Meet the Edtech Grantees of Google’s $25 Million AI Impact Challenge


Seven years ago, Google’s artificial intelligence technology was barely able to identify cat videos with passable precision. along with a handful of nonprofit organizations building education software for teachers, students and parents.

Hoping to Spur 'Learning Engineering,' Carnegie Mellon Will Open-Source Its Digital-Learning Software


In an unusual move intended to shake up how college teaching is done around the world, Carnegie Mellon University today announced that it will give away dozens of the digital-learning software tools it has built over more than a decade—and make their underlying code available for anyone to see and modify. Officials estimate that developing the software has cost more than $100 million in foundation grants and university dollars.

How educators and teachers can get the most out of online forms software - guest post

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How educators and teachers can get the most out of online forms software Online forms might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a helpful classroom tool. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

District launches responsive website from Rediker Software

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Waltham Public Schools chooses Rediker Software’s RediSite for their 10 schools and district office to meet the increasing mobile needs of parents, students and staff.

IBM Foundation launches free online software to help K-5 teachers prepare math lessons and help students learn.

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The IBM Foundation has launched a free, online software to transform the way K-5 teachers prepare math lessons and help students learn. The software, called Teacher Advisor with Watson , uses Watson artificial intelligence technology to help teachers instantly find math resources.

This software turns old laptops into new Chromebooks

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Using device-agnostic software called Neverware, districts are breathing new life into old laptops. Neverware, a New York-based startup, makes software that lets older computers run newer operating systems without compromising speed.

Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom – SULS018

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The post Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom – SULS018 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Yes, I know you REALLY want to know how to put your worksheet into Google Classroom! . How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom. [07:18]

?Meet Intel Education Accelerator’s Newest Cohort of EdTech Visionaries


raised more than $9 million in a recent Series A round , and handheld wireless sensor company PocketLab is now teaming up with Google to bring the pocket-sized lab equipment to the Google Science Journal. It’s free for students, but the software isn’t free for all—teachers must pay $7 a year and Pro users pay $29 annually. based automated grading software company, is trying to ease that pain.

Meet Caliper, the Data Standard That May Help Us (Finally) Measure Edtech Efficacy


Over 500 education technologists from companies and districts gathered last week in Denver for the IMS Learning Impact meeting , hosted by the IMS Global Consortium. One of the most exciting and well-attended sessions covered the new IMS Caliper analytics standard, which can capture and share data on student activities in learning apps and software—thus giving teachers and developers a way to measure and glean insights on how students engage with digital tools.

Where Diversity, Inclusion and Education Meet: A Conversation With Black Girls Code Founder, Kimberly Bryant


Exposure may be one factor: A Google-sponsored Gallup report ( PDF ) that found that female students are less aware of online and local opportunities to learn computer science. And it makes computer science a beneficial skill for all students to learn, regardless of whether they want to be a software engineer or not. Many professions that were once the exclusive domain of men are no longer so.

Meet the 5 Education Technology Startups From Y Combinator’s Summer 2017 Class


Lambda School allows students to pay nothing upfront, in return for 17 percent of their salary for two years once they get a software-related job that pays more than $50,000. The company currently offers two live, online and interactive 6-month programs in software engineering and machine learning. The company also has a knack for timely marketing, having recently partnered with Google to deliver 15,000 glasses—for free—to elementary school teachers in time for the eclipse.

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps—important lessons for edtech

The Christensen Institute

A few weeks ago, Michael Horn used the theory of modularity and interdependence to explain why Google’s Chromebooks are stealing market share in K–12 education device sales from Apple and Microsoft. So which is better, Apple Maps or Google Maps?

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10 Back-To-School Tips For Teachers Using Google Docs

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10 Back-To-School Tips For Teachers Using Google Docs. by Brooks Hocog , The Google Docs Team. Keep a running record of staff meeting notes. Take meeting notes in a Google Doc and share the notes with your fellow staff.

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Agile Development, Meet Online Learning

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Lately I have been thinking about Agile Software development. In a nutshell, Agile development is a software development philosophy that favors incremental development and response to change over planning, documentation, and final-release software.

50 Of The Best Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers

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50 Of The Best Google Chrome Extensions For Teachers. Google Chrome is, increasingly, where it’s at. But for the here and now, as far as browsers are concerned, Google Chrome is king, and part of what makes it great are Google Chrome Extensions. Google Similar Pages.

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Whether synchronous online course activities meet accessibility guidelines may depend on how you use them.

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Using such tools as Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, etc. Our campus recently adopted a policy that essentially requires all online instruction meet accessibility guidelines. To accommodate a specific student with a disability is to retrofit instruction to meet that student’s needs.

Happy Connected Educator Month


We also developed projects and presentations using various software programs. It was decided that since so many were interested in hearing about the philosophy of Anastasis and what it was like to teach at this amazing institution, we should all Hangout on Google.

Moodle: The Unsung Hero of LMS Options

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With a reminder that Moodle is Open Source, which means the basic framework can be augmented with just about any addition conceivable (as you’ll see in the section, “ 23 Ways to use Moodle” ), here’s how to start: Download the Moodle software to your school server.

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Text a Lot from iOS? Why You Might Want to Try Google’s GBoard


Last week, though, Google managed to release a keyboard that is simultaneously useful and not creepy: Gboard. GBoard does four things, each of which is in principle a great addition to typing on iOS: Integrated Google search from the virtual keyboard.

Google’s Education Suite is Still Free, but New Add-Ons For Administrators Come With a Fee


To date, educators have enjoyed most of Google’s G Suite for Education applications—which include Site, Mail and Classroom—for free. Those tools will continue to be available gratis, but Google is seeking to generate more revenue from its education offerings. Google is releasing G Suite Enterprise for Education. Administrators are also able to dial-in to video meetings, record and upload them to Google Drive—a new feature for business and education users.

