Future-Ready Strategies to Deliver High-Impact Learning Experiences Now


That’s because in many K–12 districts, the IT department establishes the technology, the curriculum department develops the instructional methodologies, and most of the physical classroom components either are leftovers from the mid-20th century or were purchased and deployed without consulting the instructional teams and students that will use them. In addition, the skills that students will need for future success have changed.

Future Ready Schools® Releases New Blended Learning Guide for Districts


In conjunction with the seventh annual Digital Learning Day , Future Ready Schools (FRS), an initiative of the Alliance for Excellent Education (All4Ed), released a new guide for school districts interested in using “blended learning” to support their approach to instruction. Blending Teaching and Technology: Simple Strategies for Improved Student Learning , showcases Lindsay Unified School District (LUSD).


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Leading Schools of the Future

A Principal's Reflections

Portions of this post are adapted from the Future Ready Schools website with permission. Advances in technology continue to impact society in amazing ways. They thrive in this world and find relevancy and value through a variety of experiences that technology provides. With the changes in technology, virtually every facet of society has adapted in some way, with one major exception – schools. Digital Leadership and Future Ready Recently the U.S.

Amplify: Digital Teaching and Learning in the K–6 Classroom

Tom Murray

schools are buying tremendous amounts of technology, placing these tools in classrooms, and often are left wondering what to do with it. Future Ready Schools ® Invites You to a Participate in a Webinar. Tom Murray , Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools ® , Alliance for Excellent Education. By leveraging technology, thinking is amplified and the “how” for all learners is diversified. From coast to coast, U.S.

It’s New Year’s…Yeah, But…


Rather than being frozen, we can become mobilized by the possibilities. Now, we know that technology is not the magic bullet, but it can be a great catalyst for a change. Our students have changed, our world has changed, our future is changed. So why not work together to create a better future for our students? Our students-their futures and ours, are counting on it. . Happy New Year!! This day is often a time for retrospection and planning forward.

Why Is This In My Room?- Starting the Year With EdTech


Let’s think about a few ways in which we can better prepare ourselves for OWNING these technology tools in our classroom. Have you ever used another teacher’s classroom and were completely thrown off by the technology setup? Mobile Devices. We have looked at the technology in a classroom setup that may initially seem foreign and uncomfortable. Follow Emily on Twitter (@eh48) and read more about her technology escapades on her blog (tech4word.blogspot.com).

EdTech 108

3 things schools must know about the rising “phigital” student

eSchool News

Since education has been focusing more on adapting itself to its students, rather than students learning to adapt to its educators, there’s never been a better time to re-examine strategies ranging from classroom pedagogy to campus-wide technology initiatives. For education, this means heavy focus should be placed on incorporating not only digital materials in the classroom, but incorporating mobile devices in class and mobile strategies within the school or institution.

Events + News - Future Ready June 24 - Global Ed Day at ISTE - Library 2.015 Proposals - NMC This Week

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

22nd Annual NMC Summer Conference , The NMC Summer Conference is a one-of-a-kind event, attracting highly skilled professionals interested in the integration of emerging technologies into teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. Gain tremendous insight on planning for, implementing, and evaluating cutting-edge technologies and learning approaches. Department of Education's Future Ready Pledge.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. In the November 2016 Executive Summary , the researchers shared: When thousands of students respond to dozens of tasks there are endless variations. That was certainly the case in our experience.

Life After 1:1 #Lead3

There is no box

Every student has access to an Internet connected mobile device. If you are at a district that has entered the 21st Century and made the decision to provide technology access to every student, congratulations, you’ve taken you’re first step into a larger world. 1:1 Commentary edtech future readyNow what?

Disruptive technologies in Education industry


Globalization and Technology advances over the last decade have significantly altered the landscape of the education sector. The potential of education technology is the biggest in Asia due to the sheer number of students enrolled in schools across Asia (600 million in K-12 schools) and the premium that Asian culture places on education. Across the globe, some key disruptive technology trends which are impacting education are: Artificial Intelligence. Assistive Technology.

School district invents custom charging solution for all schools

eSchool News

As Denton Independent School District (ISD) prepares for future ready classrooms with technology and builds new schools, the Texas district is partnering with LocknCharge to create a new mobile device charging cabinet – the Carrier 15 Charging Station™. There were no solutions designed to fit the unique needs of Denton ISD,” said Judy Bush technology manager. It includes three large baskets to store and safely distribute technology.

