Create an Automated Online Help Desk with Google Apps!

While working at a public elementary school as a Technology Coordinator back in 2013-2104, I wanted to find an efficient (and free) way to implement a help desk support system with Google Apps. I created the Automated Online Help Desk w/ Google Apps based on this developers tutorial.

Considering OpenClass to Manage Your Classes? Check out these Resources (and the P.S.)

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OpenClass is totally free and integrates with Google Apps For Education which we have at our school, so the system is definitely worth a look for our institution! Read about how he Wants to Put Learning-Management Software in the Cloud.

This Company is Using AI to Change the World

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Ray Kurzweil is a bestselling author, futurist and Director of Engineering for Google. Apple’s SIRI, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortona and Google’s Hey Google are all thought to be AI. e nterpriseMind is software that models the way we think. By Charles Sosnik.

SMART, Samsung offer a boost for collaboration

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The SMART Samsung Chromebook 3 Bundle features SMART amp and is fully integrated with Google Classroom and Apps for Education. SMART amp is a cloud-based solution, available on virtually any browser-enabled device. 10 x Google Device Management licenses.

What Should First Year Teachers Know About Tech Integration?

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As this week has progressed I find myself thinking on the subject a lot, and this blog post is a more thought out list of technology knowledge I think preservice teachers should be aware of before entering the workforce: Blended learning. Technology-based formative assessment options.

Apple’s Longtime Education VP Shares Frustrations With Slow Pace of Change


So we probably had more education software in the early, early days of the PC than anyone else. And that we would be able to build a learning environment based on technology that would eventually be all digital, that would meet the needs of all students. And we've seen test scores go from 29 percent to 68 percent in one semester when you can deliver the student the exact learning environment that they need to overcome the gap in their knowledge base.

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