Personalization in Lumen’s “Next Gen” OER Courseware Pilot

Iterating Toward Openness

For almost three years Lumen Learning has been helping faculty, departments, and entire degree programs adopt OER in place of expensive commercial textbooks. Continued use of a system like this seems likely creates dependency in learners, as they stop stretching their metacognitive muscles and defer all decisions about what, when, and how long to study to The Machine. Have you ever used the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on the Google homepage?

OER 130

The digital-first district where OER meets iPads

eSchool News

Teachers in each department have been developing their own custom Google-based websites over the span of a year with help from high school teacher John Hineman, who is overseeing the project. The English language arts department debuted its curriculum in the 2015-16 school year, and the math, science and social studies departments will introduce curricula during each consecutive school year. Teachers and students at one district are replacing print with digital.

OER 59

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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Using everyday digital content, the COR paper and online assessments directly connect to the questions posed in SHEG’s study and engage learners in credibility decision-making around three COR Competencies: Who’s behind the information? The free assessments include Google Docs assessments to copy and digital rubrics to download. Might we also study whether learners with solid K12 library inquiry experience perform better than the student in the general SHEG sample ?

VR, PBL, and OERs: Four High Hopes for Learning with Edtech in the New School Year


Thanks to Google Expeditions , Within , Aurasma , and many other tools, students can explore coral reefs , go to refugee camps , and watch art come to life. Another student could find photographs of places or inventions he wants to study and then create augmented reality-triggered videos of himself explaining what he’s learned. Office of Education Technology launched GoOpen last year, OERs have gotten a big boost. Not ready to dig through all OERs and curate on your own?

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Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot!

Educational Technology Guy

Google Apps and Chromebooks App Recommendations and Substitutions Here is a list of Google Apps and Web Apps to use. Suggestions for extensions/apps to be preloaded on Chromebooks Edmodo Google Keep - notes and lists Evernote Web Adblock Plus Evernote Web Clipper WeVideo - Video Editor and Maker GeoGebra math app Read&Write - reading support EasyBib Desmos Graphing Calculator A to Z of Google Services

Curriculum Foundry integrates with Google Drive, Google Apps for Education

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Growing number of schools using Google’s programs can now share learning resources created in Curriculum Foundry. ‘s Curriculum Foundry, a solution for seamlessly accessing, organizing and sharing digital content, is now fully integrated with Google Drive and Google Apps for Education. Curriculum Foundry also provides districts with a searchable repository of high-quality, vetted and tagged open educational resources (OER) and other free digital resources.

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100+ Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom – SULS033

Shake Up Learning

By the way, this resource is excellent for any Google for Education school that uses the Chrome browser, not just Chromebooks! While I can’t actually fit 100 ideas into this blog post and podcast episode, I can offer you a FREE Google Chromebook resource that is loaded with ideas, lessons, apps, and more! I want to introduce you to the Chromebook App Hub from Google. Each Idea Spark includes the name of the author, their location, and their Google Certifications.

Happy Holidays & a Look Back on the Best of 2012 from @KleinErin at Kleinspiration


click here to download Genre Posters by Beth Newingham click here to download *Another favorite from Beth: Word Study in Action * click here to view Character Profiles by Sarah at Permanently Primary click here to download click here to download Fantastic Teaching Ideas Organize your Anchor Charts for Years to Come by Teaching My Friends! OER ( click here ) Open Educational Resources on Web 2.0 Thank you all for helping to make 2012 very merry!

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School of Open: Copyright & Creative Commons for Educators Courses Now Open for Sign-Up

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It will also introduce Open Educational Resources (OER) and teach you how to find and adapt free, useful resources for your classes. The course is open to all educators around the world, but it is specifically targeted to Australian teachers, teacher-librarians from K-12, TAFE teachers, University lecturers/tutors, and University students studying to become teachers. To sign up, apply using the Google form — also linked at the top of the course page.

Reflections on Open Education and the Path Forward

Iterating Toward Openness

The recently published OER strategy document , as informative as it is, reads more like a list of issues and opportunities than what Michael Feldstein describes as “ rungs on a ladder of ambition.” The internet’s early designers were not trying to facilitate the creation of a Google, Facebook, Amazon, WordPress, Wikipedia, or OpenCourseWare. How do we create a substantial record of successful OER adoption?

OER 95

The Evolving Economics of Educational Materials and Open Educational Resources: Toward Closer Alignment with the Core Values of Education

Iterating Toward Openness

Educational materials published under an open license are called open educational resources (OER). When digital educational materials become OER, they are converted back into public goods. Because of their close alignment with the core values of education, adopting OER in place of traditionally copyrighted educational resources provides unique opportunities and benefits to faculty and students. in a class, in a study group, on a website, in a video).

