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Why Is This In My Room?- Starting the Year With EdTech


Let’s think about a few ways in which we can better prepare ourselves for OWNING these technology tools in our classroom. Have you ever used another teacher’s classroom and were completely thrown off by the technology setup? Mobile Devices. We have looked at the technology in a classroom setup that may initially seem foreign and uncomfortable. Follow Emily on Twitter (@eh48) and read more about her technology escapades on her blog (

EdTech 108

9 Steps for Choosing a Device

Tom Murray

Here’s a 9 step process to support your decision-making process. During this step, school leaders across the district should collaborate to inventory what currently exists, from core curriculum and technology support resources, to types of devices already in place. Districts can often be seen purchasing vast amounts of technology based on little to no research or evidence. Blog Chromebook Device Selection edtech future ready Procurement Samsung Samsung Galaxy