A Flipped Classroom Approach: Tips from 3 Bett Speakers

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Have you ever felt that the traditional classroom structure we’ve all grown used to is a bit too limiting for the today’s day and age? After all, with the way technology has become interwoven into our daily lives, it only makes sense that our educational structure adapts to this shift to leverage the power of technology in the classroom. Below you’ll find professional insight into: What is a flipped classroom approach?

Using WSQ forms to improve impact of Flipped Classroom tasks


He is passionate about using educational technology to improve outcomes for both students and teachers in all subject areas and in collaborating with other international educators through social media. He blogs on a fairly regular basis about Computer Science and his creation of the Hackable Classroom at [link]. One suggestion I tried was to utilize a WSQ sheet to structure the flipped task set for your student.


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Engaging students with the flipped classroom


The best example for this is a classroom: for teachers, a class is a lot shorter than it really is; for students, it’s a lot longer. That could open the door of possibilities, because the learning process wouldn’t be bound by the classroom walls; it could happen anytime and anywhere. The solution: flipping the classroom. Probably you already know that I’m referring to the flipped classroom model. This can be true in the classroom environment as well.

Amplify Voice through Social Media #CUE18


Blended Learning/Flipped Classroom VoiceGiving students a platform to exercise their voice, and listening to learn and understand, makes an impact on learning, academic discourse, class/school/district culture and climate.

Nineteen Ways for Students to Prepare for Flipped Classrooms

Turning Learning On Its Head

In a flipped classroom, students typically interact with a short micro-video (flipped video) before class and then class time is transformed into an active place of engagement and learning. Some teachers think that students take to flipped learning quickly. However, since many students have been trained in how to learn passively, they need to have explicit instructions on how to learn differently in a flipped classroom.

Bending the rules of flipped classrooms


Flipped classrooms are the bread and butter of e-learning and have defined the education landscape in the past few years or so. Educators have played with the flipped classroom and applied a lot of techniques and approaches to increase student engagement and interaction. However, there are teachers which view the flipped model as merely recording videos or listening to podcasts to immerse students at home. I’ll share my insights on extending flipped classes.

Flipped classroom: Is it something for contingent faculty?

Connecting 2 the World

As my previous posts have discussed, I am part of a training project for the flipped classroom. However, I fear that the teaching evaluations for this class will be less than stellar due to the gap between student expectations as to what a good teacher is and the way it is defined by the flipped classroom. Even the questions on the evaluation (does instructor explain the concepts well ) is geared towards evaluating the traditional classroom.

10 Ways to Use Twitter in Class

Ask a Tech Teacher

For anyone who missed the April announcement, Twitter switched its app category from ‘social media’ (where it consistently ranked in the top ten with Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Pinterest) to ‘news’ (now ranked #1, ahead of apps like CNN, Fox News, and Reddit). Twitter’s gossipy reputation among administrators and most parents negates its dynamic applications in the classroom. How Do Students Access Twitter in the Classroom.

The Problem With Expecting Student Access


When flipping the classroom , for example, students gain knowledge away from the classroom through video, text selections, podcasts, etc., Other classrooms provide instruction through Google Apps for Education. There is more and more pressure to eliminate as many non-digital learning activities as possible, both at home and in the classroom. In an increasingly digitized classroom, it’s important to consider these tech-less students.

Creating Change

The Principal of Change

Things such as Genius Hour, Innovation Week/Day, Identity Day, Maker Spaces, EdCamps, Flipped Classrooms, revamped professional learning opportunities, using social media to create powerful opportunities for learning, and a myriad of other empowering ways to learn, are things that didn’t exist when I went to school. One of things that I have been really thinking about is not only embracing change, but educators creating it.

5 tips to engage parents using technology they already use

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The trick to getting more parents involved in what’s going on in the classroom: stick to video, social media, and other familiar tech. The National Association for the Education of Young Children’s research on Family Engagement and Early Childhood Education notes that: “When children’s progress can be tied to classroom activities and home activities, development and learning are strongly reinforced and further family involvement is inspired.

How to use GoConqr for distance learning and tools that can help you


Comments and discussions forms can be used in an online environment to support your students, in the same way you encourage and support them in the classroom.

