What is Gamification in Education? 6 Ways to Gamify Your Classroom

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As long as it’s not in the context of a certain horror film franchise, but rather in regards to gamification in education, then the answer is probably, “sure!” Long story short, that’s how gamification in education came to be. Do you want to play a game?

Why we should all think about the gamification of education


The educational system as we know it was invented for the needs of the industrial times, and it was perfect for those times. How gamification shifted the perspective. Gamification can transform classrooms and can help everyone improve their results. The gamification of education.

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6 E-learning trends currently shaping up the industry


The e-learning industry is constantly evolving. Some current trends that shape up the e-learning industry at the moment are rather new, others are currently under the spotlight, while others are proven tactics that will continue to lead to great results. Gamification.

Why gamification works [Part 1]


Building on my curiosity about the way games like Candy Crush affect our minds, I thought we’d take a closer look at gamification. Gamification versus play. The post Why gamification works [Part 1] appeared first on NEO BLOG. Gamification

The Game Agency Named to 2018 Training Industry Top 20 Gamification List

The Game Agency

Raleigh, NC – October 25, 2018 – Training Industry today announced that The Game Agency has been selected for inclusion in the Training Industry Top 20 list for the Gamification sector of the learning and development market. About Training Industry, Inc.

The Game Agency Named to 2019 Training Industry Top 20TM Gamification Companies List

The Game Agency

Stamford, CT – July 30, 2019 – The Game Agency has been named to the 2019 Top Training Companies List for the gamification sector of the learning and development market for the third year in a row. Selection to the 2019 Training Industry Top 20 Gamification Companies List was based on the following criteria: Gamification features and capabilities.

How gamification is driving learning space design

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Gamification is moving from simple novelty to a valid pedagogical approach that can deliver powerful learning experiences in higher education and K-12 classrooms alike—and this growth has led to changes in how educators approach their classrooms and physical learning spaces.

How Recruiters Can Use Gamification To Attract And Engage New Employees

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The Rise Of Gamification In Recruitment. According to one report, the “global gamification market was valued at $6.8 I see firsthand how often businesses are adopting gamification for multiple purposes, and one of them is recruitment. Gamification in recruitment allows applicants to put their money where their mouth is before filling a role by showcasing their skills. Gamification can help to immediately engage potential employees.

How Gamified Training Is Attracting A New Generation Of Workers To Blue-Collar Industries

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Beyond the shortage of people who are qualified and interested in these roles, I believe these industries are having increased difficulty filling roles because those workers who do want to work in blue-collar sectors tend to learn and perform better in training environments that are wildly different from those used by older generations. Why Is It So Hard to Hire New-Generation Talent In Blue-Collar Industries? Gamification Increases Learning Potential.

What All Leaders Should Learn About Training From The Health Care Industry

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The health care industry is made up of highly skilled, highly schooled, high-cost, in-demand professionals who are responsible for making life-and-death decisions. Consequently, their training is best in class and can serve as a model for all other industries. used a PlayStation to improve his surgical accuracy, the idea of games to improve clinical interventions has been of great interest to the industry.

Fun Learning, Creating and Coding With Roblox Education


Roblox is a cross-platform hit game that was launched long ago (for the game industry) in. Educational Games & Gamification Teaching CodingThe popular platform (second in line behind Minecraft) is seeing increased use in schools and classrooms.

Let’s Have Edu Gamathons, Not Just Gamification


Engaging the educational game industry to help drive innovation in learning is certainly critical but involving the diverse expertise of students and forward thinking educators can only drive more successful outcomes. Gamification, in the sense that it exist in education, isn’t the same as immersive learning through gaming.

Why your young students love e-learning


You’re probably familiar with the notion of gamification — the use of gaming principles and mechanics in a non-game context, like learning. Gamification is all about data. This post was originally published on eLearning Industry , on June 18, 2016. Kids are our future.

How Games Can Hook Students With Short Attention Spans

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One of the avenues they are exploring is gamification – integrating games and their principles into learning. Our research has shown that gamification has the potential to boost student learning and motivation. To this end, some schools are turning to gamification.

The Future of eLearning - 10 Trends To Be Aware Of

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The potential applications for this currently seem limitless, considering the presence of AI in several industries outside of education. Gamification. Referred to as gamification, or game-based learning, this facet of eLearning attempts to make education fun!

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Top 5 new EdTech tools that you might use in your university


Most people don’t consider education technology to be such an important industry, but it’s actually gigantic. According to the report, the EdTech industry will reach a global value of $252 billion by 2020. But what is the purpose of gamification ?

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Why We Need To Embrace eSports In Education


Thanks to the passion of students and the support of the video game industry, esports is also finding a home in higher education. Gamification TL Advisor Blog EsportsTo say esports is booming would be an understatement.


