Context Matters in Social Media


Sometimes so culturally-specific that it’s even difficult to Google them to understand what someone means. Of course, context matters (heavily) outside of social media. Profession Teaching context Digital Pedagogy Lab Cairo social media Twitter

5 Keys to Effective Social Media Strategy for Schools and School Districts

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Should schools and school districts have a "social media strategy" like business and industry? In the corporate world, social media has moved from being a novelty to a deliberate strategy to engage the public. It seems like schools and school districts mostly do social media as an add on, where someone in the central office "just happens" to post announcements to Facebook or Twitter. Google +? Listening in social media is as important as posting.

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Recognizing the Digital Assets You Have at Your Disposal

A Principal's Reflections

However, there is a big difference between talk or desire to innovate and an evidence base that illustrates an actual improvement grounded in better outcomes. I have also been blessed to observe great examples that members of my Personal Learning Network (PLN) make available on social media.

Become the Storyteller-in-Chief

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They will also create differentiated assessments in order to provide students with valuable feedback as to the progress being made towards defined learning goals and outcomes. Give Google Blogger of Wordpress a try this year to capture the greatness in your classroom, school, or district.

3 Simple Steps to Help Students Become a Global Citizen

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We talk to CEO’s and share with friends around the world on Skype or Google hangout. Skype and Google Hangout have made the world a closer, more intimate place. See Social Media in Schools which is chock full of ideas.

Making Choices for Our Children

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Everything happens for a reason, but every decision made, or not made, has an outcome. But at some point, I want to talk with her when she has a better understanding of social media and talk about what pictures she is comfortable with being shared, and which ones she is not.

Top 10 Google Classroom Updates for Back to School!


Cross-posted from Google for Education Blog We’ve seen educators do incredible things with G Suite for Education tools : creatively teach classroom material, collaborate with students, and design innovative assignments to achieve meaningful outcomes.

In the Hands of the Students: The Classroom Computer

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The biggest challenge is finding an effective way for sharing a single computer so that students have the opportunity to create the digital media that they''d like to present. These meaningful, and often free, tools are just a Google search away!

A little more conversation

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My Personal Learning Network (PLN) is the vehicle that carries me to this learning, and social media is the highway that enables me to get there. conversation dialogue education learning peer production Personal Learning Network social media Technology user generated content

Boosting Digital Literacies for a Purpose

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UAMEZ’s Tech Team designed opportunities for learners to “build their internet confidence” by performing Google searches and using web apps, such as Google Drive, for productivity. Tech Team members learn to navigate livestreams on social media such as FaithLife , for example.

Google Tips for Instructional Coaches and Tech Coaches

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The post Google Tips for Instructional Coaches and Tech Coaches appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Google tools help support teachers and students in many different ways. Google Tips for Instructional Coaches and Tech Coaches. We can still use Google Keep for this.

10Q: David Mitchell

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In addition to my official role, I am also a Google Certified Teacher from the first Google Teacher Academy outside of the USA. Firstly, a blog is an outcome, this outcome has seen many stages before it is made public.

A Pedagogical Shift Needed for Digital Success

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In a previous post I discussed in detail strategies to help ensure the effective use of technology to improve learning outcomes. These are all outcomes that any educator would (or should) openly embrace.

100+ Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom – SULS033

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By the way, this resource is excellent for any Google for Education school that uses the Chrome browser, not just Chromebooks! I want to introduce you to the Chromebook App Hub from Google. Each Idea Spark includes the name of the author, their location, and their Google Certifications.

10 ways Google is making Classroom and Forms easier for teachers this school year

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Today, Google is excited to announce 10 updates to Google Classroom and Google Forms designed to make teachers’ lives easier this school year. Today, we’re announcing 10 updates to Google Classroom and Google Forms to help teachers save time and stay organized.

3 Ways To Improve Student Success With Strong Course Design

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their own social media such as LinkedIn or digital portfolio sites such as GitHub) can make the outcome more tangible and practical as a career boost since now they have something they can easily share/show to future employers. 4 Great Alternatives to Google Classroom.

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Student Voice through Student Podcasting with CUE Members


What these two educators have done is demonstrate that student podcasting is possible in any environment with basic tech and knowledge, and as progress is made, better tech and student outcomes are possible. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments on social media!

