Part Three: Beyond SAMR… Making Sure Technology Supports Content Standards

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

In this post I would like to introduce you to way that you can ensure the standards are amplified, and not ignored, by the integration of educational technology. Part Three: Beyond SAMR… Making Sure Technology Supports Content Standards. “We

Starting a Student Technology Support Team

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Whether you choose a BYOD policy or your school or district provides devices through a 1:1 initiative, there will be some aspect of support required. If tech support is not a line item in a budget, the technology plunge might be a scary one.

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When Google Slides and Google Draw Collide


Google Slides and Google Draw are two powerful publication and graphic design tools, but when combined together the results are absolutely explosive for student creativity and expression. This rat is created entirely in Google Draw using Geometric shapes.

Versatility of Google Slides


Not only does Google Slides allow you to work in real time, collaborate with others, but it allows for an endless amount of creativity and originality. I have been using Google Slides for several years now and have yet to be limited by the by the graphic design and presentation features.

Dazzling Classroom Creations with Google Draw!


The artistic flare and graphic design capacity of Google Draw are largely underrated by educators and students. Google Draw is innovative and visionary- it will take student expression and creativity to a whole new unimaginable level. Quick access to Google Draw is available through your the blue “New” menu in your drive and simply scrolling down to see the “more” options menu where you will find “Google’s Best Hidden Secret” red icon with an overlapping circle and square.

Google Teacher Tribe Podcast | Episode 2 Karly Moura

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The post Google Teacher Tribe Podcast | Episode 2 Karly Moura appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Karly shares her Google “spark,” her favorite tricks, and not one but TWO LESSON PLANS!!! Listen to Episode 2 of the Google Teacher Tribe Podcast with @KarlyMoura!

The Publishing Power of Google Slides


Being a Certified Google Trainer my students have become fluent and proficient in the core applications of Google Apps for Education. I knew that Google Slides would be the perfect platform for these two talented students to produce their very own children’s book. Google Tips: 1.

Cook up your Communication with Parents using Google!


The personalized activities, collaboration, and project-based learning that students are doing these days in Google are like an endless buffet- there is no end in sight! With the help of Google, we can easily flambé the way we connect and engage with parents on a daily basis. Google Sites: . Google Sites a great way for parents to have a glimpse into the daily school life of their child without feeling like they are nagging or being too intrusive.

Alma provides complete SIS, Google Classroom integration

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Alma expands partnership with Google, implementing new Coursework API to eliminate double data entry and streamline teacher workflow. Alma Technologies, Inc. has expanded its integration with Google Classroom to include the new Coursework API.

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Building Good Relationships with Your Students’ Parents

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Mike Daugherty, a Director of Technology in Ohio, has been studying this topic and experimenting for the last several years to find optimal ways to communicate with today’s parents. He has eighteen years of experience in K-12 technology support serving in a wide variety of roles.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Google Slides


Google Slides is a powerful publishing and presentation tool when formatting is sharp and ideas are clearly communicated in clear and engaging ways. There are so many different ways in which Google Slides can be incorporated in the classroom, from publishing a novel to classroom posters and taking the time to showcase the many features of Google Slides will be sure to promote top notch designs that allow students to thrive and be successful with their learning.

How Technology Can Help Deepen Students’ Learning

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Fortunately, technology tools can provide support for each stage. Technology-Supported Surface-Level Learning. Technology-Supported Transfer of Learning. Technology-Support Deep Learning. By Kelly Bielefeld.

10 Reasons Why I ?EdTechTeam Summits


Before I start confessing my love for EdTechTeam Summits I have to be transparent with you and declare that my only affiliation with EdTechTeam is simply this blog, which I write for exclusively to share my passion for Google at no charge nor any sort of employment or financial contract.

First Student Summit Grant in the Books!


Kern Kelley Director of Student Agency EdTechTeam In 2012 I was invited to present at the Google Teacher Academy in Google’s New York City office. Now known as the Google Certified Innovator Academy , this is a professional development opportunity for educators from around the world.

Two Models for Leveling Up How You Integrate Technology and Teaching

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A 2019 Common Sense survey found that only four out of every 10 teachers consider the professional development that they received on the use of technology in the classroom to be effective. We’ll provide an explanation and an example of each level of technology integration.

Bloom’s Taxonomy and the implications it has for a digital classroom.


Technology or pedagogy? I would argue that technology is not the tool that makes children creative, instead it is a support. The learning is the priority when planning lessons; the technology is merely a dynamic aid. So can technology support higher order thinking?

Migrating to Cloud-Based Online Tool Suites Is a No-Brainer for School Districts

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Would your school district like to save money and cut down on technology-related and technology support costs? Here''s three good reasons to move to a cloud-based online tool suite from my perspective since our district moved to Google Apps well-over a year ago. Our district''s use of Google Docs has meant using the online tools to share things like meeting agendas, schedules, and address lists.

