Using Facebook ‘Live’ In The Classroom Is A New, Exciting Learning Tool.


Facebook Live allows you to stream live video to a Facebook Page or Group. You must use a mobile device (Android or Apple) and the Facebook App needs to be installed. I streamed the secondary school’s head of science performing a heart dissection lesson.

Using Facebook ‘Live’ In The Classroom Is A New, Exciting Learning Tool.


Facebook Live allows you to stream live video to a Facebook Page or Group. You must use a mobile device (Android or Apple) and the Facebook App needs to be installed. I streamed the secondary school’s head of science performing a heart dissection lesson.

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‘Dear Mr. Zuckerberg’: Students Take Summit Learning Protests Directly to Facebook Chief


On Thursday, hoping to send a stronger message, they took it all the way to the top, with a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Students at the Secondary School for Journalism in Brooklyn had become increasingly frustrated with Summit Learning. The Secondary School for Journalism is one of about 380 schools nationwide using Summit Learning, a personalized learning program that involves the use of an online instructional software, called the Summit Platform.

How to Parent Teens in a High-Tech World Without Losing Your Mind

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The minimum age to open an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat is 13. Education News Featured Higher Education Secondary Education TechnologyRobyn D. Shulman, Author. My daughter turned 14 in November.

Adobe Spark: Easily create and share videos, images, and newsletters

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If you have a class social media channel on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube- Adobe Spark is about to take it to the next level of awesomeness! What it is: Adobe Spark is a collection of fantastic (free!) creative tools available online or as an app download.

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SAM Labs blocks put students in charge of creative learning

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The uses of the blocks are seriously endless, paired with the app they can do anything from composing music, to creating a remote controlled car, to exploring temperature, to auto-tweeting or post to Facebook.

StackUp: track self-directed learning online

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It is pretty revealing when you see how much time you sink into things like email, Facebook, etc. What it is: I’ve written about StackUp before here but, over the last three years, the company has grown up enough that it warrants another post! StackUp has a pretty great back story.

3 Key Social Media Platforms That You Can Use To Keep Students Engaged In Your Classroom


Three of the most popular social media platforms among students are Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Since Snapchat is a newer social media platform, you may not be as familiar with it as Facebook and Twitter. Where do students spend their time outside of school?

5 Ways to Find Project Based Learning Ideas

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Dr. Jennifer Pieratt, author of “Keep it Real with PBL” for both elementary and secondary students, shares how she finds many of the project ideas that she creates and shares at crafted curriculum.

Let the kids tweet.

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It allows them to share feelings through twitter, take multiple selfies depicting various emotions via Instagram, or simply update their relationship status on Facebook. bullying BYOD cyber devices facebook instagram media mobile phones social technology Teens tweeting twitter youth

Self Care Tips and Advice to Be Your Best

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She consults internationally with school districts and post-secondary institutions in the effective use of technology to support great teaching, mental health support for educators, and how to create organizational change.

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When I Knew It Was Time to Leave the Classroom

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She has made the Bammy Awards finals for Secondary High School Educator in 2014 and for blogging in 2015. Starr Sackstein on Episode 564 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Starr Sackstein reflects on when she knew it was time to leave the classroom.

What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Teen Dating Abuse

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This resulted in damaging personal struggles and secondary consequences, and even forced her to become homeless and a college drop out.

How and Why to Build Powerful Relationships with Students

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As an expert and motivator, he has been invited to be a featured speaker at conferences such as the National PTA, The National Association of Secondary School Principals, ASCD and many state, regional and local events.

Edusketching: A Tool to Help Students Understand Complex Concepts

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Using Visual Notes in the Secondary Classroom – a how-to post from Wendy Pillars. Join the Every Classroom Matters Awesome Educators Network on Facebook. Every Classroom Matters Episode 213 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

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A Gullible Population Is a National Security Issue

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We must give pause to understand how citizens can become savvy purveyors of accurate information so that hoaxes like not friending Jayden K Smith and the countless missing children Facebook posts that travel unhindered for years after children have been found can cease.

A Teacher’s Guide to Communicating with Generation X, Y, and Z Parents


It’s so easy to put together a classroom Facebook group or send a school email without a second thought. 6] Millennials are no longer elementary or secondary students themselves, though they may still be students in college or graduate school.

Tapping into the potential of AI smart speakers to boost parental engagement


A version of this post was originally published in Teach Secondary Magazine , July 2019. Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana or Facebook’s M are just a few of the most notable such technologies.

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The amazing power of ed-tech on connecting classrooms


Facebook. Among other things, students use secondary math skills to compare the symmetry in their surroundings, compare regional temperatures, model population growth in their countries, gather statistics about their communities and measure the size of Earth.