Memory Machines: Learning, Knowing, and Technological Change

Hack Education

Let me make sure I’m clear here – I’m interested in the “push,” in the stories we tell about machines more so than the technology underpinning the machines themselves. They’re part of our cultural imaginary as much as they are about a technological reality that we face today. There are powerful narratives being told about the future that insist we are at a moment of extraordinary technological change.

The Features And Benefits Of The XP-Pen Drawing Tablet In The Classroom

TeachThought - Learn better.

is light, portable, and WiFi-ready. Much of this has to do with fluctuating learning priorities where critical thinking and problem-solving skills for a future-ready, tech-savvy student body are given precedence. The Tools Of Mobile Learning. Technology Remote Teaching

Making IT Happen (at ISTE)


This year, awardees included: Helen Crompton, a professor of instructional technology at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va., who has done research on integrating K-12 curriculum (especially in STEM) with mobile learning. Dallas Dance, former superintendent of the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), for building one of the country’s most technology-embracing and innovative school districts. Education Technology Movers and Shakers Community

10 ways administrators can collaborate with librarians–even remotely

eSchool News

Whether a principal, superintendent, head of technology, or head of curriculum, there is likely a gem of a resource among your staff who could push your Future Ready agenda forward–school librarians.

Magic of the Everyday: Southern CA Educators Share 10 Best Teaching, Technology Practices


Many leaders spoke about the importance of collaborating across districts for a variety of initiatives—from planning a technology implementation to creating buy-in from teachers and providing professional development opportunities. Many districts have signed the Future Ready Pledge , but what comes next? If new technologies or practices can help support a teacher’s goals towards accomplishing their school’s mission, then they wholeheartedly support their efforts.

Why a 21st Century Teacher Isn’t Just a “Guide on the Side”

EdNews Daily

The great fiction that a teacher today has become a “guide on the side” is now hardwired into nearly every conversation about the future of teaching and learning. First, stop relying on the one stop category of ‘guide on the side’ and start identifying the skill sets necessary to be a ‘future ready’ teacher. Digital Learning Featured professional development Technology SEL technology Thom MarkhamBy Thom Markham.

The Power of Place: Exploring the Future of Readiness in a Local Context


and beyond, stakeholders invested in creating positive futures for young people face a critical window of choice. The rise of smart machines is altering the ways that humans can and will engage in the workforce in the future, and our notion of what constitutes a “job” is changing as work becomes more taskified and project-based. These shifts require us to look beyond our current definitions of readiness and redefine what today’s young people will need to thrive in the future.

Teachers Can Transform Education if We Reinvent Professional Learning

EdNews Daily

They have figured out the future. Train teachers for the future, not the past. Accept a disturbing fact: We can’t ‘train’ a future-ready teacher. Featured How Learning Works professional development Technology The Learning Counsel Thom MarkhamBy Thom Markham.

ISTE Launches ISTE U to Help Teachers, Leaders Build Digital Competencies


The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is beginning enrollment today for ISTE U , an online professional learning hub for teachers and leaders to build critical skills for teaching and learning in a digital world. Taking Mobile Learning to the Next Level. ? Exploring Future Ready Librarianship: Practices for the Emerging Leader, developed in collaboration with Future Ready Librarians™ and with support from Follett. ?

3 Techniques for Promoting Resilience in Adult Digital Literacy

Digital Promise

Blatantly audible complaints by employees (“We have ‘this new system…’”) made it clear staff were neither trained adequately nor on board with the new technology. When examining technology’s impact on how we prepare adult learners for the world of work, we need to be careful not to divert our gaze too far away from the digital skills needed for the jobs of today. adults have some type of mobile device. Use Technology Learners Already Know. The Future is Now.

How Virtual Reality Helps This N.Y. School District Prepare Students for Their Future


In 2014 Jill Gierasch could see the writing on the wall—students from her New York school district were saturated in technology at home, but that wasn’t the case at school. Engagement in technology-free classes was waning and while the deputy superintendent for Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District (POB) didn’t want students using technology just for the sake of technology—she wanted her schools and students to be future-ready.

Schools Need Robust Networks to Support Internet of Things

EdTech Magazine

Recognizing the value of smart and connected classrooms, most school districts are experimenting with the Internet of Things or plan to do so in the near future. While IoT deployments are relatively new to education, industry observers expect the technology to make a big impact thanks to its potential to reduce costs, improve security and boost student engagement. But will current K–12 networks be ready to carry the onslaught of additional traffic?

