Why a K-12 Operating System is the Next Step in the Evolution of Edtech


Little did I know this experience would eventually propel me to help develop a school operating system that tackles technology issues plaguing educators and supports them with more opportunities to offer individualized instruction. This competency-based system made sense; if students were chronically absent, holding them accountable to a pacing calendar would prove futile. At the time, I had no idea this system was called “standards-based grading.”

Student Response in the Classroom

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A great method of doing so is buy using student response systems. Free Socrative: smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This student response system allows teachers to send out questions, prompts, and assessments to smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

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9 Touch Typing Programmes for Schools

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This is not surprising as the US embraced Touch Typing as part of their educational system many years ago and is a mandated part of learning. Expert typing lessons to learn the 10-finger system. Accuracy training, timed exercises, ergonomic lessons. Typing Tournament is an online typing tutor suitable for both schools and individuals and is now compatible with all modern browsers; Android devices, Apple Mac, iPads, iPhones and Windows PC.

The Today Show's Top Tech Gifts for Women


iPhone 4s $199 Now you can use your voice to use your iPhone. It’s so thin — even thinner than the camera on iPhone 4S — you barely notice it, but it’s incredibly capable. Using the FaceTime for Mac app, you can make video calls with anyone who has a Mac, iPad 2, iPhone 4S, or the latest iPod touch. iPod $199 Running the show on every iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad is iOS. It can change how you exercise, how you balance, and even how you move.

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OPINION: A fresh start on school discipline isn’t optional — especially for schools serving underrepresented students

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Both adults and kids need to modify their behavior from time to time — for example, when they want to change eating or exercise habits. We’ve seen schools that are using peer observation protocols and even an iPhone application to log things like who gets called on, who gets positive versus negative reinforcement, who gets higher-order thinking versus recall questions, and other details to surface patterns and correct course.

How to Work From Home and Get Things Done! – SULS059

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Exercise. Exercise : I prefer to workout in the morning, but feel free to work this into your day where it works for you. I also prioritize all of my tasks with a letter and numbering system that I learned from the Franklin Covey method. I use an app called Focus To-Do on my iPhone for Pomodoro timers. Systems, routine, and staying focused on your goal are the keys to work from home happiness. The post How to Work From Home and Get Things Done!

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Remember that less than a decade ago, when the first iPhone was unveiled, it would have been impossible to conceive of a world ruled by tiny pocket computers that augment every part of our lives or to grasp the potential of a connected world 1.7 Clinging to an outdated system The good news is that we have a lot of room for improvement and once we start moving in the right direction we will improve the chances these kids will find success.

How to Build Trust with Teachers: 5 Easy Steps for Instructional Coaches


Instructional coaching is one of those positions within a school system that is complex because though the primary job in supporting teachers is important, instructional coaches often don’t possess any authoritative power on the campus. In coaching meetings, consider recounting some experiences from your time as a classroom teacher – while some may argue this is an exercise in misery loves company, it is rather a shared experience that builds credibility. Let’s get real.

A school where you can’t fail — it just takes you longer to learn

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Vermont and Maine have passed laws requiring all school districts to phase in the system. He imagined a more holistic system that required students to demonstrate learning before moving ahead. Now, with computer-assisted teaching allowing for tailored exercises and online lessons, it is making a resurgence. Advocates respond that the current education system is not working. Even advocates say the system has its problems.

B. F. Skinner: The Most Important Theorist of the 21st Century

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All of these systems and practices have a history. I spent a week there in the Harvard University Archives, snapping photos of letters with my iPhone, and I barely scratched the surface. So Skinner built a prototype of a mechanical device that he believed would solve these problems – and solve them not only for a whole classroom but ideally for the entire education system.

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Learning Revolution Free Events - ASB Online - Google Science Fair Deadline - More Ed Tech Month

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Don''t miss this super fun event sponsored by ClassFlow and featuring Kevin Honeycutt and the iPhone band. Karen shares this reflective goal-setting exercise that helps students develop on-going goals in the classroom. Games in the classroom can encourage students to understand subject matter in context — as part of a system. The content becomes useful insofar as it plays a part in a larger multi-modal system.

Memory Machines: Learning, Knowing, and Technological Change

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John Logie Baird demonstrated a working television system in 1926. But we can’t claim that the pace of technological change is speeding up just because we personally go out and buy a new iPhone every time Apple tells us the old model is obsolete. We use the word in such a way that suggests computer memory and human memory are the same sort of process, system, infrastructure, architecture.

This Week's Live and Interactive Webinars in Blackboard Collaborate (Formerly Elluminate)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Wastewater systems management and financing options for small communities. In fact, now that the export features of Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing and voice authoring have become so much richer, audio (and even video) can be exported to iPods, iPhones, or other MP3 and MP4 players so students can listen to the their instructors when they''re on-the-go or exercising.