Use Digital Notebooks to Facilitate Book Clubs and Literature Circles at the Secondary Level

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Unfortunately, most secondary curriculum relies on a one-size-fits-all approach to reading. While coaching a teacher in Palm Springs, I developed a digital notebook using Google Slides that teachers can use to facilitate a book club or literature circle unit.

15 Google Classroom Tips for Teachers

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The post 15 Google Classroom Tips for Teachers appeared first on Shake Up Learning. 15 Google Classroom Tips for Teachers! Google Classroom is one of the most popular digital tools for the K-12 classroom. Here are 15 Google Classroom Tips for Teachers by Teachers!

You’re Doing it Wrong! How to Manage Multiple Google Accounts

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How to Manage Multiple Google Accounts appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Chances are that you are doing it wrong, and I’m going to show you a better way to manage and toggle between multiple Google accounts. How to Manage Multiple Google Accounts.

Making & Science with Google

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What it is: Making & Science is an initiative by Google aimed at showing students that anyone can be a maker or a scientist. How to integrate Making & Science with Google in your classroom: The Science Journal app makes any Android phone or Chromebook computer into a scientific tool that students can use to collect data on light, sound, and motion. Using the featured Science Journal app (Android and Chromebook only), students can measure light, sound, and more.

Bibliographies and Citations made easy with EasyBib Add-on in Google Docs.

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I''ve gone through years of post-secondary education and tons of classes and professors who grilled me top to bottom about my citations and not doing them correctly. I wonder if the days of teaching our students about proper MLA or APA citations for bibliographies are gone?

Learn Smarter, Not Harder: 5 Essential Google Classroom Apps

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A few weeks ago, I got an email from Nancy with a great suggestion for an article topic: Google Classroom. In Google Classroom many educators like me found a great additional functionality and apps, which allowed managing the workflow efficiently, leaving more time for the teaching.

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SAS Writing Reviser: Google Doc Tool for Writing & Feedback


SAS Writing Reviser is a terrific free Google Doc tool for helping students identify writing issues and improve their written work. Once installed, SAS Writing Reviser is available for use in any Google Doc. Simply open the Add-On in Google Docs and it appears to the side of a Doc.

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Google launches Applied Digital Skills


Google just launched Applied Digital Skills , designed to help your students succeed online and prepare for their careers. If yours is a Google using or Google Classroom school, this is going to be a perfect match.

Plagiarism Prevention: Best Practices with Urkund

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I tested Urkund inside Google Classroom, however it integrates with most modern Learning Management systems including Blackboard, Moodle, and more. Urkund only partners with secondary districts and post-secondary education institutions.

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Use Google Slides to Create Video Reflection Journal


Using a Google Chrome extension like Screencastify , students can quickly and easily record their screens as they discuss their work. Screencastify provides two choices, YouTube and Google Drive. In Google Slides, students should navigate to the appropriate slide.

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Google World Wonders Project - bring the wonders of the world to life

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Google, one of my favorite resources for education with tons of great apps and resources , has another great resource for education. The Education page has teacher guides (free PDF download) for primary and secondary school, along with historic sites organized by class and topic.

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GeoGuessr- Build critical thinking skills with this map-based game

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What it is: GeoGuessr is a fun map-based game where students get virtually “dropped” somewhere in the world, and must explore the landscape around them through Google Street View to determine where in the world they are.

Photomath: Scan math problems for immediate step-by-step instructions

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What it is: Photomath is an app available on the App Store and Google Play. With Photomath , students can scan a math problem and learn how to solve it with step by step instructions and an answer.

8 of the Best Research Tools for Inquiry

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Kiddle – This is a kid-friendly, Google Safe powered search engine. Boolify – The best thing about this Google Safe powered search engine is the way it teaches learners how to correctly use a search engine and how to refine their searches.

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Math Modeling: Why are We Missing it in High School?

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One study by the University of Toronto 1 suggests that students who have laboratory exposure typically dominate high school science fairs, such as Intel, Google, and Siemens. Advocate Education News Featured Math Science Secondary Education Social Good STEM

Google Education On Air FAQ

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Google Education On Air May 8 & 9 & Here’s Your FAQ. Google Education on Air, an online conference for teacher, administrator, and IT professional development. Your questions will be answered by the Google for Education team and the speakers.

Create Multiple Chrome Profiles to Use Multiple Google Accounts – from Ben Sondgeroth


As more schools adopt Google Apps For Education (GAFE), increasingly teachers and students are dealing with multiple Google Accounts – one for work/school and one for personal use. Google has a way to make this possible that is built into Chrome.

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Be Internet Awesome: Tools to teach online safety

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How to integrate Be Internet Awesome into the classroom: With Be Internet Awesome , Google gives you a complete set of tools to empower you to encourage digital citizenship and safety online.

Digital Credibility: 13 Lessons For the Google Generation

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Digital Credibility: 13 Lessons For the Google Generation. The Google Generation has a universe of information, right there on a little pinch-and-zoom screen. In fact, if users can Google answers to the questions they’re given, they’re likely terrible questions.”

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How We Express Ourselves: Making a Museum in a Box

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Students also examined artifacts using Google Arts and Culture online. In the last eight years, my posting habits have become pretty sparse, to say the least. Starting and running a school…it’s a lot. It keeps me busy and thoroughly exhausted. I miss it.

