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Now is the time to redefine readiness

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We stand at the beginning of a new era driven by exponential advances in digital technologies. Their presence in the workplace will alter or eliminate many tasks that people carry out today, including tasks associated with knowledge-based work, creative work, and care-based professions. What will future work look like? District Management eSchool Media Featured on eSchool News Teaching & Learning future ready redefine learning SEL

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Top 10 Digital Tools for the Classroom

Kitaboo on EdTech

Technology has penetrated every aspect of life, and education is no exception. As more and more teachers, students, and stakeholders experiment with technology, software developers are working day and night to bring them quality solutions.

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What Should First Year Teachers Know About Tech Integration?

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I recently participated in a #TnTechChat Twitter chat moderated by @TeachTnTech regarding Technology skills needed in preservice teachers. As this week has progressed I find myself thinking on the subject a lot, and this blog post is a more thought out list of technology knowledge I think preservice teachers should be aware of before entering the workforce: Blended learning. Technology-based formative assessment options. Technology can change this.

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Effective Instruction and Support For Emergent Bilingual Students

First, they needed to access and use remote learning technologies, and then they needed to continue developing their language and literacy skills despite the pandemic-related disruptions and other difficulties they and their families faced. Integrating Technology. Watch the Recording.

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What Makes Professional Development Work?

Professional learning opportunities are puzzles that include establishing knowledge bases, developing skills, instilling trust, and belief in the process and, most importantly, allowing time for practice. Technology and Professional Development.