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Education Technology and the History of the Future of Credentialing

Hack Education

” With all the charges of fraud and deceptive marketing levied against post-secondary institutions this year – from the University of Northern New Jersey too ITT, from Trump University to DevSchool – we might ask if, indeed, this is the way it works. What are promises that – legally – post-secondary institutions can or must make? If you want a job as a software developer in the technology industry, you’ll need a college degree. By Google.

'Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs'

Hack Education is backed by a long list of technology companies – from AT&T to Amazon to Facebook to Google to Verizon. (I’ll Indeed, the job prospects for those with just a high school diploma but no additional schooling are pretty dismal , even for positions that once did not demand any sort of post-secondary education. Sony’s in the business.