Game Based Learning: Make Fast Teaching Games with SMART lab

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Sponsored Post by SMART Learning Suite From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Formative assessment and game based learning make a powerful combination in the classroom. I love SMART lab, a new feature of the SMART Learning Suite. In this article, you’ll learn how to use SMART lab to build fast games and lessons. Tutorial: How to Make a Fast Game Based Learning Lesson with SMART lab.

Epic Guide To Game Based Learning

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100+ Game Based Learning Resources to Get Started in Your Classroom From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Games are fun. Game based learning excites learning in my classroom. Additionally, I’ll give you 100+ of my favorite game based learning resources. Game Based Learning in My Classroom. What are serious games? Welcome to serious games.


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The Art & Science of Game-based Learning

Playware Studios

Our Creative Director Siddharth Jain was invited to moderate a panel on “The Art & Science of Game-based Learning” at the In.LAB (at the Life Long Learning Institute ) with Noah Falstein (Founder and CEO of the Inspiracy ) and Asst. Here is brief synopsis of the event: Using game play to make learning interesting and engaging has been gaining interest from educators, with the onset of 21st century mobile connectivity.

Game-Based Learning Gains Steam in Higher Education: Triseum Raises $1.43 Million to Transform Educational Experiences for Students

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André Thomas, CEO of Triseum and former Head of Graphics for EA Sports Madden Football, brings gaming to new heights on university campuses combining rigorous learning and resources with state-of-the-art graphic design. million, on the heels of their official market launch and initial game release due June 1st, 2016, raising the total investment to nearly $2 million. When Education Game Development Is Done Right, It Works. Video games are inherently a learning tool.

Zondle- Another Great Platform to Help you Integrate Game-based Learning Approach in Your Teaching

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

August 28, 2015 Zondle is another great web tool and mobile app to use in a game-based learning approach. Zondle allows you to create, play and share educational games to support teaching, more. game-based learning tools

Top 100 Sites/Apps for Game Based Learning

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This is going to be one of my most ambitious posts yet, as I have curated a gigantic list of my favorite sites/apps for Game Based Learning (a.k.a I''ve done posts on educational iOS Apps and Educational Online Games but I have never combined the two and curated a list that specifically deals w/ GBL. One theme I have noticed is that the subject of Math uses the concept of Game Based Learning quite often.

Q&A: Talking Tech and Mobility with CoSN's Marie Bjerede

EdTech Magazine

By Jena Passut Education advocate offers tips on preparing for the future of teaching and learning. Classroom Game-based Learning Internet Mobility

VR & AR in the Classroom

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Hall Davidson’s Bio as Submitted T he Discovery Education Global Learning Initiative Senior Director, Hall Davidson has become a master and advocate for technology integration in education. Davidson was an integral force in creating and providing Internet-based video-on-demand for classrooms. He has become a leading guru of virtual environments, learning with mobile devices, social media, and digital textbooks.

Why Mobile Learning Is The Future

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Mobile Gaming is and will continue to disrupt the L&D industry. M-Learning allows training to be readily available anywhere and everywhere. Training is at the tip of your fingers and here is why that’s important: The post Why Mobile Learning Is The Future appeared first on game.

Gamified Social Studies Takes Off in Fantasy Geopolitics

EdTech Magazine

Frank Smith A game born from a teacher's frustration has blossomed into a new way to teach geography and current events. Classroom Curriculum Digital Content Game-based Learning Mobile Apps Mobility

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FETC 2015 Kicks Off With a BYOD Bang

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Frank Smith A game-based learning event, executive summit and hands-on sessions are highlights of the opening day of the conference. Classroom Collaboration Curriculum Game-based Learning Hardware Leadership Management Mobility Notebooks Online Learning Policies STEM Tablets

BYOD 119

7 Ways My Interactive Display is a Key Part of My Student-Centered Classroom

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In a project-based classroom where making and inventing happens all the time, students are always doing amazing things. Being able to quickly share is essential to progress, learning, and celebrating student success. This happens most often while students are learning because not only will students show their work to the whole class on the board, but they’ll also need to demonstrate their process.

