3 Key Social Media Platforms That You Can Use To Keep Students Engaged In Your Classroom


Engagement is a key component of learning, so what better way to engage students than by implementing the social media platforms they already love to use? Students spend much of their lives outside of school interacting on social media.

Genius as an Alternative Social Media


” That many academics rely on social media goes without saying. Yet, I am dissatisfied with my social media. Twitter can often be overwhelming, and in my experience it fails to foster engaged discussion. Do you have a favorite alternative form of social media?

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How Social Media Can Help Teach Good Writing


For all the hype Millennials get, nearly every K-12 student today is part of its successor generation—Gen Z—a group more plugged in and social than ever before. Jeremy Hyler According to one Common Sense Media report , on any given day, around 60 percent of teens use social media, spending an average of two hours on platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all of which are having a big impact in the way they engage with the written word. “I

Twitter Isn't Another Announcement System: It's SOCIAL MEDIA!

The 21st Century Principal

When I talk with other educators and administrators, I still encounter quite a bit of skepticism about the educational and professional potential of this social media device. It turns out, a great deal can come from connecting professionally with other educators through Twitter.

Practical examples of social media in elementary school

The Innovative Educator

Guest post by Computer Teacher & Tech Coordinator, Chris Casal | Cross posted at The Casal Operating System Editor''s note: Chris Casal is a member of the NYC DOE Social Media Advisory Team. His insights have helped inspire and guide teachers in the effective use of social media in the classroom. I am often asked about how we use "social media" here at PS 10. I often post assignments for either in-class exercises or vacation homework.

Social Media in the Library: 4 Top Ways to Promote Digital Literacy


The importance of media literacy cannot be understated. Nor can the value of social media as a teaching, learning, and publishing tool. Two principles inform why I engage with my students around social media: Digital literacy doesn’t just naturally develop any more than print literacy does, and. So, my students must have guided practice analyzing and using social media if they are to use it purposefully, productively, and safely.

My Year in Social Media and What My Omnibox Autofill Says About Me (What about you?)

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Her article Reflecting on 2013 Through Social Media inspired me to reflect too. My Top Tweets of 2013 2013 Twitter video ? ? ? ? ? On another note, this little exercise below was fun for me to do! Google social media

Incorporating Social Media and Digital Citizenship in the First-Year Experience Course


In this post I’ll discuss how we’re approaching the new outcome of “responsible use of the internet and other social media” that the faculty have added to the course. Of course, we can’t dictate how the faculty teach their course but it’s likely that most faculty would use and build on well-constructed, useful materials (handouts, case studies, example exercises, etc.) Social Networking Services

The 3 biggest Twitter problems for teachers—and how to overcome them

eSchool News

Interestingly, accessibility often isn’t the biggest factor blocking this process—more often than not, it comes down to a teacher’s own comfort with social media. Also, while teacher feedback on LinkedIn was overwhelmingly positive, feedback on Twitter was contentious.

Global Education Conference 2017 #globaled17

The CoolCatTeacher

Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon on episode 190 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. He has worked as a technology entrepreneur in a variety of different fields related to children’s media. Twitter: @elemenous.

Fake News Lesson Plan Ideas with Jennifer Carey

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Episode 123 of the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. I honestly think it’s the proliferation of social media. We all see that Facebook status update or Twitter tweet.

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Basic Twitter Analysis With twXplorer


There have been a number of posts here on ProfHacker about using Twitter , particularly around archiving tweets. I decided to search #RIPTwitter (a popular hashtag recently due to the changes Twitter has been proposing) to show what the tool is capable of doing.

Beat the Back-to-School Jitters with Twitter!

Teaching With Soul

ET, I host New Teacher Chat ( #ntchat ) on Twitter. Got_Legos : Use a social media (blog or Facebook) outlet to get info to them, make a positive phone call home, ask parents what their kids are like at home to get their insight. Find time for a little exercise, it helps.

Beat the Back-to-School Jitters with Twitter!

Teaching With Soul

Beat the Back-to-School Jitters with Twitter! ET, I host New Teacher Chat ( #ntchat ) on Twitter. Got_Legos : Use a social media (blog or Facebook) outlet to get info to them, make a positive phone call home, ask parents what their kids are like at home to get their insight.

How a Flipped Syllabus, Twitter and YouTube Made This Professor Teacher of the Year


If you try to have regimented exercises, every single person has to do the exact same thing. And there are a variety of alternative assignments, like the Twitter World Leader assignment. Tell us about the Twitter World Leaders. 3) Current events flash quizzes —Boyer creates a video podcast about a particular current event issue, creates a “flash” quiz on material covered in the podcast, and announces the quiz using social media.

The Fallacy of the “Either/Or” Scenario

The Principal of Change

I am visiting a district in Pennsylvania soon, and as a “Twitter Challenge” before I join them, educators were encouraged to send some questions to me ahead of time. After exercise people pick up new vocabulary words 20% faster.

What is Collaboration for Professional Learning?

