Future Ready update adds new resources and PD for leaders

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Future Ready overhaul coincides with the new national ed-tech plan. Last Thursday, The United States Department of Education held an event at the White House unveiling the 2016 National Education Technology Plan and celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Future Ready initiative. The videos highlight ideal, peer-based stories and practices from a wide range of Future Ready districts across the nation.

Gearing Up for Hour of Code (GTT030)

Ditch That Textbook

Think of the most important languages students could learn to prepare them for the future. Google Teacher Tribe coding cs first edtech educational technology future ready g suite g suite for education google teacher tribe hour of code scratch

Change Needed Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

A Principal's Reflections

On the other side is the need to innovate in order to successfully cultivate the next generation of thinkers, doers, inventors, and creators who will be able to solve some pretty serious global problems in the not so distant future. There will even be a special Future Ready Schools strand.

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Sunday, June 14th at 7pm TechEducator Podcast: Google Maps with Josh and Friends , Bring the power of custom maps to your students using Google MyMaps. Department of Education's Future Ready Pledge.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


The free assessments include Google Docs assessments to copy and digital rubrics to download. You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning.

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Two Week Calendar Wednesday, June 24th from 11am - 7:15pm EDT Future Ready Virtual Summit: 2015 School Leadership Summit , Future Ready Schools: 2015 School Leadership Summit will be held online using Google Hangouts on Air. Are you ready to learn more?

Getting Animated With Google Slides and Screencastify


I’m going to go into some detail about the process my class used to animate our Google Slides, but I got all my information from Sam Patterson’s blog here. I’d heard tell of a way to make animated movies using Google Slides. To the Googles I went.

Save the Date: June 24th - Future Ready Schools | 2015 School Leadership Summit

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Department of Education's Future Ready Pledge. The Pledge is a commitment by district leaders to work with educators, families, and community members to make all schools in their districts Future Ready. Each year TICAL ( [link] ) holds an annual School Leadership Summit.

Fueling Future-Ready Students with 20time

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Inspired by author Daniel Pink and Google’s “20 percent time”—a practice that allows employees to take time out of their “day job” to work on a side passion project—Brookhouser created his own version and applied it to the classroom Providing time for brainstorming enables student innovation and creativity. District Administration Custom Publishing Group.

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Sunday, May 31st at 7pm TechEducator Podcast: Google Classroom with Alice Keeler Part 2 , The TechEducators welcome Alice Keeler back on to discuss all things Google Classroom! Department of Education's Future Ready Pledge.

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Wednesday, June 24th from 11am - 7:15pm EDT Future Ready Virtual Summit: 2015 School Leadership Summit , Future Ready Schools: 2015 School Leadership Summit will be held online using Google Hangouts on Air. Are you ready to learn more?

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The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Sunday, June 14th at 7pm TechEducator Podcast: Google Maps with Josh and Friends , Bring the power of custom maps to your students using Google MyMaps. Department of Education's Future Ready Pledge.

Why Is This In My Room?- Starting the Year With EdTech


Will you need to show a slideshow of a student’s service learning trip (yes), play an audio clip of Michelle Obama’s speech (most likely), have students collaborate using Google Documents on their iPads (yup)? Hey, how’s your year starting?

EdTech 140

Creative Communicator: Unpacking ISTE Standard for Students #6

Tech Helpful

That being said, to say we should strive to equip our students to be creative communicators is a vital skill for their future. Create a website using Google Sites templates and add poetry, photos, or well-written work.

A 1:1 Journey Pt 2- Sliding Into Routines


Then one kid is stationed at the cart, s/he is learning to be dexterous and deft with the plugs, and everyone else is back in their seats and ready to keep learning, quick like bunnies. My entire school runs on Google, and every kid has a Google account.

What’s Your Resolution? Plus the CUE Shortlist


What have you seen here or on Twitter or Google+ or in another classroom that’s made you think, “I want to try that!” 2017 sounds like the future to me so it’s time to get Future Ready.

Computational Thinker: Unpacking ISTE Student Standard #5

Tech Helpful

Even if your classroom doesn't have ready access to technology or you don't know the first thing about coding a computer. I personally am greatly intrigued by the idea of enhancing the classroom setting by using voice speakers such as Echo Dots and Google Assistants.

8 Podcast Episodes You Should Check Out


One titled “ #CreateWithChromebooks ” and another more about just Google Slides titled “ I Didn’t Know Google Slides Could Do That? ”. Connected Educator Education Technology Future Ready Information Literacy Professional Development

Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom – SULS018

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The post Stop Asking How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom – SULS018 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Yes, I know you REALLY want to know how to put your worksheet into Google Classroom! . How to Put a Worksheet in Google Classroom. [07:18]

Beautiful Learning Spaces – Not Just for the Aesthetically Attuned


This weekend landed me at the EdTechTeam (I love camel case) Summit Featuring Google Apps for Education at Palo Alto’s Gunn High School. The summit, filled with presentations about ways to increase student agency and the authenticity of student work in school, was a nice counter to the other reason that Palo Alto’s schools have… learning spaces collaboration future ready student agency

9 New Teacher Survival Tips

The Daring Librarian

Fierce & Future Ready 7. Before you write up a whole new lesson plan or unit - Google to see if it hasn't been done yet. Be Fierce & Future Ready The latest buzzword and bandwagon to join, after Makerspae, that is -- is Future Ready.