Speed Traps (Or the cost and benefits of technology)

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When I looked at my Google Maps display on my smartphone, a small bullhorn symbol showed up next to my highlighted route. The trappings of our fast-paced world that comes with social media and information available at any time have negative outcomes.

3 Teachers that are crushing assessments with ed-tech


Summative assessment — Taking place at the end of a period of learning, these assessments are arguably used to measure teacher and school efficacy rather than learning outcomes. Google Forms in elementary school. Assessments are the unloved orphan of schooling — no-one likes them.

Relationships Are Everything

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You can view the Google Hangout video HERE. We had a vibrant conversation on the topic of Digital Leadership with a focus on school culture, embracing change, strategic use of social media, the Model Schools Conference , and innovation.

Feelings During FLOW-Related Learning

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Further, engagement has also been associated with positive student outcomes, including higher grades and decreased dropouts (Connell, Spencer, & Aber, 1994). Education disrupting education educational reform learning passion-based learning social-emotional learning student voice

Helping Learners to be Kind Online and Offline

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Many children play social games, such as Roblox and Fortnite, and experience cyberbullying much more than we did in the past. The lesson plans come with Google Slides you can edit, objectives, and reflective activities and handouts.

Last Chance for this Online College-credit Classes–DigCit and Tech Tools for Writin

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social media. Strategies introduced range from conventional tools such as quick writes, online websites, and visual writing to unconventional approaches such as Twitter novels, comics, and Google Earth lit trips. update. MTI 557: Building Digital Citizens.

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The Blueprint for a Great Story

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Social media and a variety of other technologies allow for the mash-up of text, hyperlinks, audio, images, and video to craft compelling narratives that showcase all that is great in education. There are many pieces of advice out there that one can peruse through a Google search.

Rise of the Edupreneur

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Connect to Mention and Google Alerts to get tailored feeds and information about those key areas you need in order to increase your own edupreneurship. Test the waters on social media with thoughts, quotes, and content that match the topics you are advancing.

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Why Learning and People Should Come First

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The bottom line is that if we don’t get the instructional design right first, then the chances of technology improving learning outcomes is slim to none. Both of these outcomes should never be driven by a tool, device, or program.

Using WSQ forms to improve impact of Flipped Classroom tasks


He is passionate about using educational technology to improve outcomes for both students and teachers in all subject areas and in collaborating with other international educators through social media.

Educational Leadership for Social Good


I wanted to learn more about Jennifer’s perspective on edtech for social good, and after an introduction from Al, she was kind enough to meet with me via Hangout to share more of her work. An early adopter of iPads Jennifer remains dedicated to using technology in schools for a social purpose.

How does a 21st-century teacher think

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If you care enough to do a casual google search, you’ll find that there wasn’t even a term as 20th-century teacher. Communication is much easier with the rise of social media and teachers are well connected with their peer communities and students than ever before.

College Credit Classes in Blended Learning

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social media. Strategies introduced range from conventional tools such as quick writes, online websites, and visual writing to unconventional approaches such as Twitter novels, comics, and Google Earth lit trips.

Unlocking Research to Improve Learning

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Often, scholarly research articles are expensive to purchase; for example, a single article from a top education journal on Google Scholar costs an average of $30. Aubrey is the Research Director at Digital Promise and Sandra is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at Stanford University.

Using the Tools Appropriately: Unpacking ISTE Standard #2

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As a four year Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship educator I start teaching grade-level appropriate digital citizenship in kindergarten to talk about the importance of wise choices and the impact it can have on you. Have students google themselves or their parents to see what they find.

How to Integrate Online Professional Development Into Your School’s PD Culture


For example, to prepare teachers for distance learning using G-Suite and Google Classroom, our PD Specialists select the appropriate content, then organize it into a “playlist” to be distributed to teachers. Google Classroom and Meet for Remote Learning.

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7 Strategies I Use When Students Make Apps (or Do Any Genius Projects)

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Now, this was the perfect outcome, but it was a perfect outcome because THEY decided it. I create a template or a hyperdoc in Google Doc. Complete the Google Doc. So I see which kids are coming into class, I’ll pull up the four or five Google Docs for all those kids.

Change is a Mindset

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These indicators have become so embedded in the minds of those judging our schools and work that we, like everyone else, worked hard to focus only on initiatives that would hopefully produce favorable outcomes in those areas.