My Island View

After being involved in social media for over a decade, I have made a few observations that might be helpful to folks who use social media, more specifically Twitter, to develop and maintain a Personal Learning Network. I started my Twitter account with a plan and focus to use it to develop collegial sources for my professional learning. Using Twitter for professional learning requires a collaborative mindset.

101 Ways For Teachers To Be More Creative

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Your brain needs lots of oxygen to think, and exercise gets it there faster. Head to Twitter, chatrooms, forums, and other online resources to get involved in some great conversations about creativity in the classroom. Teaching classroom creativity social media teacher

7 ways to support learner-teacher interaction

Learning with 'e's

At the recent ALT-C Conference in Nottingham (which I couldn''t attend) a very good question was asked by Renee Filius on Twitter: How can we enable true two-way interaction between lecturers and students that is not too time consuming? Hyperinks and other media can be sent as tweets.

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Cultural hegemony and disruption

Learning with 'e's

In a Gramscian sense, hegemony describes the power exercised by the ruling class over the population in order to maintain control of the means of production. How does social media disrupt cultural hegemony?

When A Technology Coordinator "Unplugs"

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checking emails 3 times a day for correspondence and zero social media)- I decided I should start journaling the process. As I am exercising I feel overheated so I reach to touch the hand grips on my treadmill and it tells me my pulse. I have posted or scrolled social media.

3 Ways to Build Your Network #IMMOOC

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When people only challenge what I share over and over again, I often mute them on Twitter. Think about exercise; for some people the ability to do ten pushups would be deemed a great success (myself included!),

EdTechSandyK's Top 5 Posts of 2013


Because this was a helpful exercise for me at the end of 2012 / start of 2013, I thought I''d give it another go as 2013 ticks away its final hours and 2014 looms on the horizon. My Favorite Videos for Describing Educators'' Professional Use of Twitter , 10/20/13 - I talk about Twitter.

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Freedom, Autonomy, and Digital Media at an Indiana High School

Educator Innovator

I believe these words also convey the most important reason for using digital media in schools. I found Woodard when I noticed that she had retweeted me and was following me on Twitter (personal learning networks are about who pays attention to you as well as who you pay attention to).

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6 Shifts to Maximize Productivity and Happiness

Catlin Tucker

2 Designate two specific times during the day to check email and social media. Social media is no different. So, I’ve decided to designate two specific times during the day when I will check email and engage on social media.

How Do You Teach Art, Music and PE Online? In China, They’re Figuring It Out.


Over the past few weeks, educators, students and parents have taken to social media to share their experiences with this abrupt move to online learning. The teachers also demonstrated exercises and advice for students doing them” on the platform, he adds.

Writing For Purpose: 5 Ways To Use Technology To Give Children A Genuine Audience.


Good blog creators are: Blogger , WordPress and Google Sites (some schools have made class Facebook pages or class Twitter accounts as an effective alternative). Tip: work in exercise books is easy to display on the blog – just take a photo of the page it is on. Make a class Flickr account or encourage your students to post their work on their personal social media accounts.

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Achieving a Balance

A Principal's Reflections

Social media posed another challenge to the balance. Twitter was a considerable time zap early on, and then the use of other tools began to take a negative toll on my time. Try to make some small shifts to your diet and make the time to exercise a couple of times per week.

Holding Class on Zoom? Beware of These Hacks, Hijinks and Hazards


Usually, it entails an unsavory character who finds a Zoom link shared on public channels like Twitter, accesses a meeting that does not require a password, and abuses the chat, screen-sharing and file transfer privileges that the meeting organizer has not restricted.

Goal: Be Someone’s Champion

Teacher Reboot Camp

Join the movement by accomplishing any goal from any of the cycles then letting us know through a reflection or status update on our Facebook community , Twitter ( #30GoalsEdu ), or Instagram.com/30goals. You’ll also get additional reflection exercises and forms to support you.

Holiday STEAM Activities and the ST Math Winter Break Challenge

MIND Research Institute

They can choose to sharpen their math vocabulary by creating a math story, exercise their creativity by designing an advertisement, or amplify their problem-solving abilities by designing a game. Be sure to share your creations on social media ( Twitter , Instagram , or Facebook ).

Humanity's Gift

A Principal's Reflections

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ― John Holmes By Friday I couldn’t believe it had already been a week since the storm hit. After helping out my neighbors with a flooded home the day before I took to social media at night.

What the duck?

Learning with 'e's

We all did our best, and our creations were then shared with each other on social media. As we began to share the photos of our creations on Twitter, we began to notice that several of our colleagues who were attending ALT-C were doing exactly the same.

Kinesthetic Lessons in Empathy and Digital Citizenship


For this exercise, let’s imagine that we are studying Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump by Joseph Wright. This exercise can be applied to a photo as well as a painting or other work of art. Visual texts in any media are powerful primary sources.

The Modern Robes of Democracy


When the factory replaced small craftsmen, patterns of family life and social organization that were the bedrock of society faded away. (If The message was sent that government and civic discourse were public and social events that took place under very formal circumstances.