EdTech Acronyms Explained


GAFE – Google Apps For Education (include Google Docs, Google Sites etc). LMS – Learning Management System (software that runs and manages educational programs). OSS – Open Source Software (programs online that are free to use). VLE – Virtual Learning Environment.

EdTech 207

We need to rethink university IT Services

Mark Smithers

Increasingly academics have no control over their machines, and cannot install or trial new software. There is little room for experimenting with tools beyond the VLE. Users of Google Apps are not allowed to publish documents or use most of the Google App features available to the independent Google account holder. Innovations and going beyond the VLE.

VLE 51

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'Education Technology's Completely Over'

Hack Education

Prince fought for a long time with record labels, and arguably that makes his response to the new digital “masters” – Apple, Google, Spotify, and such – more understandable.

The Top Ed-Tech Trends (Aren't 'Tech')

Hack Education

Silicon Valley does include Mountain View, where Google is headquartered. To become a platform is to be “the next Facebook” or “the next Google” (and as such, to be a windfall for investors).