5 Benefits of Adding Gamification to Classrooms


After all they know more about computers, mobiles, and game applications than they can ever know about libraries, slide projects , and inks. What is Gamification? Gamification is when you choose to use the elements of a game to add flavor to the classroom environment.

6 Factors Of Gamification That Changes Students

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6 Factors Of Gamification That Changes Students. Gamification is about transforming the environment and regular activities into a kind of game. Gamification reinforces content, but also has the potential to profoundly impact classroom management.

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Gamification for the Win! Escape from Detention

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The game itself was produced in Corona , said Alex Hachey , Mindgrub’s creative lead, at the Baltimore Mobile Meetup in December. android catina escape escape from detention game gamification HCL HiTech lab howard county public library ipad app iphone app mindgrub technically baltimore Tekye

Our favorite mobile apps: Appy Hour on the Future Trends Forum

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Instead, we hosted an “Appy Hour”, a session where we invited participants to simply share their favorite mobile app for learning. (The idea came up during the June 7th Forum discussion. Nearpod – for classroom presentation and interactive exercises. gamification.

Make your LMS a social learning platform

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For example, YouTube, social media, news websites, even self-help videos/blogs which are present in every possible genre. It could be in the form of a presentation or a lecture, usually addressed to a broader audience via a video conferencing platform or social media.

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Smartphones in the classroom: friend or foe?


The combination of students and mobile devices in the classroom has long been a debate topic among education professionals. The use of mobile devices during classes is often regarded as an element of distraction for students. Fast forward to the present day.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


Facebook Argument : Students consider the relative strength of evidence that two users present in a Facebook exchange. and world history and move students beyond the simple fact recognition presented by many bubble tests to engagement in historical thinking.

Gamify Learning: 20+ Resources

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Check out how to make your learning resemble video games in the slide presentation below. Game based learning & Gamification. ebook, Learning to Go , which has digital/mobile activities for any device and editable/printable handouts and rubrics.

Why Consider Mobile Learning? (Infographic)

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2015 80% of people will be accessing the Internet from mobile devices. 2012, 65% of workers declared their mobile devices to be their “most critical work device.”. 4.99% of mobile learners believed the format and presentation enhanced their learning.

Top 5 new EdTech tools that you might use in your university


The possibilities are almost countless since you can actually show students how molecules look like, present the famous battles, present ocean creatures, and do many similar things previously considered impossible. But what is the purpose of gamification ?

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3 ways to revamp lessons for the interactive learner

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Friendly competition can improve focus and drive better results, which is why “gamification” is a hot trend in corporate training and educational circles. Teachers can “gamify” lessons by integrating competition into classroom presentations in a number of ways.

G Suite for Special Education | Google Teacher Tribe Podcast Episode 4 with Carrie Baughcum

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Updates start with a facelift to the desktop and mobile apps along with some great new features! Gamification Resources from Carrie. Check out how @HeckAwesome does Star Wars #Gamification with her students!

Technology won't replace teachers, but.

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Those who presented raised questions around the digital divide, the changing shape of schools, the impact of information and communication technology on learning gain, the ongoing debate about whether schools should filter social media sites, and the use of new and emerging technologies in education.

Speaker at the Global EdTech Summit 2017


I am very happy to have been asked to present at the Global EdTech Summit 2017. Gamification: Discover Innovative Ways to Engage Students through Gaming. Mobile Learning: Portable Classroom Interaction. I will be presenting the use of scannable technology in the classroom.

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STEAM It Up with the 8 C’s! 50+ Ideas & Resources

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Recently, I was in Indiana presenting about teaching Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM/STEM) in ways that engage digital learners. Play mobile games that teach math and science like Solve the Outbreak (iOS/Android), Math vs Zombies (iOS/Android), Monster Physics (iOS), and Zombie Physics (iOS). ebook, Learning to Go , which has digital and mobile activities for any device with handouts.

The mLearning Moment in K-12 Education

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education system is having its mobile learning (mLearning) moment, with devices in some form in the majority of schools and more predicted in the next 1-2 years. 67% of those with no mobile learning technology at present said they were very or somewhat likely to adopt it in the next 1-2 years.


The 2013 Reform Symposium This Week - Online, Free, and with Amazing Speakers and Presenters

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

The fourth annual Reform Symposium Free Online Conference (RSCON) starts this Friday, October 11th, running for three days and in conjunction with Connected Educator Month.

Storms over liberal education: notes on the 2016 AAC&U conference

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I was there for a few reasons, starting with having the fine opportunity to lead a pre conference workshop, followed by presenting on two panels, helping out with a Twitter component, and reconnecting with dozens of friends and colleagues. presentations and talks trends Uncategorized aacu16

And the top e-learning trends for 2016 are.