The Writing Process that Utilizes Tech Integration

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I can't help but wonder how does technology support that well-oiled process because well.that's what I do.wonder about technology. Why not allow students to plan using the Wave Rocketbook notebook that would back up to their Google drive?

How to Run a Parent Class

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Parents often find technology a roadblock to helping their children with classwork. They can be offered while parents are waiting for students to finish after-school activities, as a brown bag lunch program, or online during evenings or weekends via Google Hangout or Skype.

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Touch-Typing: Rote vs Integrated Learning or Rote and Integrated Learning?

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Take a class of thirty students, tell them they are going to learn how to type only by using it in searches on google and creating reports in Microsoft Office. Jacqui Murray has been teaching K-18 technology for 30 years.

Beyond the Test: How Have We Learned This Decade?


This op-ed is part of a series of reflections on the past decade in education technology. The quiz seems deceptively easy: The past decade has seen literally hundreds of technologies and ideas emerge, many aimed at engaging or involving K-12 students and supporting student learning.

5 Home and Smart Phone Filtering Options for Parents

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Again, I think the way it works — from the technology behind the scenes — I don’t feel like I’ve seen any slowdown whatsoever with any of them. Mike Daugherty is a husband, father, author, technology director, Google Innovator, and possible Starbucks addict.

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Connecting Parents to Student’s Digital Lives

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Vicki: Today we are talking with Mike Daugherty @MoreThanATech , Director of Technology in Ohio. He also won 2016 Outstanding Technology’s Administrator of the Year for Ohio. But today, Mike, we are talking about your Google Certified Innovator Project, “Help at Home.”

K-12 Blueprint site updated - resources for planning and implementing EdTech

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The site has resources for educators about planning and implementing technology initiatives. This is a great resource for teachers, and especially for educational technology specialists, managers, directors, CIO''s, and others that plan and implement technology projects.

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#cuechat Spark- A Note About OneNote


As a classroom teacher who uses Google almost exclusively (it’s what my district gives me, and I like what it can do), it’s interesting to see Microsoft working hard to get a piece of the edu-pie. It’s nice to see technology supporting all learners and their specific needs.

What are Good Tech Goals for Students?

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A frequent question from readers revolves around technology goals for students. or: 80% of 5th graders can complete ten skills in MS Word (or Google Docs). But that’s not what technology is about. Technology supports a curriculum.

6 Super Science Edtech Ideas: Using Technology to Level Up Science Classrooms

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Leah, today, we’re going to talk about how to use technology to make science more exciting and more effective. So, Leah, what’s your first idea for using technology to engage kids in science? Is technology a distraction? It might be typing up your notes in a Google Doc.

Here’s Why Teachers Adopt New Tech — and Why They Don’t


I can’t count the number of technological tools that were marketed directly to me during my 14-year teaching career. You see, as a high school English teacher working more than 50-hour weeks, I just didn’t have the time to invest in new technology.

Technology’s Role in Putting Learning Science Research To Work

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When used appropriately, these tools can help educators create learning environments that incorporate key research-backed principles shown to underlie effective learning in the following ways: Supporting personalized, differentiated and self-paced learning. Today’s technology allows teachers to generate and monitor personalized learning plans for their students. Digital curriculum offers videos, games, and simulations that support multiple ways to learn new material.

Classroom Tech Can Drive Student Engagement—But Schools Need to Choose Wisely


When Logan City School District knocked down most of their aging red brick high school, they remodeled and rebuilt their way to a two-story, technology-infused learning center. Wait, TVs to Support Collaboration? TED Talk: Why Technology Can’t Fix Education.

Why Is This In My Room?- Starting the Year With EdTech


Let’s think about a few ways in which we can better prepare ourselves for OWNING these technology tools in our classroom. Have you ever used another teacher’s classroom and were completely thrown off by the technology setup? Hey, how’s your year starting?

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3 Things Great Teachers Do

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They support single sign-on with Google and Clever. Sometimes (it’s) leading from the front, but most of the times, (I’m) supporting from the back, and giving them a platform to showcase and to do things.

Technology and Capstone Courses

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In the Guide to Capstone Education from the National Capstone Consortium there are a series of questions posed about technology and the role it should, could or might possibly play in a capstone course. How will technology enhance the structure and requirements of the program?

Part 5…Beyond the Shine : Supporting Technology with the SAMR Model plus Ten Great Resource Sites

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to a series of posts that are dedicated to going beyond the shine of technology by examining ways to use digital tools to engage students in real learning. STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration, please sign up for 21centuryedtech by email or RSS.

Summer SuperHighway: Monique Marcantonio on Digital Learning and Special Education

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I feel like their generation was brought up around technology. Kids are growing up with technology when they’re born, they are all up-to-date on new technology and they even teach me new things. What kinds of technology do your students use in the classrooms?