Top e-learning trends to keep an eye on in 2020


With that in mind, it’s important to keep an eye on the myriad of digital education trends that are currently shaping up the industry. What’s more, the adoption of interactive videos is creating rippling effects in the e-learning industry.

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INTERVIEW: Digital learning trends that are reshaping EdTech


Without further ado, here are the general directions in which the industry of educational technologies is growing: Adaptive learning and learner-centric education. Gamification. Gamification is another area that’s been around for a few years.

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mLevel’s Top 3 Learning and Development Lessons Of 2017


Hear from a few of our team members on what they’ve explored about learning, microlearning, gamification, corporate challenges, and more in 2017. It is very likely that that content was also delivered in multiple formats using gamification. I love applying mLevel’s microlearning and gamification platform to create a process that optimizes traditional event driven training. Learning Learning Technologies Learning & Development Microlearning Gamification

8 Practical Ways to Use AI in Learning

Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Kamy Anderson has eight practical ways to use AI in learning: Artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting the education industry. 3. Gamification. Then again, not all students thrive on gamification.

Digital Transformation in the Education Sector - A Guide to Education Technology

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In that regard, from interactive whiteboards to front-facing projectors, the digital transformation in the education sector has yielded its own technological industry - EdTech. Can you think of an aspect of life that has not yet been influenced by modern technology?

Self-Paced E-Learning Market Evaporating, Report Finds

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According to the document, “the recent steep declines in the e-learning industry essentially mean that the e-learning era is effectively over. Marketplace K-12 digital content digital curricula edtech eLearning gamification gamified market mobileBy guest blogger Leo Doran.

Distance learning during the pandemic: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome!


Every industry has been affected by the recent pandemic in one way or another and education makes no exception. Another thing that is proved to both student engagement rate, is the use of gamification.

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18 powerful technology tools and trends for 2018

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Pair that fast pace with the education industry, which is notoriously slow to adopt new things, and it doesn’t exactly sound like a recipe for innovation. Technology changes so rapidly that the newest tablets, phones, and tools are often outdated within a couple years.

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Game On: Teachers Should Continue to Gamify Classrooms

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Get Your Gamification On. Several years ago, gamification was an emerging trend and even named one of the Horizon Report’s Top 10 things driving educational change. The gaming industry thrived, and educators looked for ways to capitalize on that.

How to Build a Modern School – 6 Key Elements to Embed in Your Groundwork

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Quick Take: Covering the 6 key elements in creating the right foundation for modern education with the arrival of the 4 th industrial revolution and the changing educational environment.

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Innovation In E-learning In The Last 10 Years


Let’s take a look at the some of the innovation in E-learning industry in the last 10 years: The Usage of Smartphones. However, it has taken the e-learning industry by storm. This is the level of vitality of smartphones which makes it necessary for the e-learning industry to introduce mLearning, i.e., mobile learning on a large scale. MOOC is not a new concept in the e-learning industry. Gamification in the Learning Process.

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4 Ideas Educators can Learn from Gaming

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After all, it is highly unlikely that the video game industry accidentally stumbled upon the ideas of ways to get kids interested. gamification technology integrationWe can often hear educators discuss how difficult it is to reach students in their classrooms and keep their interest. In fact, a lot of blaming goes towards how much time students spend on video games, as well as the instant gratification of today’s society.

4 Ideas Educators can Learn from Gaming

Class Tech Integrate

After all, it is highly unlikely that the video game industry accidentally stumbled upon the ideas of ways to get kids interested. gamification technology integrationWe can often hear educators discuss how difficult it is to reach students in their classrooms and keep their interest. In fact, a lot of blaming goes towards how much time students spend on video games, as well as the instant gratification of today’s society.

Preparing High Schoolers For A Career In Cybersecurity

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The cybersecurity industry is changing all the time, so staying on top of all the new methods and tools can be a huge task. However, there are boot camps and other training courses that educators or institutions can retain to ensure all teaching staff have the required industry knowledge to not only teach the subject but to teach it well. Education Through Gamification. The cyber industry changes on an almost weekly basis.

New ‘Horizon Report’ Looks Back on What Past Predictions Got Wrong


Remember the hype around gamification? It led the Horizon Report, an annual attempt by a panel of experts to forecast educational trends, to predict in 2012 that gamification would be a major force in education within three years. One of those essays is on “gaming and gamification.”

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Using a school LMS to deliver PD for teachers


They create courses, give access to all sorts of learning materials online, use gamification features, design learning paths, encourage online collaboration, monitor student progress, do grading, and so on. People from various other industries face similar challenges.

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On International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the women who are working to build a better tomorrow

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To tackle this problem, Wecyclers incentivizes low-income communities to recycle by offering rewards, while providing a reliable supply of raw material to the local recycling industry.

The Friday 4: Your weekly ed-tech rewind

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The future of education, including citizen science apps, increases in gamification and game-based learning, and artificial intelligence’s impact on the education industry.