10 Awesome Courses To Improve Your Online Classroom

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Teaching online and blending classrooms is a hot topic, but there’s always room for improvement. In this blog post, you’ll discover ten topics that can help you improve your online or blended classroom.

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A Key to Education Reform.

My Island View

The flipped classroom, maker movement, project-based learning, blended learning, student centered learning, hour of code, collaboration, direct instruction, and lecture, there are passionate teacher advocates supporting each of these methods as the best way for kids to learn. Many are aware through their social media connections.

Disruptive education

Learning with 'e's

She is not technologically deterministic , but sees specific technologies - social media tools such as blogging and Twitter - as a means of liberating learners (and their teachers) into a new way of creative communication, and a new means of representing knowledge. She takes a positive view on the idea of the Flipped Classroom , and she also practices it in her own professional context.

A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


SHEG currently offers three impressive curricula that may be put to immediate use in secondary classrooms and libraries. Claims on Social Media : Students consider the sources of a tweet and the information contained in it in order to describe what makes it both a useful and not useful source of information. Social Media Video : Students watch an online video and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Social studies teachers will adore these!

Top 7 Innovations in K-12 Education

Kitaboo on EdTech

Today, you would find most of the schools and universities using digital aids in classrooms. In order to empower them to do so, we need more engaging teaching aids than just an instructor-led classroom. That is how technological innovations made their way into classrooms; to help students develop a deeper understanding of subjects and improve the learning experience. With the flipped approach, teachers aim to make the learning process more engaging.

Self organised learning spaces

Learning with 'e's

I only provide them with the conditions in which they can learn." - Albert Einstein The social web is replete with self-organising spaces. From individual students learning informally by browsing on their handhelds, to small flipped classrooms, to vast groups of learners following a programme of study on massive online open courses ( MOOCs ), education is changing to become learner driven. "I never teach my students.


What is Collaboration for Professional Learning?

My Island View

After being involved in social media for over a decade, I have made a few observations that might be helpful to folks who use social media, more specifically Twitter, to develop and maintain a Personal Learning Network. In my time on social media the iPad, smartphones, 1:1 laptops, 1:1 chromebooks, Flipped classrooms, STEM, Rigor, and many other initiatives were introduced to education.

Viewing Comprehension Strategies: Watching Videos Like You Read A Book

TeachThought - Learn better.

How this works in your classroom is ideally a matter of your own experimentation, and a matter of voice and choice for the students. In lieu of these data, inter and intra-media interaction from texts, images, voice, video, and other existing and emerging digital and non-digital forms represents a significant opportunity for innovation and creativity. Below are a few possibilities, many of which you’ll notice apply to non-digital media as well.

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How be a successful teacher in modern times.

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Follow these to stay focused and ensure best results from both inside and outside the classroom. Your lesson plan and outcomes should include details like classroom design , mode of instruction, technology used, and how engaged your students would be during teaching it. Make use of modern communication methods and social media platforms to let them know that you are there for them. Teachers have a lot to do.

Learn Tips and Ticks for Managing the Big 3 Social Sites to Grow Your Podcast Audience.


Lets examine a few methods to help our podcasts become visible on the “Big 3 Social Sites” For many podcasters, they create a show, and then title their show something like “ Three Ways To Use Google | TeacherCast Episode 101.” When you are reading a blog and you are greeted by the site’s social boxes, you may feel the urge to help promote the content to your PLN. Podcast Title: Flipped Classroom using Chromebooks. What’s in a Name?

The Chilean Ministry of Education Launches New Partnership with Discovery Education Supporting Presidential EdTech Initiative


3of October of 2018) – The Chilean Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) has launched a new partnership with Discovery Education , the leading provider of digital content and professional learning for Primary and Secondary classrooms, supporting Me Conecto para Aprender (I Connect to Learn), an initiative of Chilean President Sebastián Piñera. classrooms, 50 percent of all primary schools in the UK, and more than 50 countries around the globe.

To Flip or Not to Flip? That is the Question!