4 Reasons Google Docs Is a Good Idea for Educators

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In an earlier post , I suggest Google Docs as an alternative to purchasing Microsoft Office as an office suite. Google Docs does provide users many useful features that extend far beyond what can be obtained from a locally installed office suite like Open Office or Microsoft Office.

My Top 8 Google Apps for Administrators

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applications, but once I started examining my list of Google Apps, I knew I could devote one entire post to those apps alone. Google offers so many useful applications to school administrators, I would find it hard to live without those apps now. Here is my most useful Google Apps list.

Google Maps for Degrees? How One College Plans to Chart Out Student Pathways


Currently underway at the Oregon college are efforts to build interactive degree maps—which are expected to officially launch in December—that will act somewhat like a Google Maps to help students visualize and chart out their four-year plan. Josephine Claus, a junior at Portland State University (PSU), says she thinks the tool would make advising meetings more efficient.

Extensions, Add-Ons and Apps, Oh My! How to Utilize Google in Your Classroom


Google Apps for Education has totally transformed the way we teach and communicate inside and outside of the classroom. Through tools like Google Drive , Google Hangouts , Google Earth and Blogger , we can create authentic learning experiences for our students more than ever by promoting collaboration and helping them access their work anywhere and anytime. Curious to learn more about how to better use Google in your classroom?

What is Digital Pedagogy?

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first thought was to google what others see as best practice digital pedagogy but I decided that wasn't being true to myself so I am stumbling through this thought via this blog post and really hope for feedback to flesh this out further.

9 Ways to Use Google Wave

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It has been great watching the stream of potential uses for Google Wave roll in. Here are what I believe to be the best potential uses of Google Wave. I could see the Google Wave being used for class discussions and assignments on these snow days. Google Wave

Two Great Tools for the Timezone-Challenged from World Time Buddy


Others on Prof Hacker have written on how to easily schedule meetings across timezones , including use of Google calendar for scheduling. There is another World Time Buddy tool that allows you to connect things like your Google calendar to it but I haven’t explored this fully yet.

Online Class Starts Aug. 12th–Tech-infused Teacher

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Assessment is based on interaction with classmates, participation in virtual meetings, and completion of projects so be prepared to be fully-involved and an eager risk-taker. 4 Virtual Meetings. Google account (can be your school account or a personal one).

Last Chance for this College-credit Class

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Resources include videos, pedagogic articles, lesson plans, projects, and virtual face-to-face meetings to share in a collaborative environment. Student joins a Google Classroom-based class and meets weekly with instructor to discuss class activities and assignments.

Boosting Digital Literacies for a Purpose

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Community providers, such as the University AME Zion Church (UAMEZ) in Palo Alto, California, understand that digital literacy development, like any learning, starts with building trust in the community and meeting learners where they are.

Great Tips, Resources and Ideas for Going Paperless in the New Year

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Google is one of the sponsors of the Paperless pledge and has some tips, resources and ideas for going paperless and I have collected a variety of resources and tips. all files distributed as PDF''s when possible - readable on any system - Train your employees on going paperless From Google: 7 best ways to go paperless. 1) Use cloud storage: One place to create, share and keep all your files Google Drive: Get started with 5GB free. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

Team Productivity Through Slack


You can share just about anything digital using Slack, and it also integrates with many already existing online tools and apps, such as Google Apps and even an RSS feed reader. Productivity Software collaboration organization productivity

Last Chance for this College-credit Class (Differentiation)

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Differentiation in the classroom means meeting students where they are most capable of learning. 4 virtual meetings. Unlimited questions/coaching during virtual face-to-face meetings and other pre-arranged times. Google account (can be your school account or your personal one).

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Classroom Design Trends: Update Classroom Layout to Boost Engagement

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Collaborative software. Individuality encompasses how well a classroom meets the needs of students by offering: Ownership – how identifiable and personalized the room is. These spaces offer convenient seating plus tech like audio, display, and sharing software.

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Knowing the Unknown: Monitoring to Keep Students Safe

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We started looking for software that could monitor the email and document collaboration taking place in Google Docs,” said Director of Technology Ryan Adkins. Yorkville CUSD 115 turned to Gaggle and have found that both the software and customer service support meet their needs. “We

Information Sharing at the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference

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I relish the opportunity for an in-person meeting or training to connect with colleagues and partners. Below are a few online tools and software suggestions that can help your organization during this process. Google Draw (free). Software.

Tapping into the potential of AI smart speakers to boost parental engagement


We have stepped seamlessly into a world called the Internet of Things — a world of interconnected software and human interaction. More and more people now use virtual assistants in the form of smart speakers and their AI-powered software in an increasing number of aspects of their daily lives.

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Keeping Track of Bills with FileThis


Heather’s covered personal finance software , Erin’s suggested ways to check in on your insurance , and Adeline’s looked at a helpful tool for reorganizing your finances. Reviews Software finances personal financeBills!

Starting This Week: MTI 562

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4 Virtual Meetings. Unlimited questions/coaching during virtual face-to-face meetings and other pre-arranged times. At the completion of this course, you will be able to: Use blogs, Twitter, and Google Hangouts to collaborate. MTI 562: The Tech-infused Teacher.

Insider Tips to Help Entrepreneurs Juggle Two Jobs

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We created our own Google email addresses with our website and synced our calendars. Our software developer introduced us to UberConference. Using our Google sign-ins, we can host and attend web conferences wherever we are from any device.