First, mobile learning. Sure, there were lots of devices released in 2014 and the years before, but 2015 was the mobile age. And learning platforms are starting to get mobile developers to publish mobile apps and have them updated on a regular basis. Second, the introduction of gamification. They can do webinars and voice/video calls, and the only sole purpose of the classroom will be to physically present school output.

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STEAM It Up with the 8 C’s! 50+ Ideas & Resources

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Recently, I was in Indiana presenting about teaching Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM/STEM) in ways that engage digital learners. Play mobile games that teach math and science like Solve the Outbreak (iOS/Android), Math vs Zombies (iOS/Android), Monster Physics (iOS), and Zombie Physics (iOS). ebook, Learning to Go , which has digital and mobile activities for any device with handouts.

Digital learning futures

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Digital Learning Futures View more presentations from Steve Wheeler As I write this blog post, the above slideshow has received almost 18,000 views in just 48 hours since it was posted up onto Slideshare.

Moodle launches Moodle for School

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The world’s most widely-used learning platform presents Moodle for School, a MoodleCloud hosted solution specifically designed for K-12 educational environments. A range of popular plugins including video-conferencing and gamification tools.

Inspiring Students: Bringing Awe Back to Learning

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Let’s look quickly at these drivers in a bit more detail: Evolving Technologies – Technology continues to change at a rapid pace, which presents education with some exciting opportunities to awe learners. Awe might seem like just another three-letter word, but it is so much more.

2016 Fall CUE Overview


I’ve tried this gamification and it’s super fun…. If you’ve never experienced Dave’s presentations before, you are in for a treat. Additionally, Doug Robertson and Bill Selak are taking over Snapchat duties, and you can follow our Snapchat stories here on your mobile device.

10 Must-Have Features of an Online Education Platform

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Here in this blog, we will highlight some of the features that must be present in a learning platform. Online interactivities include quizzes, audio files, videos, simulations, gamification etc. An online education platform is meant for delivery of educational content to students.

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TCEA 2018: Educators Meet in Austin to Discuss the Future of the Classroom

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TCEA’s TechNotes Blog reports that Matlin will discuss accessibility and her app “Marlee Signs,” which leverages mobile devices to teach American Sign Language. TCEA 2018: Educators Meet in Austin to Discuss the Future of the Classroom. meghan.bogardu…. Mon, 01/15/2018 - 10:32.

Are eTextbooks The Next Big Thing in K-12 Education?

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Basically, there’s interaction happening, and that is what attracts them towards a mobile phone. Improves Motivation Through Gamification. By including gamification techniques, students are given points for completing assignments on time, scoring well in quizzes etc.

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International ed tech and pedagogical projects: notes from INTED 2017

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Gaming: many examples of people using games for learning, or gamification for public good (public health, for one). MOOCs: simply present in the ed tech space, without the hype crash America experienced. This past week I attended the INTED conference in Valencia, Spain.


10 Reasons I Use @TenMarks Math In My Classroom

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Throughout the year, I noticed many students watching the videos to grasp a better understanding of the concept that was presented to them. Gamification As the students complete assignments, they earn coins that they can later use at TenMarket.

A Brilliant Resource For Students That Think They Hate Writing

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They are easily accessible on any computer, tablet, or mobile device, providing a curriculum solution for schools’ varying access to technology. . This bit of gamification is another key to its success. A Brilliant Resource For Students That Think They Hate Writing.

STEAM It Up for Struggling Students! 15+ Resources

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Find the slides, tips and resources for my presentation, STEAM It Up for Students! Make it mobile! ebook, Learning to Go , which has digital and mobile activities for any device with handouts. Recently added to the Survival Tips for Teachers ! “It isn’t that they cannot see the solution. It is that they cannot see the problem.” ” – GK Chesterton. Enjoyed these resources? Get your copy of The 30 Goals for Teachers or Learning to Go.

10 Experts’ Predictions for Education and Technology in 2016


One of the biggest EdTech trends in 2016 and for the years to follow will be gamification. Gamification will provide the necessary motivation, engage learners, and bring back the fun element in the learning process. Many universities, like Stanford, have caught on to that trend and are already offering courses and degrees in gamification. Mobile learning. It is therefore important that eLearning content is mobile supported.

Resources from Miami Device

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When I attend sessions, in addition to taking my own notes, I like to photograph the presenter, enhance the photo, and overlay text on top to make an infopic. Luckily, many generous presenters at Miami Device shared their resources, notes, and handouts digitally.

Robot Teachers at New International School

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The Indian and Pakistani ambassadors to the UAE were also present at the function held at the school’s campus in Mussafah. The post Robot Teachers at New International School appeared first on | elearning, mobile learning, gamification and more.

Are You Prepared For The Future Of Social Learning?

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Considered from this angle the challenge is really an opportunity to merge the ubiquity and deep capacity of information present in these platforms with the inspiration and commitment of teachers to students constantly improving and dedicated to advanced learning.

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