Student-Created Vision Boards with Google Slides

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The post Student-Created Vision Boards with Google Slides appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Goal Setting with Student-Created Vision Boards in Google Slides! Student-Created Vision Boards with Google Slides! Google Slides or Google Drawings stand out as obvious choices when it comes to G Suite. I created an example using Google Slides and the Unsplash photos add-on to show how easy this activity can be. – Track goals in Google Keep.

Now a Google Certified Educator


I learned that it is possible to become a Certified Google Educator and thought, “I love to use Google tools for Education. My ego was quickly deflated when I learned that the Google Certification test was 3 hours long and notoriously challenging.

Starting with Soil: Organic Exploration App

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Tips: Starting with Soil is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Flipgrid for every classroom

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Tips: Flipgrid integrates seamlessly with other education products you are already using including WordPress, Canvas, Teams, Google Classroom, One Note, Edmodo, Schoolology, Blackboard, Sway, Brightspace, and Power school.

Teach Like the Tonight Show: Internet Pop Quiz with Google Slides (Teacher Edition)

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The post Teach Like the Tonight Show: Internet Pop Quiz with Google Slides (Teacher Edition) appeared first on Shake Up Learning. This is a game probably best for the secondary classroom and adults, although I’m sure it could be adapted for the younger grades as well.

Seesaw: The ultimate ePortfolio for every classroom!

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Tips: Seesaw also has Google App integration, if your school uses Google in Education, they can login with the same Google login they use for everything else! What it is: Seesaw is the first truly student centered/driven digital portfolio tool that I’ve seen.

DOGO News: current events and non-fiction for your classroom

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There is also a paid account option that includes some additional features that would be ideal if you use Google Classroom and would like to access ready-made assignments on DOGO. What it is: DOGO News is a great place for kids to learn about current events, read non-fiction articles, and access customized content that you curate.

10 Time-Saving Tips and Tools for Teachers

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Google Chrome is the browser of choice, and there are many keyboard shortcuts to help you and your students navigate the web. You can find a complete list of Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts here for Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks. Tip #4: Use Google Keep.

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StackUp: track self-directed learning online

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One of the things StackUp revealed was for every hour spent on the credit recovery site, students spent 20min on Google Translate. If you have Google apps, you can do this in under a minute for your whole school! Students can sign in using their existing Google education accounts.

International Travel: A Good Reason to Have Two Google Accounts


So I experimented, and here’s what I found out: setting up a second Google account solves the problem. That makes it possible to factory reset a device, then install only the bare minimum of applications on it and sign in with that second Google account.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


SHEG currently offers three impressive curricula that may be put to immediate use in secondary classrooms and libraries. The free assessments include Google Docs assessments to copy and digital rubrics to download.

Google Certified Innovators Academy Reflection- Sydney


Cross-posted from Brian's Blog It is has been just a few weeks since the Google Certified Innovators Sydney 2017 cohort graduated. For me this is the opportunity the Google Certified Innovators program offered.

Virtual Reality Apps for Education

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Google Cardboard and Google Expeditions are the two most popular, but here are some more great VR apps for education: (these are links to the Google Play store, but they all have iOS versions also) Cardboard (free) Cardboard puts virtual reality on your smartphone. Try out a set of included demos as well • Earth: Fly where your fancy takes you on Google Earth. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. google google education virtual virtual reality VR

Boom! All 7 "Collaboration & Community" Sessions at the 2015 Google EduOnAir Conference, in One Spot

mauilibrarian2 in Olinda

I created this springboard to the seven "Collaboration and Community" Sessions at the 2015 Google Education on Air Conference, for a presentation next month. Using Google+ to develop stronger classroom community and enhance student learning Intended audience: Educator.

World Education Games 2015! Math, Literacy, Science

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Keep track of the countries that your students get matched with on a Google Map or on the printable maps offered on the World Education Games Website. What it is: You guys, the World Education Games is back again, taking place around the world October 13-15, 2015!

This is what Google Expeditions can do in a classroom

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During a virtual reality session at TCEA 2017, three educators shared their experience using Google Expeditions with students. Most students at the secondary level will have their own devices, and those who don’t can share or borrow school-owned devices.

Turning ‘Google Maps for Education’ From Metaphor to Reality


In his latest EdSurge column , Michael Horn laid out how Google Maps offers an aspirational metaphor for what the future of educational tools could look like. Today, Google Maps is an open ecosystem for accurate, real-time geospatial and navigation data. This is similar to how up-to-the-minute traffic data helps Google Maps find the fastest routes.

Why Google Vault is the essential backup tool for every Google district

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Google Vault can help GAFE districts search and retain important data — even if it’s been deleted. More than 50 million teachers and students are using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) across the globe. One of the most undervalued tools in this arsenal is Google Vault.

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Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction

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link] Augmented reality site that lets students manipulate Google Earth objects by using a web cam and print out. |Kelly Tenkely|. One of the major benefits of using technology in the classroom is the ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of every student in every lesson.

#BETT19 Report—Around the world and back with Google for Education


It started with an idea in 2006: what if we bring Google’s suite of productivity tools to schools? 40 million students and educators rely on Google Classroom to stay organized and support creative teaching techniques, and 30 million use Chromebooks to open up a world of possibilities both inside and outside the classroom. As we kick off the week at BETT, let’s take a look at how classrooms have used Google for Education across the globe over the years.