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Canadian philosopher and author Marshall McLuhan introduced the popular phrase “ the medium is the message ” in his groundbreaking book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man in 1964. Social media has connected friends and family across the globe, but it has quickly become a tool for bullying and narcissism. One popular educational model called the Flipped Classroom, combines the power of technology and pedagogy to enhance learning. Challenges of Flipping.

UDL 57

Its 2019. So Why Do 21st-Century Skills Still Matter?


In the process, they also learned plenty about social studies and civic engagement. In my own work with educators around the globe, I’ve watched the emergence of 21st century trends such as makerspaces, flipped learning, genius hour, gamification, and more. From Mission to Methods How wide is the gap between lofty aspirations for learning and day-to-day classroom practice? Translating from vision to classroom implementation “is the journey we’re all on now,” says Ken Kay.

A Key to Education Reform.

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The flipped classroom, maker movement, project-based learning, blended learning, student centered learning, hour of code, collaboration, direct instruction, and lecture, there are passionate teacher advocates supporting each of these methods as the best way for kids to learn. Many are aware through their social media connections.

A Key to Education Reform.

My Island View

The flipped classroom, maker movement, project-based learning, blended learning, student centered learning, hour of code, collaboration, direct instruction, and lecture, there are passionate teacher advocates supporting each of these methods as the best way for kids to learn. Many are aware through their social media connections.

?3 Types of Summer PD That Won’t Sacrifice Your Vacation


Learning outside your primary area of study can help you make connections that may be useful when trying to help your own students see relevance beyond the classroom. If you spend hours flipping through albums at the local record shop for fun, I suggest you check out Pinterest for Teachers or Facebook for Educators ; the variety of quotes and visuals is infinite. Designing for the 21st Century Classroom. Classroom Device Management. Flippin g the Classroom.

20 Ways to Personalize Your Learning This Summer

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Blended Learning In my opinion, the best 21st-century classrooms are “bricks” and “clicks,” blending together the best of face-to-face and online. Blended Learning Classrooms are made of “bricks’ and “clicks” and every teacher should be ready.

How complex is learning?

Learning with 'e's

Is dialogue more important than structure in a classroom? The advent of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), the flipped classroom, games based learning, social media and mobile learning - on the face of it - seems to herald a new dawn for education. AI education flipped classroom Games based learning Larry Cuban learning mobile learning MOOC Nicholas Carr pedagogy school Technology Learning is highly complex.

New learning environments: The challenge and the promise #EDENchat

Learning with 'e's

The last two decades alone have seen a rapid rise in popularity of the World Wide Web, smartphones, social media, social networks, augmented reality, wearable technologies and user generated content sites. New trends have emerged including blended learning , personalised learning environments ( PLEs ) Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), mobile learning and the flipped classroom.

How To Screen Record On A Chromebook – What Screen Recorders Are Available?

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Flipped classrooms student video projects, and lecture recording for virtual learning are essential to the blended learning model. . Apps Educators Flipped Classroom ResourcesTeachers and students use class videos as a tool for lectures and homework assignments.

Any colour you like: Learner autonomy and choice

Learning with 'e's

The advent of personal technologies (tablets, smart phones, games consoles, e-readers) and social media (social networks, discussion sites, media sharing platforms) coupled with emergent trends such as flipped classrooms and Massive Open Online Courses , are at the vanguard of a social movement that will provide anyone, anywhere, regardless of their condition, with access to quality learning experiences.

Effective Digital Leadership: Moving Our Schools Forward


Blog also sets admins up in order to be able to do flipped learning with their staff. link] - Melinda Miller, Principal in Missouri who uses flipped learning with her staff. We need to be using social media to tell people about the positive things that are going on in our classrooms and schools! Student Learning Todd Nesloney, 5th Grade Teacher, Waller ISD - PBL and Flipped Classroom - www.toddnesloney.com.

4 Ways to Discover the Best Edtech

Digital Promise

This resulted in a frenzy to find an app or a website to use in the classroom with students. So how does a teacher find new edtech products suitable for their classroom and determine their value? Tips for discovering the best edtech tools for your classroom. The following are suggestions to discover the latest and greatest edtech products available for use in the classroom today. Ask around via social media. Would it work in a flipped classroom format?

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