KingSoft free office suite software

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After posting about SSUITE free office software , I found out about KingSoft Free Office Suite Software on Google+. KingSoft Free Office Suite Software includes word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software and is easy to use, looking very similar to Microsoft Office.

SSUITE - free office productivity software

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SSUITE is free office productivity software that can be downloaded and used on any Windows system. Software includes: Desktop Office Suite (word processing, spreadsheets), money managers, invoice software, web browser, image editing, email, utilities, and much more.

Using Microsoft Word Online – from Jennifer Carey


Chromebooks are a popular medium in schools for a variety of reasons: price, easy management, quick startup times, robust builds, and ready deployment of Google Apps for Education. This means that if your school has a Microsoft license, you already have access to this tool.

Free alternatives to Microsoft Access, including a web based one

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Access is Microsoft''s well known data base tool. OpenOffice / LibreOffice Base - OpenOffice and LibreOffice are free alternatives to Microsoft Office and both have a database tool called Base. Free alternatives to paid software and services. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

As Google steals its education thunder, what can Microsoft do?

The Christensen Institute

Whereas Microsoft played the role of disruptor the first time around, in this chapter, Google is disrupting Microsoft and threatening to drive it out of most U.S. It did this by integrating to develop and build much of the machines from top to bottom—including product design, assembly, the operating system, and the application software. But Apple did not, and, over time, Microsoft took the lead both inside and outside of schools. So what should Microsoft do?

Software that Supports Multilingual Dialogue


I could go on forever about this, but this post is actually about software that supports multilingual dialogue if it is something you are interested in trying for professional development or teaching/learning. Google translate (also available as app).

The Big 3's War Over EDU: A Comparison of Apple, Google, and Microsoft


Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are quality pieces of software, but the lack of them on anything other than Mac means adoption will be low. The online portal might work, but it is going to have to be a simple as Google Drive with an easy tie to email for it to work.

Why we have a love-hate relationship with Microsoft Excel

The Christensen Institute

And I see this struggle in how some people feel about Microsoft Excel. The computing program is an excellent tool and has undeniable utility, though a cursory Google search reveals hundreds of memes that express people’s frustrations with some of absurdities of the tool. The problem with this spreadsheet and others like it is not just that people unfamiliar with the software don’t know how to find the formulae, but that there are myriad events that underlie the data.

Microsoft Store visit - very impressed

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I recently visited a brick-and-mortar Microsoft Store. My wife and I were in the Danbury, CT area and decided to head over to the Danbury Fair Mall and go to LL Bean and, of course, I had to check out a tech store, so we went to the new Microsoft Store. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. Microsoft

Microsoft’s Big Bett Updates: Free VR Curriculum and Using a Pencil as a Stylus


Among them is Microsoft, whose list of announcements for Bett reads almost as long as the conference agenda. (Or But there’s a method to the all new devices, features and curriculum updates, say company officials: to reinforce Microsoft’s position in the education market with tools that make learning more affordable and accessible. On this note Microsoft didn’t disappoint: seven new Windows 10 devices from Acer, Dell and Lenovo that range from $189 to $300.

Five Instances Your “Free” Education Software May Actually Cost You by @edsby


If a software company wants to give its product away free to educators, that’s a good thing for schools, teachers and students, right? Microsoft’s Active Directory), or any attendance database, report card system or resource scheduling system.

Battle of the Classrooms: Apple, Google, Microsoft Vie for K-12 Market


It’s terribly confusing, but perhaps no coincidence, that three of the world’s most prominent consumer technology companies—Apple, Google, Microsoft—each boast a “Classroom” tool aimed at K-12 educators and students. Google Google Classroom. Updates and Upgrades: The first of the “Classrooms,” Google Classroom launched in August 2014. To Re-Capture the Education Market, Microsoft Aims to Offer a Compelling Alternative to Google’s Chromebook.