OER 98

Four game changers

Learning with 'e's

To help achieve this vision, Mackintosh is setting up the OER University and is evangelistic in his elucidation of this concept. There is growing presence and force behind this vision, and as the OER movement gains traction and impetus, we should expect to see some changes in the way universities offer their programmes of study. The Wolfram Alpha answer engine is a distinct departure from search engines such as Google or Bing. OER computer games social media OLPC

Another Response to Stephen

Iterating Toward Openness

A quick search via Google shows that Stephen Downes is mentioned over 500 times on the pages of Iterating Toward Openness. Both of these products wrap significant additional functionality around OER. It wraps pre-assessments, in situ formative assessments, and summative assessments around OER. Waymaker provides each student a data-driven study plan that helps them understand where they are in their mastery of course concepts and how to best allocate their study time.

OER 70

Why new technologies often don’t help students

The Christensen Institute

Edtech enthusiasts promote the benefits of innovations such as open educational resources (OER), learning management systems (LMS), and adaptive learning software. Today, the Clayton Christensen Institute published a case study that describes how Leadership Public Schools , a charter school management organization that operates three high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, used technology to rethink how teachers’ delivered instruction in math intervention courses.

#DLNchat: What Is the Role of Libraries in Digital Learning Innovation?


His work has shown him that “it will definitely be a more sustainable initiative if it is collaborative—-whether it's OER, open access journals, etc.if And Digital Learning, Research & Instruction Librarian Robin Ashford shared this approach at George Fox University: “Identifying quality OER, helping faculty & students author open textbooks or purchasing library ebooks to replace costly textbooks is how I work developing our textbook affordability program.”

Innovation In E-learning In The Last 10 Years


According to a Google report , almost 80% people don’t exit their homes sans smartphones. It offers a large number of students access to study high-quality courses online through video streaming. Wearable gadgets such as Google Glass and Apple watch is the new trend that has innovated the e-learning industry in the last ten years. Open Education Resources (OER). A good example of this would be the usage of OERs by Sky Customer Service to train their employees.

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The 2018 ‘Horizon Report’ Is Late. But It Almost Never Emerged.


And this year’s predictions range from the abstract, such as “advancing cultures of innovation,” to more specific ones like an increasing appearance of new interdisciplinary studies on campus. Open educational resources (OER) have been included as key trends since 2013, for example. These days, OER quality frameworks have emerged and the technology is more commonplace on campuses.

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6 Pillars to Successfully Integrate Technology In Your 1:1 Classroom


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) conducted a study on the correlation between test performance and technology usage in the classroom. There are a wide variety of resources available including Youtube for Schools and Google for Education. OER Commons provides a database of free learning materials commonly used by teachers nationwide. Inspired By Gary Spracklen of Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (IPACA), United Kingdom.

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Art, Science, and the Role of Data in Education

Iterating Toward Openness

I taught a little even as an undergrad, substituting when professors were away or guest teaching about indigenous Japanese music when we studied ethnomusicology. One of these days, after I’ve retired, I’m going to write a radically restructured, OER-based freshman music theory course, based on research I did early in my career and what I’ve learned about good teaching since then. I was a music major as an undergraduate.

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Champion for Adult Students Says Colleges Must Change How They Teach


As she met with them, she realized how much college was designed for 18-year-olds who had nothing to do but study. We caught up with Cini recently for a far-ranging chat about what tools (like OER) are helping adult students and how the latest technology (like AI) could further move the needle. One of the things that you’ve looked at is OER, or Open Education Resources—moving away from commercial textbooks and looking for openly licensed (often free) materials online.

OER 91

Must-Have EdTech Tools for a First-Year Teacher

Graphite Blog

Google Classroom. Google Classroom is the go-to resource for teachers looking to organize and streamline their workflows. OER Commons. Every teacher should become familiar with open educational resources, or OERs. Through the OER Commons platform, teachers can search for thousands of lessons or create and share their own.

OER 53

5 Ways Video Games Transform Learning and Prepare Students for Tomorrow's Jobs


Learn more about gaming while at ISTE—and beyond: Book a meeting at ISTE 2018 to learn about Classcraft’s Engagement Management System for schools and districts, and the Quests Marketplace featuring partners like Google Education, Discovery Educator Network, Newsela, LRNG, Breakout EDU and OER Commons. Attend our ISTE 2018 session to learn about gamifying Google Classroom. Every year, it seems increasingly difficult to predict what tomorrow’s workplace will look like.

Video 117

Heard, Overheard and Announced at ISTE 2016


THE BIG GUYS: Here’s news from Google, ABCMouse, and Amazon. First up, Google Education announced a new “casting” app for the classroom projector, released the “Expeditions” virtual reality app for all teachers and students, and added a new quizzing feature in Google Forms. Full EdSurge coverage on Google here.) The ISTE conference isn’t the biggest edtech conference in the world by sheer luck.

