A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking


SHEG currently offers three impressive curricula that may be put to immediate use in secondary classrooms and libraries. SHEG also offers two other fabulous portals filled with resources to help classroom teachers and teacher librarians inquiry and historical analysis. A series of Read Like a Historian videos prepares educators to effectively launch this type of learning in their classrooms.

Cash Awards Honor Faculty and Institutions for Innovative Use of Digital Tools


For boosting student retention and success and reducing costs by embracing online OER textbooks Northern Arizona University. For introducing a flipped-classroom chemistry curriculum that has cut student costs and boosted student success with online instruction and homework Oregon State University. Education Technology Competitions Community Open Education Resources Personalized Learning Adaptive Learning Flipped Classroom Video Instruction STEM Education


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Using Digital Tools to Transform English Language Learning

Digital Promise

Flippedclassrooms, where the typical lecture and homework elements of a class are reversed, are used across K-12 and postsecondary education. Administered by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and funded by the Gates Foundation, I-DEA, a member of our Digital Promise Adult Learning Beacon Project , uses digital technology to provide “flippedclassrooms for adult English language learners.

OER 120

EdTech Acronyms Explained


FC – Flipped Classroom ( click here for my guide to flipping lessons ). FL – Flipped Learning ( click here for my guide to flipping lessons ). OER – Open Educational Resource (this can be any online materials that are free to use). The amount of new acronyms in the educational technology world is staggering… and often overwhelming for educators. In fact, this list will be up to date for a few hours and then more acronyms and terms will come along!

EdTech 159

Words Matter: Let’s Talk About Learning, Not Technology

Digital Promise

I called it “10 Ways to Use Google Docs in Your Classroom.” In schools all over the nation, “technology coaches” are being hired, “technology workshops” are being held, and classrooms are getting “flipped” and “blended.” When the car mechanic wanted to learn a new system, she didn’t say she was “exploring OERs through a blended, flipped approach.”

Blended Learning and Project Based Learning… Taking the PBL Gold Standards Online

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

How might some of these look in a blended classroom? OER Commons : ( [link] ) – Wonderful place to find lessons and blended learning ideas that can cover standards that fit into a PBL or just a single lesson. The resources and ideas are endless both in and out of the classroom.

Technology Integration, 1 to 1, and Student Centered Learning: Five Ideas to Consider

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

Welcome to this first in a series of posts devoted to student centered learning in the technology enhanced classroom. This classroom might be 1 to 1, or might be using technology to leverage student centered learning. The next posts will include 16 sweet tools that are a must for that student centered classroom. I challenge you to reflect on what a technology rich classroom might look like, sound like, and feel like. Textbooks and OER.

Part 1: Over 150 STEM Resources for PBL and Authentic Learning… Science

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

National Science Foundation – Check out this diverse collection of lessons and web resources for classroom teachers. This is an area that may just help you flip your STEM classroom. There is something for just about any STEM classroom that is ready to engage students. It also a resource that classroom teachers may just want to get some STEM ideas from. The result is an amazing K12 STEM video online to be used in the classroom.

STEM 128

Part 4: Over 150 STEM Resources for PBL and Authentic Learning… Math

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

The posts generate ideas on how these concepts just might fit in the classroom and/or provide some driving/guiding questions. While it was created to allow for family interaction, it is also figures into the Math PBL classroom. TedEd – The makers of TED… these really are some wonderful flipped lessons with formative tools built in. Curriki Algebra – This is an Open Education Resource (OER) Algebra course that consists of five units aligned to the Common Core.

STEM 118

PBL… Blended and eLearning – Part 1: Important Questions for the New School Year

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

These important attributes of a PBL classroom need to be intentionally thought out as part of the online experience. Before the pandemic, I often said the Gold Standard Project Design Elements created at PBLWorks must be built into the culture of the classroom every day.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

The US Department of Education released its “ #GoOpenDistrict Launch Packet ,” encouraging schools to use OER. Also via NPR : “From YouTube Pioneer Sal Khan , A School With Real Classrooms.” Lots of press releases were issued this week to coincide with the ISTE conference in Denver – Amazon’s new OER platform, for example. Fees to join the Flipped Learning Global Initiative are $5000/year. Education Politics.


The 2013 Reform Symposium This Week - Online, Free, and with Amazing Speakers and Presenters

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

ec Surfing safe on the net - Eva Buyuksimkesyan 5:00pm Project Based Learning - giving it a go in the English Classroom - Jenny Luca Six Degrees of Separation: Using Our Connections to Improve Global Learning - Jen Marten Student-generated apps, animations, & infographics – can they lead to higher levels of understanding?

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

At the time, David Wiley expressed his concern that the lawsuit could jeopardize the larger OER movement, if nothing else, by associating open educational materials with piracy. The Flipped Classroom". Do Voice Assistant Devices Have a Place in the Classroom?”