Created Entirely By Students

Pair-a-dimes for Your Thoughts

It was made for our Inquiry Hub Secondary Open House, which is run by our students, and promoted through a ‘Road Show’ at our district middle schools, a presentation also completely organized and run by our students. ‘ This video was viewed over 20,000 times on Facebook.

How Teachers Can Just Work 40 Hours a Week?

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When the year is up, they will never be charged again and will have continued access to the Facebook group and all club materials. Angela Watson: The private Facebook group is where they can get help adapting the club ideas for their unique teaching contexts.

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What’s New in Buncee? – Week of Feb 3rd


Transforming My Practice with Buncee and Immersive Reader – Featuring Diaaeldein Ahmed, Secondary School Educator. Be sure to follow us on Twitter , and join our Facebook Educators group, so you never miss an update! We’ve had quite an exciting 2020 so far!

It’s 2018, not 1918. Basic skills are not enough.

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The difference between the young people that Facebook is hiring at $140,000 per year for their first jobs and the UBER drivers in the same cities for $10 an hour is their education and skill levels.

‘Students Are Lonely:’ What Happens When Coronavirus Forces Schools Online


Another educator started a burgeoning Facebook group for international educators to trade tips, and another began a detailed list of helpful online tools, including the digital portfolio platform Seesaw and the ebook library Epic.

Flipping the higher ed new normal: from synchronous to asynchronous education

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Screenshots of students and faculty in their Hollywood Square boxes are the emerging icons of the new post-secondary order. thanks to many friends, including a slew on Facebook and this Reddit thread ). What’s the best role for synchronous teaching and learning during a pandemic?

Learn Why Edsby Is A Great Learning Management System For Your School | @Edsby


Facebook: Scott played a key role in Investor Relations and was instrumental in completing two successful secondary public offerings, including a $25 million self-syndicated offering.

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Does Child Privacy Even Matter?

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Facebook, Google and Amazon bested them in less than a decade. In fact, if you look at the world’s most valuable companies by market cap, the top five (Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet [Google] and Facebook) are all technology companies that are obscenely good at gathering data.

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Planning for Elementary School Closures #CoronaVirus #CoVid19 #RemoteLearning

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In the age of technology, planning for secondary students has become a bit easier as many schools already use platforms like Google Classroom, Schoology, or Microsoft Teams. Online Platforms Parents Facebook is where parents already are and the learning curve for most is non-existent. Give parents tips for home learning Provide the latest news Learn how to use Facebook Live to speak with parents and encourage them to comment on the Livestream.

3 online summer events for teachers to get inspired & motivated for fall

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Where: Online via a private, closed Facebook group. The discussion is going to be casual and fun in a private Facebook group that makes it easy to check in each day to comment or post your own reflections and questions. Click here to join the Unshakeable online book club on Facebook.

6 Ways to create meaningful teamwork experiences through an LMS


For example, in a survey investigating the impact of collaboration in the learning of secondary school Statistics, one school found out that students had a 11.8% In addition, files won’t get lost in Facebook chats or Whatsapp messages since everything gets stored in the LMS library and can be retrieved in an instant. How many times per day do students hear the phrase “get in groups/pair up”? Chances are that no matter the subject, they are told to collaborate quite frequently.

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To Teach Digital Citizenship Effectively, Educators Say It’s Time to Unblock Social Media


Darren Ellwein, a principal at Harrisburg South Middle School in South Dakota, says that since his district opened channels such as Facebook and YouTube, the sites have become vital learning sources for their students. “We We like to have things wide open,” explains Ellwein, who was also named as one of several “Digital Principals of the Year” by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. “We Since 2011 Banned Books Week has included a day to recognize banned websites.

How is STEM Education Shaping the Future of our Science Classes?

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Many career-tech secondary schools specialize in particular programs that can encourage Latino students to stay in school. You can connect with her on Twitter , Pinterest and Facebook. Guest article written by Barbara Mascareno-Shaw.

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Ending the school year virtually + crisis classroom closeout tips

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I’ve compiled some great ideas from both Twitter and my Facebook page. . ” On Facebook, April Shanafelt mentioned toasting to the end of the year together and linked to a fantastic post by Dave Stuart about how to do that.

The newly reimagined Empire State Information Fluency Continuum


Among Sharon’s resources are: How to use the document and How to use the document in PDF format Weekly plan for Secondary Weekly plan for Elementary Detailed/unit plan Sample plans for elementary , secondary , unit All of the documents in one folder Documents may be copied one at a time.

Online Teaching Best Practices, Tips, and Tools – SULS065

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Joanie Musser left a great comment on Facebook about Shake Up Learning, and I wanted to send her a shoutout! Self-directed and self-paced learning can also be helpful for secondary students or students who need less support. Join our FREE Shake Up Learning Facebook group.