Microsoft Unveils Lower-Cost K-12 Devices in Fight for School Market

Marketplace K-12

Google's Chromebooks still dominate the U.S. market, and Microsoft's new changes seem aimed at trying to answer and one-up its rival. The post Microsoft Unveils Lower-Cost K-12 Devices in Fight for School Market appeared first on Market Brief. Marketplace K-12 Games / Apps hardware / software Learning Management / Student Information Systems Software / Hardware Tech Titans

Why You Should Backup & Archive Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

Gaggle Speaks

Last month’s announcement that Vault now supports Google Drive finally recognizes that G Suite users keep information in more places than their inbox, yet many school districts still focus their attention on archiving just email communications. . When it comes to backing up and archiving Google Drive or its competitor, Microsoft OneDrive, the good news is that there are plenty of similarities to email as you move beyond the inbox.

A Beginner’s Guide to #EdTech Open Source Software

Fractus Learning

Did you ever explore a learning possibility only to realize that the software to make it happen costs a lot of money? Do you want to explore 3-D animation but don’t want to spend a lot of money on software you might not ultimately use? You might want to explore Open Source software!

You can now use Microsoft Office 365 on Chromebooks. Here’s how.

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However, this has previously limited users to only Google’s productivity tools. One of the most common complaints that I hear about Google Apps for Education tools (Gmail, Docs, Slides, etc), is that they are not as robust as those you find in the Microsoft Office Suite.

You can now use Microsoft Office 365 on Chromebooks. Here’s how.

Indiana Jen

However, this has previously limited users to only Google’s productivity tools. One of the most common complaints that I hear about Google Apps for Education tools (Gmail, Docs, Slides, etc), is that they are not as robust as those you find in the Microsoft Office Suite.

Google Offers Free Cloud Access to Colleges, Plays Catch Up to Amazon, Microsoft


Google in June announced an. Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud services both offer education programs, and now Google Cloud wants a part in shaping future computer scientists — and probably whatever they come up with using the tool. “We We want computer science students and faculty to experience Google Cloud Platform and learn what’s possible when you apply cloud computing to tough problems, just like we do at Google,” says Bram Bout, director of Google for Education.

U.S. K-12 Market for Mobile Devices Remains Flat; Only 2 Percent Growth in 2018

Marketplace K-12

Marketplace K-12 Apple Business Strategy Google Microsoft Software / Hardware windowsThe technology companies powering the devices are finding ways to integrate their products with more partners and by offering new solutions, according to Futuresource Consulting. The post U.S.

Microsoft Hopes to Revive Its Education Tablet Efforts With the New $399 Surface Go


K-12 classrooms has pitted Apple against Google. But through an ongoing series of product launches and acquisitions, Microsoft has been making its case to be the dark horse in the race. based company continued its streak of education announcements with the launch of the Surface Go , a version of the hybrid tablet that Microsoft aims to sell to schools. pounds, the Surface Go is the latest addition to a growing portfolio of education devices from Microsoft.

Chalkup, a Class Collaboration Tool, Will Close Shop and Become Part of Microsoft Teams


Microsoft has acquired what it calls an “exclusive licensing” to the technology used in Chalkup , a collaboration platform where teachers can organize, annotate, share and grade digital coursework with students. The deal has all the trappings of a company acquisition, even if that’s not how Microsoft chooses to describe it. Chalkup’s co-founder and CEO, Justin Chando, will have a new job at Microsoft. Early this year, he decided to go with Microsoft.

To Re-Capture the Education Market, Microsoft Aims to Offer a Compelling Alternative to Google’s Chromebook


In recent years Google’s offerings—in particular, Chromebooks—have captured plenty of media attention and domestic market share. At BETT, a major edtech expo outside of London, Microsoft is taking square aim at Google with a slew of updates to its education products. based company is attempting to make a comeback on multiple fronts, starting with software. In addition, Microsoft plans to release a fleet of low-cost Windows 10 devices aimed at the education market.

Google’s Soli Uses Gesture Technology to Immerse K–12 Students

EdTech Magazine

Google’s Soli Uses Gesture Technology to Immerse K–12 Students. In January, the Federal Communications Commission approved Google ’s Project Soli , a sensing technology that uses miniature radar to detect touchless gestures. . Microsoft Kinect Puts Content Control in Users’ Hands.

