How to Make a Yearbook with Google Slides

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Jennifer Scott saves her school tens of thousands as they make their yearbook with Google Slides. Let’s dig into making yearbooks with Google Slides! Create a low-cost, printed yearbook with Google Slides by Jennifer Scott [Blog Post].

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3 Add Ons to Solve Problems in Google Classroom (Programmed by 1 Teacher)

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Michael Backus on episode 557 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Michael Backus had a problem as he was teaching in Google Classroom. So, he programmed add-ons to solve the problem of needing checklists attached to his Google Classroom assignments.

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Kasey Bell’s 8 Great Ways to Use Google Slides

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Kasey Bell teaches us eight great ways to use Google Slides. From stop motion to video controls and cool add-ins for formative assessment and graphics, learn about this Swiss Army Knife of Google toolsGoogle Slides. Kasey Bell’s 8 Great Ways to Use Google Slides.

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7 Productivity Power Tools for the Busy Educator

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Become more productive today with these seven tools from Dr. Frank Buck. 7 Productivity Power Tools for the Busy Educator. We’re going to talk about seven productivity power tools for the busy educator. So Frank, what is your first tool? Tool #1 Toodledo.

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WeVideo and Google Tool Blog Post by @breicher

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We soon discovered that WeVideo was a powerful and safe solution that worked perfectly with Google Tools […]. The post WeVideo and Google Tool Blog Post by @breicher appeared first on Teacher Tech. Chromebook Google Video chromebook video

Deep learning with Google tools: 20 ideas

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It’s so easy (maybe too easy) to do shallow, superficial work with Google tools. The next day, we’ll use a different tool to do a different one. Google’s got [.]. Ed Tech creative teaching edtech educational technology gafe Google Apps google classroom google docs google slidesOne one day, we’ll do this activity.

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10 fantastic Google tips from the Google Teacher Tribe

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Google is so deep and so broad and so wide. And even if you do, there’s no way to know all the best ways to use G Suite and all of the Google tools. Ed Tech Google Teacher Tribe google classroom google drawings google education tips google forms google slides google teacher tribe google tipsIt’s constantly updating and adding — and sometimes removing — features and services.

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Flexible Content & Tools: Part 4 - An Interview With a Design Expert for Google's Education Tools

Education Elements

One of the biggest ways education has already changed is in the content and tools students engage with. This blog series is made up of interviews with education leaders who work with digital content, curricular resources, and instructional tools.

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Researching a Topic with Google Keep

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I’ve taught lots of tools for research with Diigo being one of my favorites. However, with some recent integration of Google Keep with Google Docs, for this project I have students using Google keep and tagging.

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ACE Mentor Relationship Building with Google Drive and Google Classroom

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Stephanie Goldman and her first-year mentee Lindsay George have used Google Drive and Google Classroom to supercharge their mentor/mentee relationship. Stephanie Golden: ACE Mentor Relationship Building with Google Drive and Google Classroom.

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5 Creative “Googley” Tech Tools to Get Kids Creating

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I am a Google Certified Trainer, Flipgrid Certified Educator Level I and II as well as an Ambassador, and a proud member of the #Ditchbook Ambassadors. Evan Mosier on Episode 345 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

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3 Google Docs Tools

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The Google Docs Tools Menu When using any program explore the menus to find those extra features that increase your productivity. Take a look at the Tools menu in Google Docs. Here are 3 noteworthy items in the Tools menu. The post 3 Google Docs Tools appeared first on Teacher Tech. Docs Google Intermediate google

Simple Virtual Reality in the Classroom with Google Streetview and Google Cardboard with Donnie Piercey

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Today Donnie Piercey @mrpiercey , co-author of the Google Cardboard Book , shows how we can add simple augmented reality to our classrooms. Simple Virtual Reality in the Classroom with Google Streetview and Google Cardboard with Donnie Piercey. Vicki: Happy Ed Tech Tool Tuesday!

Excellent infographic of Google tools and uses

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I found this excellent infographic of Google Tools and Uses for them in education on the Daily Genius site. It''s a nice summary of the different Google Tools that are out there and how to use them in education. You can find out more about Google for Education here.

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Get Your Google On! 17 Google Gurus and Hashtags to Follow!

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Google apps have so many features to help your students collaborate, brainstorm, research and create effectively with technology. Google also makes collecting and assessing digital activities much easier and quicker for teachers. Google Hashtags. “Learn with great passion.

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35 creative Google Drawings activities for classes

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If you are looking for a tool that can be integrated into any content area and at any grade level then you have hit paydirt. Google Drawings is like a big digital sheet of paper. The simplicity of it makes Google Drawings easy to use for students of […]. DitchBook Twitter chat Ed Tech Google Apps google drawings graphic organizers google drawings in history google drawings in math google drawings in science google drawings in the classroom gsuite gsuite edu

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Teacher Zen with Google: 50+ Tips, Tools, & Apps

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Google has many free incredible apps and tools that work on any device to bring you Teacher Zen. You can accomplish so many time consuming tasks, such as grading, assessment, providing feedback, research, creating spreadsheets, and more with Google Apps for Education (GAFE) , Google mobile apps, extensions, add-ons, and scripts. Teacher Zen with Google Tools and Apps from Shelly Sanchez Terrell. Recently added to the Survival Tips for Teachers !