Inspiring Math Excellence in the Classroom with Po-Shen Loh

The CoolCatTeacher

PO: Now, with regard to math practice problems or studying math in general, I actually use the same philosophy. This means that you can write your own textbooks, share them, or use them as you would any other OER or open education resource. And we’ll pull up Google; you know, anyone can help. His research considers a variety of questions that lie at the intersection of combinatorics (the study of discrete systems), probability theory, and computer science.

Why ‘Personalized Learning’ Can Feel So Impersonal


Black-box software, as OER pioneer and Lumen Learning’s Chief Academic Officer, David Wiley writes, “reduce all the richness and complexity of deciding what a learner should be doing to—sometimes literally— a ‘Next’ button.”. Let’s, for instance, take how companies like Google and Facebook “personalize” a user’s web browsing experience through search results, ads and content—and then apply that to instructional experiences.

PBL… Blended and eLearning – Part 1: Important Questions for the New School Year

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

For example, a student could be assigned a slide on a Class Google Slide show to share some work while other students and the teacher provide critique. Could this instead be done in a Zoom Room with a shared Google Document? SAMR -Many teachers have studied the SAMR Model.

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How Teacher-Created Free Online Resources Are Changing the Classroom


Instead, he creates his own curriculum, in collaboration with the other eighth-grade social studies teacher at his school, out of materials he has found on the internet and adapted to the needs of his classroom. The Liberty Public Schools district sees Langhorst and his colleague as front-runners in an important shift toward open educational resources (OER). Lastly, the DOE recognizes that for many K-12 educators the OER space is new and a little daunting.

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 33 Edition)

Doug Levin

As a professor who studies technology integration in K-12 schools, I can say the answer is yes, but there are some critical caveats." This includes legislation and regulations relating to open educational resources (OER), textbook costs, and digital course materials across all levels of education. (Mostly) back from my August hiatus, I’m pleased to offer up the next edition of A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News.

EdTech 150

Part 5…Beyond the Shine : Supporting Technology with the SAMR Model plus Ten Great Resource Sites

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Link: Part 2… Beyond the Technology Shine… Content Standard Nouns Meet 25 Free OER Education Resources. A common example may include students authoring a group story in a Google Doc so that peer editing and collaboration can happen anytime and anyplace. A word cloud might be employed to study the meaning of an article or author’s writing. Students might use a Google Form to collect and analyze data.

SXSWedu 2017: Ones to Watch and What to Know


Opinionated Products : There’s a word for the kinds of tools and products—like say, Google search results—which adapt to a user’s behavior: opinionated. One recent study found “widespread acceptance of alternative credentialing programs at American colleges and universities.” Panelists in this discussion will discuss the study’s findings and the evolving attitudes towards alternative credentials in the workforce. It’s that time of year again.


Global Leadership Week Next Week - Join Us!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Executive Director, California International Studies Project; Ann Michaelsen , Administrator, Sandvika High School Norway; Barry S. Please take time to visit our sponsors’ websites and learn more about how they support globally-connected teaching and learning: VIF International Education , Edmodo , Google , TES , The Wonderment , iEARN-USA , the Global Campaign for Education - US Chapter , and Otus.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” Also via The New York Times : “ Google Faces Internal Backlash Over Handling of Sexual Harassment.” ” Also via The New York Times : “ Google Employees Stage Worldwide Walkout.” ” ( The Atlantic and Vox also wrote up this study.). ” Speaking of ethics, “ Google offers money to universities to use artificial intelligence to scale up research,” The Washington Post reports.

The 2019 Global Education Conference - Full List of 130 Sessions and 10 Keynotes!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Institute of Advanced Studies in Artificial Interagency- Chukyo University A Usable Past: Teaching World History to Nurture Global Citizenship and Cultural Responsive Pedagogy , Craig Perrier, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, Adjunct, Fairfax County Public Schools, Framingham State University A Whole Word Reading is a pragmatic shift from Phonetic method of teaching reading to babies in the 21st Century Education system. Social Studies Teacher Licensure to become an educator.

This Year’s ASU+GSV Summit Is Hard to Describe. Here’s Our Best Attempt.


Cooperate or Compete What happens when legacy publishers and OER upstarts meet in the same room to talk about a buzzy phrase like the “Netflix of Higher Ed”? Awesome Awards Two leading Innovators of Color were celebrated on center stage this year: Jaime Casap, Google’s chief education evangelist, and Phyllis Lockett, founder and CEO of LEAP Innovations in Chicago. “I Morning yoga, evening karaoke. No, it’s not a spa vacation.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

” It’s being positioned here as the first time Congress has funded open textbooks, but it’s not the federal government’s first commitment to OER. ” “ OER , CARE , Stewardship, and the Commons” by “Econproph” Jim Luke. ” Via The New York Times : “ Google Pledges $300 Million to Clean Up False News.” Each week, I gather a wide variety of links to education and education technology articles.