6 Tips for Getting Started with Google Classroom (and a FREE Mini Course)

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The post 6 Tips for Getting Started with Google Classroom (and a FREE Mini Course) appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Ready to Join Google Classroom? Join the Google Classroom revolution! 6 Tips for Getting Started with Google Classroom.

What Should First Year Teachers Know About Tech Integration?

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The collaborative value that Twitter, Google plus, CoffeeEDUs and various other educational online communities bring is invaluable. Technology in the classroom is not going away, in fact companies like Google and Apple are creating opportunities directly for education.

Digital Differentiation with G Suite Tools – SULS016

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Let’s discover ways to use our favorite Google tools to level the playing field and make differentiation a reality in your classroom. Develop Future-Ready Skills. Ready to take differentiation digital? Differentiating Assignments in Google Classroom. [10:13]

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ISTE Launches ISTE U to Help Teachers, Leaders Build Digital Competencies


Introduction to Computational Thinking for Every Educator, developed with support from Google. ? Exploring Future Ready Librarianship: Practices for the Emerging Leader, developed in collaboration with Future Ready Librarians™ and with support from Follett. ?

5 #FETC Presentations You Might Have Missed!

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I just finished presenting, connecting, and learning at the Future of Educational Technology Conference , or FETC, in Orlando, Florida. Stranger Google! Join me in the Upside Down for some fantastic Google tools like AI Experiments, Made with Code, Google Easter Eggs, and many more!

Game On: Teachers Should Continue to Gamify Classrooms

EdTech Magazine

Teachers can create digital breakouts using several Google functions , including Sites, Forms, Drawing and Slides. Speaking of Google : Do you remember the Google Art project where students — and everyone else — could discover and view art online?

21 Must Have Communication Skills

The Daring Librarian

I've been a fangirl of Lisa Johnson aka the @ TechChef4u for years, this an infographic from her latest book: Cultivating Communication in the Classroom: Future-Ready Skills for Secondary Students and it's AWESOME so and I just have to share it with you!

Not “Just” a Teacher: Finding Your Voice as a Teacher

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And if you click www.coolcatteacher.com/edpuzzle , Edpuzzle will give your school access to the 50,000 best lessons from Edpuzzle, organized in folders and ready to be used by teachers. I’m just not ready.

Rockstar Educators Wanted!

There is no box

We’re a Google Apps District, MacBooks and iPads for all teachers, 70″ LED TVs, AppleTVs and Chromecasts are being installed in every classroom this summer. We have 3 Google Certified Teachers on staff and just had 5 Teachers accepted into the 2015 MERIT Cohort at the Krause Center for Innovation. My District is looking for amazing educators to fill two brand new Instructional Tech ToSA positions for next year.

Effective Digital Citizenship Education

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We use Google Classroom a lot. We use Google Hangouts. They’re using tools like Google Classroom and different things that I curate for the teacher and for the class.

Use Your iPad to create Digital Portfolios with your K-3rd Graders with Seesaw | @SeesawEDU


Previously Carl led product teams for Google (where he built Google Calendar) and Facebook (where he led the mobile product team). Zack’s job is to help teachers create lessons that are engaging, rigorous, relevant, and prepare students for a successful future.

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5 Ways to Bring Financial Literacy into Any School

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And the other thing that sticks out is that it’s primarily shared through Google Drive. So if you Google Gfleck there are twenty micro credentials that I created along with other stand out people who really led the project.

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Workbench Education Expands Partnership with Baltimore City Public Schools


Future-ready skills ? Partnering with them to help teachers incorporate skills like programming, troubleshooting, design, and problem-solving into their core curriculum is one way Workbench can support their efforts to create future-ready learners.”

A Unified Approach for Digital Integration


Zach co-led a successful district-wide implementation of Canvas and advocated for greater use of Google Apps and cloud-based productivity by students and teachers. Zach was recently appointed to the advisory board for Future Ready Principals with the Alliance for Excellent Education.

What Will You Create this Year?


I know that teachers are inspiring the future of all our young people and at the EdTechTeam , we want to support you in this great adventure. Simply put, I don’t want to wait for the future to happen, I want to help you create it. Ready to jump in?

Let’s get it started in here!


There’s been a lot of very expectable buzz on the TL Blogosphere as well as on Future Ready Librarians Facebook Group relating to new ways folks are getting things started. Students will work individually to create a bookmark in Google Draw.

CUE Rock Star Camp NGSS Edition- Professional Development: Evolved


I spent two days immersed in learning ways to use iPads effectively in a 1:1 classroom, Google Sites as student portfolios, and innovative lesson designs that promote student engagement. In my 23 years of teaching, I have attended many different professional development conferences.

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Two Edthena Partners Featured in National Broadband Imperative Report


Throughout the day in all subjects, teachers use Google Classroom, Google Apps for Education, online adaptive learning programs, and other technology resources to improve learning and to different.

Disruptive technologies in Education industry


impetus for the number of startups investing in the edtech sector and technology releases by players like Microsoft, Google have given the necessary boost for educators to look towards technology to impart education for the future.