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EduGems: Edtech Updates, Google Tools, & More

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You may not know that I regularly share my education discoveries, resources, education technology updates, free apps, web tools, and tips on Twitter (@ShellTerrell). Scroll for the sections- Google Tools, Technology Updates, Resources, and Smart Tools. Challenge: Try one of these ideas, resources, tips, or tools. Vol 1:1, click here to read the other EduGems issues !

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5 Free Tech Tools to Try in Your Social Studies Lessons

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In today’s show, he talks about top free tech tools to try in social studies lessons. 5 Free Tech Tools to Try in Your Social Studies Lessons. We’re talking about five free tech tools to try in social studies lessons! Tool #1: Make Bookshelves in Google Books.

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Google launches new security tools

Educational Technology Guy

Google recently launched a new Devices and Activity dashboard that gives you a view of all the devices that have accessed your Google account. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. google Google for Educators security

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6 new free Google tools to upgrade your classroom

Ditch That Textbook

When my students and I work with Google Apps, there are two common struggles that we face: 1. Options for slide templates are scarce (and the ones in Google’s directory aren’t very good).

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Top Google News, Tips, and Resources from #ISTE19

Teacher Reboot Camp

This year’s conference highlighted so many ways to use Google to engage learners and make grading, assessment, feedback, pbl, gamification, student engagement, collaboration, student choice, and student voice easy to do! I have shared a list of Google Gurus in this post.

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How To Effectively Use Educational Assessment Tools

ViewSonic Education

Quick Take: Overview of educational assessment tools focusing on Summative assessment and Formative assessment. To be a well-rounded educator it is important to use both these tools in combination effectively. Use assessments as a tool to better your students learning

20 add-ons and extensions to supercharge your Google Slides presentations

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Google Slides is an incredibly versatile tool. On the Google Teacher Tribe podcast, Kasey Bell often refers to it as the “Swiss Army Knife” of the G Suite tools because of how much you can do with it. But what if we could supercharge this already powerful tool? DitchBook Twitter chat G Suite Google Slides g suite g suite add-ons g suite extensions google slides google slides add-ons google slides extensions

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What Google Tool for 2018?

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What Google tools would you like to see me blog more about in 2018? Fill out the Google Form […]. The post What Google Tool for 2018? Forms Google IntermediateWhat Would You Like More Blog Posts On? To be honest I want to blog a fancy spreadsheet solution but I need some data to demonstrate the spreadsheet solution. So I thought I would double dip. appeared first on Teacher Tech.

Google Tools To Check Out

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Most folks are familiar with the most common Google tools. In fact this blog is written with Google Blogger. I use Google and live there most days. Here is just a handful of some of the Google Tools to check out for your classroom. Google has you covered.

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Top Tech Tools for Kids Who Struggle to Read and Write

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Dr. Brian Friedlander discusses the top tech tools for kids who struggle to read and write. From voice dictation to word suggestion and more, this podcast talks about the practical tools that will help kids empower themselves to learn. They support single sign-on with Google and Clever.

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My Article For Google & TES: The top edtech tools for teachers to try in 2017.


I recently wrote a new year themed article for a joint project between Google and the Times Educational Supplement (TES). Tagged: edtech 2017 , education , educational technology 2017 , future edtech , future tech , teachers , teaching , tech tools 2017 , top edtech tools.

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Teacher Google, Doctor Google

Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts

How many of you have googled instructions to repair or replace something in your home, garden, or vehicle? How many of you have googled an ailment to see what remedies are suggested? Teacher Google (and Teacher YouTube) : This amazing girl mastered dubstep dancing by just using YouTube.

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Richard Byrne’s Most Exciting Edtech Tools

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Today Richard Byrne @rmbyrne discusses the edtech tools he’s most excited about today. From video tools, creation tools, to app creation, you’ll hear lots of ideas. This episode, blog, and webinar are sponsored by Bloomz , my favorite tool for parent communication.

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SlideShot + Google Slides Explore Tool

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SlideShot + Google Slides Explore Tool The Explore tool in Google Slides is relatively new. The post SlideShot + Google Slides Explore Tool appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Chrome Google Slides extension google slidesRegister for today’s Webinar to go over Alice Keeler’s Chrome extensions and how to use them in the classroom. Use discount code alice for 80% off.

Google Tools and Activities for Music Education


 A lot of times it is common to focus on "The Big 4" of language arts, math, science, and social studies, when exploring technology tools for learning.

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