North Dakota University System Participates in Cybersecurity Exercise.

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North Dakota University System Participates in Cybersecurity Exercise. The North Dakota University System recently participated in a pilot tabletop exercise with the department of Homeland Security and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. Advancing Personalized Learning through Effective Use and Protection of Student Data. The report recommends actions state boards can take to foster personalized learning and data protection.

Technology Not Going to Solve Data Privacy


and the MLB All Star game were the backdrop for the inaugural CoSN Student Data Privacy Workshop. This seal program is the “nation’s only data privacy seal for school systems” that recognizes school districts’ commitment to high standards around student data privacy.

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Brainwave Headsets Are Making Their Way Into Classrooms—For Meditation and Discipline


Advertising for the device is tailored to adults, but researchers outside of the company want to know if the devices can help calm students down as well—and keep them out of the principal’s office. To find out, professors at Kansas State University put the headset on a group of students. After five minutes of meditating with the headset on, I could see a dashboard of my own brain data. Data collected by the U.S.

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