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Merge Cube Mania in Middle School

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Legends of Learning has awesome free science games and activities to celebrate earth day on April 22. Check out their NGSS aligned Science games for grades 3-8. When you scan the cube with your mobile device — it will work with an iPhone, an iPad, and it works with Android, but you have to have the Merge Cube app on it. Some are interactive games. They had to tell what they learned about how to use it.

Virtual Reality (VR) as a New Educational Paradigm

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Within the virtual environment, you get you learning, you get your assessment, you get your experience. So I think what we’re waiting on, to really have the area explode, VR in education, are the mobile headsets that are running web VR — which we haven’t seen a lot of yet. Just like Second Life, which runs on a desktop, but with that new technology, have that run on a mobile device that can be in the Google Cardboard so the kids can experience it.

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Gamify Learning: 20+ Resources

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Games are an extraordinary way to tap into your most heroic qualities.” -?Jane Jane McGonigal, Author of Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World. People enjoy playing video games. When we play video games we learn, build, collaborate, problem-solve, explore, discover, and achieve goals. What if learning were more like playing a video game? Gamifying Learning from Shelly Terrell.

Computer Science Teaching Tips

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What happens when a school has every student learn Computer Science. To learn more about Wriq go to Then we have next level we’ve got an honors programming class and a mobile applications class, also both one-semester courses. It turns out that they learn a ton — because when they’ve got a project that interests them, they’re really motivated to learn beyond even what we talked about in class.

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7 Global Project Ideas from a Leading 3rd Grade Classroom

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Learn about global Kahoots, how she tweets with her class and more global collaborative techniques in this show. Instantly scan and score with any mobile, desktop or document camera. I think we’ve learned how to use social media in just a really positive way, and learned to communicate and build a global audience, and shared our learning, and learned with others. Just put out positivity, and educate each other, and learn from each other.

Kasey Bell’s 8 Great Ways to Use Google Slides

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From stop motion to video controls and cool add-ins for formative assessment and graphics, learn about this Swiss Army Knife of Google tools – Google Slides. Just go to to learn more. Vicki: Today we’re talking with my friend Kasey Bell from “Shake Up Learning” and author of Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning from Static to Dynamic. We can keep learning more. 3 EdTech and E-Learning Influencer on Twitter.

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CoSN 2016: NMC Offers a Taste of the Future of Classroom Technology

EdTech Magazine

Classroom Game-based Learning Internet Mobility Social MediaFrank Smith Virtual reality’s role in education is obscured by the hype curve, according to a leading industry technology analyst.

SplashLearn Raises $18 Million in Series C Funding Round From Owl Ventures & Accel

eSchool News

SplashLearn, the US-headquartered learning company began 2021 on a high note raising $18 million in Series C funding round led by Owl Ventures. San Francisco based Owl Ventures is the largest edtech sector-focused venture capital firm in the world. Learn more at

As Esports Find a Place in School, This Startup Teaches Gamers How to Go Pro


In his first year at UC Berkeley in 2013, Sam Wang found himself playing League of Legends, a competitive online video game, during his classes. Sam Wang While it may have seemed like fun and games, Wang saw an opportunity. I think gaming is going to explode in the next five years.

10 Ways to Publish Your Game Anywhere

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The beauty of The Training Arcade® is once you’ve created a game with your training content. You can launch the game and publish it anywhere! Here are 10 ways you can publish and deploy the game for maximum training effectiveness. EXPORT YOUR GAME TO YOUR LMS. Export the games as a SCORM package (SCORM 1.2 or 2004) and load into your Learning Management System (LMS). Once you build a game, you can embed it right on your LMS dashboard.

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Age of Learning’s Latest Is a $100 Million Educational Game


How much does it cost to build educational games with all the flair and polish of their commercial counterparts? $10 That’s roughly how much Age of Learning estimates it will have spent by the end of this year on “ Adventure Academy ,” a multiplayer online game to teach elementary- and middle-school age children subjects including math, social studies and language arts. The game, publicly available today, works on web browsers and iOS and Android mobile devices.