Vote for Digital Promise in the 2019 SXSW EDU PanelPicker!

Digital Promise

With that in mind, we invite you to help us tell our stories at SXSW EDU 2019 to spread the word on topics like learner variability, educator micro-credentials, immersive storytelling with 360° technology, maker learning, edtech pilots, data interoperability, and more. Growing classroom diversity, research, sophistication of technology, & 21st-century job requirements puts us on a path to consider personalized learning. What happens in a Future Ready Library?

EdTech 162

10 ways administrators should be collaborating with their librarians

eSchool News

Whether a principal, superintendent, head of technology, or head of curriculum, there is likely a gem of a resource among your staff who could push your Future Ready agenda forward. Long gone are the days when librarians were simply the “keeper of books,” and the administrators who have grown to realize this have found it much easier to accomplish their strategic vision by mobilizing this dedicated and knowledgeable part of their staff.

ISTE 2016: Educational Equity, Lifelong Learning, and a Simpler Approach to Edtech


At the end of June, eSpark joined the thousands of district and edtech leaders headed to Denver, CO to meet innovative educators and discuss the current state of technology in schools. Successful classroom technology should challenge and support every type of learner without widening the digital divide that’s often found in low-income and rural districts. Check out our webinar on how to prepare students for jobs that don’t exist yet: Tech Education News Education Technology

Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives


In the edWebinar, “ Strategic Technology Planning and Investment,” which is part of CoSN’s Empowered Superintendent series for edWeb, three superintendents who’ve been in the trenches for all aspects of district edtech plans discussed effective financial planning for technology. However, between new staff members, changing technology, and new learning goals, the tech coaches became permanent positions, and Linson had to add them to the budget.

A Wake Up Call For School Leaders

A Principal's Reflections

Many people in education talk a great game when it comes to the effective use of technology, but the results (lack there of) speak for themselves. I constantly see and hear about leaders who tout themselves in a way that makes others develop a perception that they actually know something about the effective integration of a variety of technology tools to improve professional practice.

BYOD 246

Leading Educators Take the Stage to Ignite Change in Education

Digital Promise

Every speaker who took the stage talked about how students in this country deserve the highest quality education, rich with learning experiences that challenge them and opportunities to develop skills that prepare them for a future we can’t foresee. Mark Ray , Chief Digital Officer of Vancouver Public Schools , spoke of transforming the role of librarians in his district to support students in becoming “future ready.” Representing 73 districts, 33 states, and 3.2

Buncee is headed to ISTE19!


The Buncee Bus is headed to Philadelphia for the 40th International Society for Technology in Education! Amy Storer and Leticia Citizen- Instructional and Technology Coaches can use Buncee too @ 10:30AM. Shannon McClintock Miller- Share and Tell with Future Ready Librarians @ 1PM . Future Ready Librarians come share how you empower your students as creators with Buncee! 6 Mobile Resources That You’ll Want to Use in Your Classroom Now! @

Students discover the power of coding

eSchool News

The District has launched an entire website devoted to the Hour of Code — www.RUSDcodes.com — so that families can participate in activities at home and students can use it as a resource for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) education opportunities throughout the year. We are committed to integrating technology into our classrooms to enhance student learning and achievement,” said Dr. Julie Mitchell, Rowland Unified Superintendent of Schools. “We

7 Great NonProfits Changing the Face of Professional Learning

Tom Murray

As mentioned in my previous post 16 Great NonProfits Working to Support EdTech in Schools , prior to my role as the Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools, I spent 14 years in a public school in Pennsylvania as an elementary and middle school teacher, middle school and elementary principal, and district level technology director. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

How One District Is Transforming Digital Learning

Leadership Lounge

While pedagogies, learning tools and technology have evolved over the 20 years I’ve worked in the industry and 14 years as a leader in educational technology, the belief in digital equity has remained a constant for me. Regardless of state, neighborhood, socio-economic status or ethnicity, students should have the necessary access to information technology for lifelong learning, civic engagement, career readiness and essential services.

How to Cultivate Communication Skills in the Classroom

Shake Up Learning

A few weeks ago, I was given an advanced copy of Lisa Johnson’s new book, Cultivating Communication in the Classroom: Future-Ready Skills for Secondary Students. This book not only delineates how communication can be taught through the lens of college and career readiness and put in the context of the secondary classroom but also models the art of communication through storytelling and form. Ready to start planning your summer professional learning?