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Top K–12 Tech Tools for Teaching STEM

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Top K–12 Tech Tools for Teaching STEM. As companies and market experts forecast computer science and engineering skills as crucial to the future workforce , K–12 schools have been rapidly developing STEM programs in order to prepare their students to be the employees of tomorrow. . “[It’s] While the goal is the same, schools have found many different solutions to shouldering the responsibility of passing on STEM skills to their students. . Google+.

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Coding Websites/Webtools by Grade

Ask a Tech Teacher

BeeBop –based on the Beebop floor robot–free. C-STEM Studio –download to teach computers, science, technology, engineering and math with robotics. Google Computer Science for High School –free workshops (with application) for K-12 teachers. Hummingbird Robotics.


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TryEngineering Together partners with corporations to match company employee volunteers with students in grades 3-5, particularly those in economically disadvantaged communities, in 1:1 “eMentoring” relationships to create safe, powerful STEM learning experiences. Students learn to think critically, solve problems, work collaboratively and creatively, and become confident in their ability to learn STEM subjects. This release will also now include support for Google Drive.

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” Via The New York Times : “Where the STEM Jobs Are (and Where They Aren’t).” Via Vice : “ Google Docs Is Randomly Flagging Files for Violating Its Terms of Service.” Robots and Other Ed-Tech SF. Via Techcrunch : “Sony reboots Aibo with AI and extra kawaii.” ” The $1700 robot dog also requires a subscription plan. Robot stories are also Betteridge’s Law of Headlines stories, wouldn’t you know it?

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