Microsoft’s Many EDU Updates—and a Window of Opportunity to Win K-12 Market Share


Microsoft has long had a beef with Google—even if the company won’t always admit it today—dating back to the “Scroogled” advertisement campaign that critiqued the search giant’s Chromebooks and privacy policies. Among them: a blog post from a Microsoft executive, touting new Windows devices that provide “more options for schools who don’t want to compromise on Chromebooks.” K-12 mobile devices, Microsoft still has some catching up to do.

Growth in U.S. K-12 Computing Market Cools, But Global Demand Stays Hot

Marketplace K-12

Google Chromebooks remain a dominant player in the U.S. Marketplace K-12 Amazon Apple Global / International Markets Google Microsoft Software / Hardwareschool market, though their growth has slipped a bit recently, according to a new report by Futuresource Consulting.

Considerate Collaboration: Google Docs


A large portion of the work I do exists on Google Docs – whether working on internal documents within my department, for committees, within my classes, or collaborating online to co-author articles, organize events, or provide feedback to other writers.

ASU/GSV Panel Delves Into New EdWeek Market Brief Research on Tech Titans

Marketplace K-12

EdWeek Market Brief today released the results of a nationwide survey of K-12 educators, gauging their perceptions of Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Marketplace K-12 Amazon Apple Business Stragegy Google Hardware/Software Microsoft

Three Lessons from the Google Docs Phishing Scam: K-12 Education Edition

Doug Levin

Earlier this week, an unknown person or persons launched a short-lived, but clever cyber attack against Google Docs’ users. Here is Google’s description of the incident and their response: “ Protecting you against phishing.” From the time the exploit was launched until it was addressed, users’ Google accounts – including student accounts – could have been fully [h/t Jim Siegel ] accessible by the attacker.

Google 150

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps—important lessons for edtech

The Christensen Institute

A few weeks ago, Michael Horn used the theory of modularity and interdependence to explain why Google’s Chromebooks are stealing market share in K–12 education device sales from Apple and Microsoft. So which is better, Apple Maps or Google Maps?

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Who Needs Microsoft Office Anymore? Another Way to Pare Technology Budgets

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There’s no reason to spend another dime on purchasing licenses and software for Microsoft’s Office Suite of programs. Here’s my three favorite replacements for Microsoft Office. Open Office: An Open Source Replacement for Microsoft Office For a complete and comparable Office Suite, OpenOffice will do anything that Microsoft Office will do. And, you can add the open source desktop publishing program, Scribus to replace Microsoft Publisher.

LibreOffice - awesome free Office Suite - gets new UI and lots of updates

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LibreOffice is a free, open-source, powerful office suite software that is a great alternative to Microsoft Office. I use it on my home computer when I''m not using Google Drive. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on office software, download LibreOffice for free.

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50 Of The Best Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers

TeachThought - Learn better.

50 Of The Best Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers. Google Chrome is, increasingly, where it’s at. But for the here and now, as far as browsers are concerned, Google Chrome is king, and part of what makes it great are Google Chrome Extensions. Google Similar Pages.

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Benefits of Google Apps and Chromebooks for Schools

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Benefits of Google Apps and Chromebooks How does Google Apps and Chromebooks compare to Apple or Microsoft inside the classroom? Google Apps and Chromebooks are extremely easy to use. Google Classroom i s a game-changer…it allows teachers to share resources and communicate with students, distribute, collect and grade assignments, and so much more. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Better Presentations with Sway


Sway is Microsoft’s new presentation (and more!) I did them in Google Sides and they are…boring. First off, Sway does not (yet) play nice with Google Apps or Dropbox; of course it wants you to use the Microsoft cloud-based service. Do we even say software anymore?

Google Apps and Chromebooks Web App Recommendations - a whole lot!

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Google Apps and Chromebooks App Recommendations and Substitutions Here is a list of Google Apps and Web Apps to use. Suggestions for extensions/apps to be preloaded on Chromebooks Edmodo Google Keep - notes and lists Evernote Web Adblock Plus Evernote Web Clipper WeVideo - Video Editor and Maker GeoGebra math app Read&Write - reading support EasyBib Desmos Graphing Calculator A to Z of Google Services