How Tablet Games Can Teach Skills to Students with Visual Impairments


Marty Schultz has added a twist to hangman, the classic word-guessing game. His tablet-run version of the game has the same goal: pick letters to figure out a mystery word. We’ve now taken the boring task of learning Braille and turned it into a game,” says Schultz, co-founder of Boston-based educational games maker ObjectiveEd. “We’re We’re changing the dynamic so that a kid is looking forward to learning.”

#iste17 trends: Google, Touch Screen Chromebooks and More

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Whether it is learning from home through online courses, professional development, conference workshops or as a keynote speaker Kasey is a relentless innovator of ideas and a devoted transformer of classrooms and teaching. Digital Innovation in Learning Award Winner in “Sharing is Caring”. 3 EdTech and E-Learning Influencer on Twitter.

What All Leaders Should Learn About Training From The Health Care Industry

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used a PlayStation to improve his surgical accuracy, the idea of games to improve clinical interventions has been of great interest to the industry. Over the past decade, health care professionals have adopted game-based learning in volume, resulting in improved training and compliance rates, boosted patient care, and time and cost savings for clinical practices. ?. Games Tell A Story. Games Can Tap Into Our Natures. Games Make Training More Available.

The 5-Year, $15 Million Global Learning XPRIZE Competition Is Over. Here’s Who Won.


But such was the length of time for finalists of the Global Learning XPRIZE competition before learning the winner of $10 million. and London-based nonprofit Onebillion. Kitkit offers a game-based learning program on tablets to help children learn independently. The app offers a library of books and videos and 2,400 learning activities across 22 sessions covering math and reading.

Change the Game: Using Minecraft to Teach Students with Autism


Modern research has continued to demonstrate that playful learning improves educational outcomes, even more so when it’s digital and multi-modal. Modern research has continued to demonstrate that playful learning improves educational outcomes. Despite popular myth, games actually discourage negative behaviors, benefit mental health and improve social skills. Of course, not all games are created equal. The best games are just fun, and the learning is almost invisible.

Games Can Breed Uncivil Behavior. They Can Also Teach Digital Citizenship.


For most children, online video games offer an early window into social interactions with friends—and strangers. While social games foster collaboration and competition, they have also been home to hostile communities, where harassment and uncivil behavior can run rampant and make headlines. Some online multiplayer games have become so ridden with profanity that many players disable chat functions. (I But “games are different now,” he acknowledges.

Game On: Kahoot Snaps Up DragonBox for $18 Million for Its First Acquisition


Last December, following a Disney investment that valued the company at $376 million , the Oslo-based company made clear its intention to build a pipeline for acquisitions. For the first purchase in the company’s 8-year history, it will acquire Dragonbox , which offers a suite of math educational games, for $18 million in a cash-and-stock purchase. We reviewed the games several years ago.) Education Technology Mergers and Acquisitions Game-Based Learning

World-Premiere Exhibit Explains Minecraft to the Most Challenging Audience: Parents


A new museum exhibit celebrating Minecraft’s tenth anniversary doesn’t just highlight the block-building game’s role in education. The entire exhibition itself is, subtly, all about learning. Entrance to Minecraft: The Exhibition (Photo credit: Frank Catalano) “A block in the game is one meter on a side,” explained Brooks Peck, senior curator at MoPOP and co-curator of the exhibition. “So Learning about Maori culture. Education Technology Events Game-Based Learning

Vocab Victor Classroom

Technology Tidbits

Vocab Victor the innovative mobile (iOS/Android) app for building vocabulary words/skills just released a major update for educators, their digital "classroom". Create word lists based on what you think your students most need to learn!


Technology Tidbits

SplashLearn is an ideal learning tool to use for teachers and parents because of the educational portal. Students can even use SplashLearn for Self Paced Learn, making it a great way for students to strengthen their Math skills. game based learning math

Vocab Victor Classroom

Technology Tidbits

Vocab Victor the innovative mobile (iOS/Android) app for building vocabulary words/skills just released a major update for educators, their digital "classroom". Create word lists based on what you think your students most need to learn!

Vocab Victor

Technology Tidbits

Vocab Victor is a free innovative mobile (iOS/Android) app for building vocabulary words/skills that is ideal for ESL/ELL. Vocab Victor uses "game based learning" to help students develop their vocabulary through 4 different styles of games through 11 levels.